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all the kings of Arabia, and all the kings of the mixed peoples who live in the desert; Jeremiah 25:24 (The Israel BibleTM)

The Biden administration ordered the military to remove its most advanced missile defense systems from Saudi Arabia. The eight defensive Patriot Missile batteries were positioned in the Prince Sultan Air Base, approximately 70 miles southeast of Riyadh. The base also hosts one advanced Terminal High Altitude Area Defense unit (THAAD) that can destroy ballistic missiles at a higher altitude than Patriots.


This withdrawal comes in the face of intensified missile and drone attacks carried out by the Iranian proxy Houthi rebels in Yemen. Just two weeks ago, two drone attacks hit the Abha airport in southwestern Saudi Arabia, wounding eight people and damaged a commercial jetliner.

Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby acknowledged “the redeployment of certain air defense assets” after receiving questions from the Associated Press. He said the US maintained a “broad and deep” commitment to its Mideast allies.

“The Defense Department continues to maintain tens of thousands of forces and a robust force posture in the Middle East representing some of our most advanced air power and maritime capabilities, in support of U.S. national interests and our regional partnerships,” Kirby said.

Despite this statement, an upcoming visit by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to Saudi Arabia was just canceled.

Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal, the kingdom’s former intelligence chief, was critical of the move.

“I think we need to be reassured about American commitment,” the prince told CNBC in an interview aired this week. “That looks like, for example, not withdrawing Patriot missiles from Saudi Arabia at a time when Saudi Arabia is the victim of missile attacks and drone attacks — not just from Yemen, but from Iran.”


Saudi Arabia is constantly targeted by Houthi air attacks and in  2019, a drone attack targeting an oil facility halted half of the country’s oil production. Though the Houthis claimed responsibility for the attack, it is believed that it was carried out by Iran. At the orders of President Trump, the US deployed two Patriot Missile batteries to Saudi Arabia in response to the attack.  

The civil war in Yemen began in 2014. The war has killed some 130,000 people and generated the world’s worst humanitarian disaster.


In February, one month after entering office, Biden ended support for Saudi Arabia’s offensive operations against the Houthis. Biden claimed at the time that he would prioritize diplomatic solutions to the conflict.

“This war has to end,” Biden said. “And to underscore our commitment, we are ending all American support for offensive operations in the war in Yemen, including relevant arms sales.”

The Biden administration had previously placed a temporary freeze on billions of dollars in arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, as well as saying that it would review the transfer of advanced military hardware, including air-ground munitions. 

The move is of grave concern to US allies in the region coming in the wake of the disastrous pullout from Afghanistan. It should be noted that the groundwork for the US military withdrawing from Afghanistan was laid several months in advance when the US stopped providing air support to the Afghan army and withdrew the contractors who serviced the Afghan air force. 

The Biden administration is currently engaged in the sixth round of talks with Iran in Vienna intended to jump-start the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly known as the Iran nuclear deal. Biden was vice president when the hugely divisive Obama-brokered deal was signed in 2015.

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USS Ronald Reagan on scene after fatal attack on ocean tanker, Iranian drone thought to be culprit

By Jack Davis, The Western Journal
Published August 1, 2021 at 10:15am

After a deadly attack on an oil tanker off the coast of Oman, the USS Ronald Reagan is now involved.

In the wee hours of Friday morning, the tanker, MT Mercer Street, was hit by what officials believe was a drone, according to The Times of Israel.

The attack killed two crew members – one British and one Romanian

Israeli officials blamed Iran for the attack. In recent months, Iran and Israel have each had their ships fired upon and blamed the other for the attacks.

Although past assaults have damaged shipping, this is the first attack in which crewmen aboard the vessels have been reported killed.

U.S. Navy has boarded MT Mercer Street. It’s telling that USS Ronald Reagan, which is escorting the ship now, was dispatched to help U.S. withdraw from Afghanistan. Another lesson why withdrawing from Middle East to pivot to Asia remains a pipe dream.

— Jason Brodsky (@JasonMBrodsky) July 30, 2021

The ship has an Israeli connection because it is operated by Zodiac Maritime, owned by Israeli businessman Eyal Ofer. The Liberian-flagged vessel has a Japanese owner, Zodiac Maritime said.

The Ronald Reagan is now escorting the ship, U.S. Central Command said in a statement, according to Reuters.

“U.S. Navy explosives experts are aboard to ensure there is no additional danger to the crew, and are prepared to support an investigation into the attack,” Central Command said.

“Initial indications clearly point to a UAV-style [drone] attack.”

BREAKING: Israeli and American sources have told Channel 13 and Walla, respectively, that Iran used a suicide drone to strike the M/T Mercer Street.

— Michael Starr (@Starrlord89) July 30, 2021

Senior political figures: Israel will soon respond to the attack on the Mercer Street ship by Iranian suicide drones, the response will be military on Iranian targets. At the same time, Israel launched an international campaign demanding that Iran be punished for its attack”

— ELINT News (@ELINTNews) July 31, 2021

According to a U.S. Navy statement, the guided-missile destroyer USS Mitscher is also escorting the Mercer Street.

An unnamed U.S. official confirmed the attack blew a hole in the top of the tanker’s bridge, The Associated Press reported.

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid tweeted late Friday that he talked to British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab about the “need to respond severely” to the attack and Iranian terrorism.

“Iran is not just an Israeli problem, but an exporter of terrorism, destruction and instability that affects the whole world,” Lapid wrote. “We can never remain silent in the face of Iranian terrorism, which also harms freedom of navigation.”

Iranian TV discussed unnamed sources who said the attack was in response to a suspected Israeli attack on the Dabaa airport in Syria, Reuters reported. The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations said the ship was in the Indian Ocean when it was attacked.

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As Americans Party, Our Enemies On The Other Side Of The Globe Are Preparing For Military Confrontation

July 1, 2021 by Michael Snyder

Here in the middle of 2021, Americans are generally feeling pretty good about things.  The COVID pandemic appears to be subsiding, our sports stadiums are full of fans again, the stock market has been soaring, and all over the country people are in the mood to party.  In fact, July 4th celebrations across the nation are likely to be quite boisterous this year.  But in China the mood is quite different, and the same thing is true in Russia.  In both cases, politicians are talking tough about the United States, and in both cases the military is being prepared for a potential future conflict.  Right now, our relations with China are the worst that they have been in decades, and our relations with Russia have never been this bad in our entire history.  But the vast majority of Americans are completely and utterly clueless about all of this, because most Americans couldn’t care less about what happens on the other side of the globe.

This week, China commemorated the 100th anniversary of the CCP, and Xi Jinping used that as an opportunity to warn that any nation that tries to bully China “will have their heads bashed bloody”

“Only socialism can save China, and only socialism with Chinese characteristics can develop China,” he said.

“We will never allow anyone to bully, oppress or subjugate China.

“Anyone who dares try to do that will have their heads bashed bloody against the Great Wall of Steel forged by over 1.4 billion Chinese people.”

So exactly who do you think that Xi Jinping was referring to when he made that statement?

Do you think that it was Denmark?

Perhaps Iceland?

No, of course he was referring to the United States.

During his speech, he also spoke very forcefully about reunification with Taiwan

Resolving the Taiwan question and realizing China’s complete reunification is a historic mission and an unshakable commitment of the Communist Party of China. It is also a shared aspiration of all the sons and daughters of the Chinese nation. We will uphold the one-China principle and the 1992 Consensus, and advance peaceful national reunification. All of us, compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, must come together and move forward in unison. We must take resolute action to utterly defeat any attempt toward “Taiwan independence,” and work together to create a bright future for national rejuvenation. No one should underestimate the resolve, the will, and the ability of the Chinese people to defend their national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Most Americans have absolutely no idea how serious this situation is.

In Taiwan, there is a big push to formally declare independence, and the Biden administration has been greatly angering the Chinese government by supporting the right of the Taiwanese people to determine their own future.

If Taiwan formally declares independence, China will invade.

And if China invades, the U.S. military will intervene.

If a military conflict between the U.S. and China suddenly erupted, it would probably not “go nuclear” initially.  But China has been feverishly preparing for a scenario in which nuclear weapons will be used…

China is potentially expanding its missile silos following satellite image analysis – indicating the country is also seeking to increase its nuclear weapon stockpile. At least 119 potential silos were identified in the desert in Gansu Province spread over 700-square-miles to increase their nuclear arsenal which is estimated to be made up of between 250 to 315 nuclear weapons. It comes as President Xi Jinping issued a warning to ‘bullying’ foreign nations telling them to stay out of China’s business during a speech earlier this week.

In addition to construction at that site, the Chinese are building new silos in other locations as well

“If the silos under construction at other sites across China are added to the count, the total comes to about 145 silos under construction,” Lewis, director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the Center for Nonproliferation Studies, part of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, said in a summary of his findings provided to The Washington Post. “We believe China is expanding its nuclear forces in part to maintain a deterrent that can survive a U.S. first strike in sufficient numbers to defeat U.S. missile defenses.”

Instead of focusing on making their military “more diverse”, the Chinese are actually working very hard to prepare for the next war, and the dramatic shift that we have been witnessing has stunned U.S. officials

The discovery follows recent warnings by Pentagon officials about rapid advances in China’s nuclear capability. Adm. Charles Richard, who commands U.S. nuclear forces, said at a congressional hearing in April that a “breathtaking expansion” was underway in China, including an expanding arsenal of ICBMs and new mobile missile launchers that can be easily hidden from satellites. In addition, the Chinese navy has introduced new nuclear-weapons-capable submarines to its growing fleet.

Meanwhile, the Russians continue to talk tough as well.

For example, Russian President Vladimir Putin just warned that there would be an “asymmetrical” response if certain boundaries were crossed by western powers…

“No matter what sanctions are imposed on Russia, no matter what the scaremongering, Russia is developing and in some respects our country has surpassed the European countries and even the US,” he said.

While Putin said the nation would not be taking steps that would be harmful to themselves, he said if boundaries were crossed, they would find “asymmetrical ways” to respond.

And we don’t have to use too much energy to imagine what such an “asymmetrical” response would look like, because the Russians just put on quite a show for us 35 miles off the coast of Hawaii

Russia’s defense ministry has announced it sunk an aircraft carrier just 35 miles off the coast of Hawaii in a huge war games exercise that has alarmed the US.

At least 20 Russian warships, submarines, and support vessels, flanked by 20 fighter jets, are taking part in the exercises – the biggest since the Cold War.

As the U.S. military focuses on “social change”, the Russians have been rapidly developing a whole host of incredibly advanced new weapons systems.  Here are just a few examples

3M22 Tsirkon, also known as Zircon, is a winged, hypersonic cruise missile. With an operational range of at least 1,000 km and a maximum speed of up to Mach 9, Tsirkon can pose a credible threat against North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) carrier strike groups (CSGs). Sarmat is a 200+ ton, liquid-fueled ICBM that supports a payload of up to 15 MIRV warheads; according to Putin, the weapon is virtually non-interceptable and boasts “practically unlimited range.” The S-500 “Prometheus” is the successor to Russia’s flagship S-400 “Triumf” missile defense system, offering across-the-board improvements in target acquisition, operational range, and tracking, as well as the functionality to engage hypersonic cruise missiles and targets flying at speeds of over 5 Mach.

During the Cold War, U.S. strategic forces had a clear edge over the Russians, but now the balance of power has shifted dramatically.

Most Americans don’t realize this, but in many areas the Russians completely outclass us now.

But at least nobody can grill hot dogs better than we do.

So enjoy this bubble of peace and prosperity while you still can, because our leaders are definitely not preparing for what is going to happen once this bubble of peace and prosperity finally ends.

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Massive exercise in Black Sea with US comes after Russia warning

Russia has warned the US and UK not to “tempt fate” in the Black Sea – only one place where there are naval tensions.



JUNE 27, 2021 11:46

On June 21, the US Sixth Fleet announced it would participate in the Sea Breeze exercise that will take place from June 28 to July 10. Washington says that “this year’s iteration has the largest number of participating nations in the exercise’s history, with 32 countries from six continents providing 5,000 troops, 32 ships, 40 aircraft and 18 special operations and dive teams scheduled to participate.” 

This is important because it comes days after a UK warship and Russia appeared to clash off the coast of Crimea. Ukraine claims Crimea, but Russia annexed the area in 2014. There have been other tensions between Russia and Ukraine and Russia and the US, increasingly at sea in recent years. Ukraine is fighting a war against Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine. Russia has warned the UK against what it sees as provocations.  

This means that this year’s exercise, as large as it is, has more ramifications for the region. The US says that “Ukraine and the US are co-hosting the exercise in the Black Sea with participation and support coming from 32 countries in total: Albania, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, France, Georgia, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Morocco, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Senegal, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States.”

Of interest here is that Israel is participating alongside its new peace partners such as the UAE. In addition, Turkey is participating, despite its tensions with the Jewish state. It is not the first time Israel has participated: the country also took part in 2012.

Another angle that is interesting is the number of ships and the fact that the drill will concentrate on complex operations such as “amphibious warfare, land maneuver warfare, diving operations, maritime interdiction operations, air defense, special operations integration, anti-submarine warfare, and search and rescue operations.” 

NAVAL JOINT drills are increasingly important. Israel hosted Noble Dina, a naval drill, back in March. France and Cyprus joined Israel and Greece for the first time. Egypt and Greece have been working more closely together in recent years and the UAE has begun to play a greater role in the Eastern Mediterranean via close work with Greece. Israel and the UAE also participated in the Greek-led Iniochos drill in April. Israel, Italy, the UK and the US also trained with F-35s in Italy earlier this month in a drill called Falcon Strike. 

According to Reuters, Russia has warned the US and UK not to “tempt fate” in the Black Sea. The Black Sea is only one place where there are naval tensions. Last year, Turkey threatened Greece repeatedly and the countries came close to possible conflict. The US has expressed support for Greece and Cyprus. However, maritime issues matter because Jerusalem, Athens and Nicosia want to construct an East Med pipeline and are part of a gas forum with Egypt. In addition, Israel received two new Sa’ar 6 advanced corvette warships in the past year. This is important for Israel’s naval footprint and for the wider region. 

Last week, British and American F-35B Lighting II Joint Strike Fighters flew anti-ISIS strike missions from the UK Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08), according to USNI (United States Naval Institute) news. It was “a first for the U.K. in a decade, defense officials confirmed to USNI News on Tuesday.” According to the report, the F-35s from the Royal Air Force were from the 617th Squadron – “The Dambusters” – and they flew anti-ISIS operations.

“The involvement of HMS Queen Elizabeth and her air wing in this campaign also sends a wider message,” Commodore Steve Moorhouse, commander of the UK Carrier Strike Group, said in a statement. “It demonstrates the speed and agility with which a UK-led Carrier Strike Group can inject fifth-generation combat power into any operation, anywhere in the world, thereby offering the British government, and our allies, true military and political choice.”

The Queen Elizabeth Carrier Strike Group left the UK on May 22 and is in the Mediterranean Sea, eventually heading to the Indo-Pacific region. “The [ship] escorts from the Royal Navy include Type 45 destroyers HMS Defender and HMS Diamond, Type 23 anti-submarine frigates HMS Kent and HMS Richmond, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary’s RFA Fort Victoria and RFA Tidespring, and an unspecified Astute-class nuclear attack boat. The group also includes Dutch frigate HNLMS Evertsen (F805) and U.S. Navy destroyer USS The Sullivans (DDG-68),” USNI reports.

It was HMS Defender that ran into tensions with Russia last week. Russian jets and ships have shadowed the British ship. Moscow is now doing drills in the Mediterranean, saying that it does not rule out a “tough response” to the UK. This sets the stage for a week or more of tensions. 

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BY JNS | JUN 24, 2021 | IDF

When you take the field against your enemies, and see horses and chariots—forces larger than yours—have no fear of them, for Hashem your God, who brought you from the land of Egypt, is with you. Deuteronomy 20:1 (The Israel BibleTM)

The target of an attack in Karaj city reported by Iranian media on Wednesday was a factory producing aluminum blades for uranium enrichment centrifuges, according to Israel’s Channel 13.

Contrary to the Iranian reports, which said that the “sabotage attempt” near Tehran had been thwarted and resulted in no casualties or damage, Channel 13 claimed that the factory did suffer damage, setting back Iran’s nuclear program.

The facility, known as the Iran Centrifuge Technology Company, or TESA, is one of the main manufacturing centers for the centrifuges used at the nuclear facilities in Fordow and Natanz, according to The New York Times, which cited an anonymous senior intelligence official. According to the Times, the attack was carried out by means of a small quadcopter drone apparently launched from a location not far from the site.

The report further claimed that the TESA site was on a list of targets presented to then-U.S. President Donald Trump in 2020 by Israel, along with the Natanz enrichment facility itself and chief Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

Israel pressures parents to vaccinate kids

The Natanz site suffered a massive explosion in July of that year, and Fakhrizadeh was killed on the outskirts of Tehran three months later. Iran has accused Israel of responsibility for both incidents. Another explosion tore through the Natanz nuclear facility on April 11, setting Iran’s nuclear program by some two months.

Iran has not yet accused any party of responsibility for Wednesday’s attack, saying only that the incident remains under investigation. Iran’s aviation agency announced on Wednesday that a new law will require all civilian drones to be registered with the government within six months, the Times reported.

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Russian fleet moves in on Hawaii, practices sinking aircraft carrier, F-22 stealth fighters on standby

By Taylor Penley, The Western Journal
Published June 22, 2021 at 8:30pm

U.S. President Joe Biden’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin captured headlines around the world last week.

Both leaders characterized the exchange as “generally positive” — many saw it differently — and Biden explained the face-to-face encounter was necessary in a time of mounting tensions between Russia and the United States, according to CNN.

But what’s taking place between the American Navy and a Russian fleet off the coast of Hawaii now is less than cordial.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, “Russian warships, submarines, and support vessels, flanked by 20 fighter jets” are practicing maneuvers to sink aircraft carriers in the Pacific.

According to the report, Russia’s defense ministry confirmed its fleet successfully completed the practice maneuver and sank an aircraft carrier — only 35 nautical miles off the coast of Hawaii.

The Daily Mail’s report characterizes the war games exercise as “the biggest since the Cold War.”

Russia claims its fleet is stationed 300 miles off the coast of Hawaii, but unconfirmed satellite images from June 19 tell a story that places the Russians at the much-closer 35-nautical mile distance (about 40 standard miles), the Daily Mail reported.

The U.S. has responded by sending F-22 fighter jets to the scene twice within the last month, The U.S. Sun reported Tuesday.

Since Russian bombers never entered the Hawaii Air Defense Identification Zone — an area that typically grants the country in subject more time to respond to unknown or potentially hostile aircraft — they were never intercepted by either group of fighters, the Daily Mail reported.

As alarming as the scenario sounds on its own, imagining what this could mean for the future of U.S.-Russia relations is much worse.

Russia’s defense ministry has released videos of the maneuvers.

The development has put the Pentagon on its toes, anticipating any potentially hostile move that could come next.

Last week, Navy Carrier Strike Group 1, led by the aircraft carrier the USS Carl Vinson, arrived in Hawaii, according to UPI.

But to get to the root of the problem, to understand why Russia insists on parading its military prowess won’t be so easily done.

Since this development immediately follows the Putin-Biden exchange that occurred in Geneva last week, we can speculate that perhaps their discussion didn’t go as smoothly as the Biden White House would like to pretend.

Perhaps Vladimir Putin is a showman or a charlatan. Or perhaps, while the U.S. is under Biden’s leadership, Russia and the rest of the world view the country as a paper tiger and a depleted world power.

If our nation’s leaders aren’t prepared to tackle Russian aggression head-on, we might be mismatched in a second Cold War to come.

We all can agree that the only thing capable of keeping the world from the clutches of another Cold War is an exemplary leader.

We can only pray we elect one soon.

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Newsweek: Turkey Is Seeking “Soft Power” In Afghanistan

by Shoebat on June 22, 2021 in FeaturedGeneral

An article recently published on Newsweek points out that Turkey has been seeking “soft power” in Afghanistan, especially now by asserting itself as the force of security in the country to fill up the vacuum soon to be left by the US:

The relationship between Afghanistan and the Ottoman Empire and later Turkey is rooted in history, with adequate relations during the 20th century.

Following the fall of the Taliban government, Turkey, as the most prominent Muslim-majority member of NATO, considered its national interests and sent its troops to Afghanistan in 2001. Ankara also sought to expand its influence in the country, taking into account various political, economic, security and cultural considerations.

Two elements of Afghanistan’s society—the Sunni religious majority and the Turkish-speaking minority (Uzbeks and Turkmen) are of importance to Turkey. Turkey has always paid attention to the Turkish-speaking minority in Afghanistan, supporting them, especially when it came to former Vice President of Afghanistan Abdul Rashid Dostum.

Establishing Afghan-Turkish schools, expanding the number of Turkish scholarships, staff training, cultural consulting, growing the presence of the Younes Amre Foundation, broadcasting Turkish shows and movies and teaching the Turkish language all play an important role in increasing Turkey’s soft power, especially in Afghanistan’s Turkish speaking regions.

It really is quite obvious as to why Turkey wants in on Afghanistan. America is leaving Afghanistan and will be completely withdrawn after September 11th. Turkey wants to fill that power vacuum. Just look at what Turkey has done in Syria, Iraq,  Libya and the South Caucasus and you will see Turkey growing as a global power.

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When all the nations of the earth gather against her. In that day, I will make Yerushalayim a stone for all the peoples to lift; all who lift it shall injure themselves Zechariah 12:3 (The Israel BibleTM)

After a cabinet meeting at the Presidential Complex in Ankara late Monday, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held a media conference in which he called on the UN, UN Security Council, Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), and other international organizations to take action focusing on wrestling Jerusalem away from Israel.


“At this point, we believe there’s a need for a separate arrangement on Jerusalem. To achieve lasting peace and tranquility in Jerusalem, which contains the indispensable religious symbols of Muslims, Jews, and Christians, everyone must make sacrifices,” Erdogan said.

“In today’s circumstances, it would be the most correct and consistent course of action for Jerusalem to be administered by a commission of representatives from the three faiths. Otherwise, it doesn’t appear it will be easily possible to achieve lasting peace in this ancient city,” he added.

Erdogan has frequently made disturbing claims on Jerusalem as a Turkish birthright, perhaps based in the area once being part of the Ottoman Empire  from 1516 to 1917.

“In this city that we had to leave in tears during the First World War, it is still possible to come across traces of the Ottoman resistance. So Jerusalem is our city, a city from us,” he said in a major policy speech in 2020. “Our first qibla [direction of prayer in Islam] al-Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem are the symbolic mosques of our faith.” In his speech on Monday, Erdogan referred to Israel as a “terror state.”

“This terror state, that has encroached on the privacy of Jerusalem on the one hand, while ruthlessly bombarding civilians in Gaza and leveling a colossal building housing media groups on the other, is Israel,” said Erdogan.

“But, you [Israel] are using disproportionate force, and you are dropping bombs on Gaza with your warplanes. Does Gaza have warplanes? No. Yours are countless, with which you strike.”

“The declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by the US and other countries following it towards the end of 2017 has increased the appetite of this murderous state to spill blood,” Erdogan said.

“Those who have no interest in the deaths of Palestinian children by bombs are terrified that Israeli children are frightened by the sound of missiles. Look at this! One should remain silent when children are put to sleep, not being killed,” he said. Erdogan also criticized President Joe Biden for signing an arms deal with Israel.

“Today, we saw Biden’s signature for the arms [sale] to Israel. And, we found that this was an approval to sell 850,000 very very important weapons. When it comes to talking, they speak of disarmament,” he said.

“Mr. Biden, you sided with the Armenians on the so-called Armenian genocide. Now, unfortunately, you are writing history with your bloody hands in these events of seriously disproportionate attacks on Gaza that have caused the martyrdom of hundreds of thousands of people,” Erdogan added.

He also condemned Austria for flying an Israeli flag from its Chancellery building.

“Flying a flag of a terrorist state from an official building amounts to living under the projection of terrorism. The Austrian state seems to be trying to make Muslims pay for genocide to which it subjected Jews,” he said.

Erdogan has a central position in the OIC, an organization with 57 members. The OIC held an emergency meeting on Sunday due to the conflict between Israel and Hamas, calling for international intervention. “These efforts should also include physical protection through forming an international protection force with military and financial contributions of willing countries,” Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said during the virtual meeting, emphasizing that his country is willing to lead the effort.

This announcement led to a wave of posts on social media depicting armed Turkish troops moving towards Gaza.

These images were quickly debunked as being old and not depicting any real events.

It is interesting to note that İbrahim Kalin, Erdogan’s chief adviser, was also critical of Israel:

“Israel targeted the international press, adding a new one to human rights violations and war crimes in the Palestinian territories,” Kalin tweeted. We condemn Israeli cruelty, which knows no values ​​and borders. Our struggle with this malignant power will continue until the occupation is over and all Palestine is liberated.”

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They’re Going For ‘The Jugular’: Critical Infrastructure Of United States Hit By ‘DarkSide Hackers’ Warned A ‘Massive False Flag Event’ To Advance Multiple Agendas Of The ‘New World Order’

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

In this May 6th story by Michael Snyder over at the Economic Collapse Blog, Snyder asked as his story title: “If we are experiencing severe shortages right now, how bad will it be when the economy starts tanking again?” Well, we may soon be about to find out. 

With almost nothing hitting the US economy harder than rising fuel prices as we’ve seen before in history, two lead stories Sunday morning over at Drudge warned of ‘rising prices of everything, everywhere’, with the 2nd reporting the American consumer is getting nailed with the price hits on everything.

While much of the day on Saturday and into Sunday, stories screamed the news of America’s East Coast ‘fuel line jugular’ getting hit by cyber attacks, with top US fuel pipeline operator Colonial Pipeline shutting down its entire network following a cyberattack upon them, suspected to have been carried out by a group calling themselves ‘DarkSide.’ 

With those fuel lines the source of nearly half of the U.S. East Coast’s fuel supply, that ransom-wear attack has the potential of causing huge fuel price spikes and shortages in the days ahead, at a time when the economy is struggling to get out of the hole dug for it by the Covid lockdowns. From this Daily Mail story.: 

The largest gasoline pipeline in the country was shut down on Friday after a sophisticated ransomware attack, which experts are calling the most dramatic cyberattack on U.S. soil to date. 

In a Saturday statement, Colonial Pipeline said that it ‘proactively took certain systems offline to contain the threat, which has temporarily halted all pipeline operations, and affected some of our IT systems.’ 

The hackers are likely a professional cybercriminal group, and a group dubbed ‘DarkSide’ was among the potential suspects, two U.S. government officials told Reuters. 

There are now fears of a major spike in gas, oil and diesel prices after the ‘jugular’ of the U.S. fuel pipeline system was forced to suspend operations. 

Operations remain shut down as of early Sunday morning. 

And while that pipeline could be re-opened again soon, as Fox 5 in Atlanta reported in this new story, experts now fear a long resolution to this latest drama could be the latest thing to hit US consumers hard. Warning an outage of of only one or two days will cause minimal damage while an outage of five or six days or longer could possibly cause major shortages and price hikes, that story warned: particularly in an area stretching from central Alabama to the Washington, D.C., area.

With social unrest fears already mounting and shortages growing bigger while food prices have been soaring even ahead of the Colonial Pipeline ‘snafu’, as Dr. Don Boys warned in this May 9th ANP story, it’s absolutely time to focus upon ‘God, groceries, gold and guns’ if you haven’t already done so.  

As Michael Snyder had reported in this May 6th Economic Collapse Blog story, on Thursday, Business Insider published a list of some of the most serious shortages that we are going through at the moment including: Computer chips; Used cars and rental cars; Gas; Plastics and palm oil; Truckers and rideshare drivers; Homes and vacation houses; Lumber; Household products like toilet paper and tampons; FurnitureChickenBacon and hot dogs; Imported foods like cheesecoffee, and olive oilChlorine; and Corn.

Warning within his story that the reason we’re seeing all of these shortages is directly tied to the Covid lockdowns and the ‘suppressed output’ of industries across the board while Joe Biden and Democrats sink trillions and trillions of fresh dollars into the system, as Snyder also warned in that story, the result is: ‘way too many dollars chasing way too few goods and services, and this is causing tremendous inflation and very painful shortages’.

And with the ongoing war of Joe Biden and Democrats on the Keystone Pipeline a hint of what they think about such pipelines, the words straight from a researcher quoted in this Reuters story leave us wondering if this wasn’t hugely intentional by the globalists seeking to destroy America.

“This is as close as you can get to the jugular of infrastructure in the United States,” said Amy Myers Jaffe, research professor and managing director of the Climate Policy Lab. “It’s not (just) ‘a major’ pipeline. It’s THE pipeline.”

With some arguing all the way back in 2020 that what we’ve been witnessing is nothing less than ‘government induced food shortages’ and price hikes, and now things potentially taking a drastic turn for the worse should the Colonial Pipeline closure extend for a period of time, as Infowars had reported in this May 8th storythe last time there was a significant shutdown of Colonial’s lines was during Hurricane Harvey in 2017, which saw Gulf Coast gasoline prices soar to a five-year high and diesel to nearly a four-year high.

And with this NY Times story reporting that China or Russia is likely behind the shadowy group ‘DarkSide’ that’s being blamed for launching the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline, demanding millions of dollars to release their hijacked computer systems, might the Colonial Pipeline attack be an ‘act of war’ upon America to further cripple our economy?

As Zero Hedge recently reported, there are now reports emerging that China ‘developed and weaponized’ Covid-19 to ‘take down an enemy’s medical system’. Is America now at war? The following excerpt comes to us from this May 8th Daily Mail story titled “China was preparing for a Third World War with biological weapons – including coronavirus – SIX years ago, according to dossier produced by the People’s Liberation Army in 2015 and uncovered by the US State Department”:

Chinese scientists have been preparing for a Third World War fought with biological and genetic weapons including coronavirus for the last six years, according to a document obtained by US investigators. 

The bombshell paper, accessed by the US State Department, insists they will be ‘the core weapon for victory’ in such a conflict, even outlining the perfect conditions to release a bioweapon, and documenting the impact it would have on ‘the enemy’s medical system’. 

This latest evidence that Beijing considered the military potential of SARS coronaviruses from as early as 2015 has also raised fresh fears over the cause of Covid-19, with some officials still believing the virus could have escaped from a Chinese lab.

So while the top-voted comment on that story by more than a 50 to 1 margin was “And they tested one of those at the end of 2019. They (China/globalists) should be forced to pay reparations to the entire world for what they’ve done“, does anyone really believe we’ll ever witness such ‘reparations’ for the unleashing of what many have argued is a bioweapon, all across the planet? 

Each of the videos below take a look at all of the turmoil unfolding now across America and the world, with the first one by videographer ‘The Reset Sniper’ warning this Colonial Pipeline shutdown could be a huge ‘false flag event’ with the globalists long working to ‘take down America’ and numerous other shortages already happening nationwide. As he warns us within this video, this shutdown helps to advance many different agendas of the ‘new world order’

And as Infowars warns in 2nd/final video below, there are reports that none other than Dr. Anthony Fauci was directly involved in the release of Covid-19 from the Wuhan, China laboratory, giving us all another reason to be prepared for absolutely anything in the days, weeks and months ahead. 

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The Fate Of Western Civilization Hinges On A Great Debate Now Raging In Washington DC, Virtually Unnoted By The Nightly News And Unnoticed By Most Americans

– China, Russia And North Korea On ‘Hair Trigger’ While America Is Not Prepared For What’s Coming

By Dr. Peter Vincent Pry
 for All News Pipeline

The fate of Western Civilization may hinge on the great debate now raging within Washington’s beltway, virtually unnoted on nightly news and unknown to most Americans, over whether to replace the nation’s 400 obsolete Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) with a new ICBM — or unilaterally eliminate all U.S. ICBMs. 

My report “Surprise Attack: ICBMs and the Real Nuclear Threat” (October 31, 2020) warned: “A Biden Administration or future Democrat Congress is likely to unilaterally abolish U.S. ICBMs … to the grave detriment of U.S. national security.” 

Nuclear Armageddon’s arithmetic is more real and easier to understand than the alleged existential threat from climate change. Subtract 400 credible ICBMs from the U.S. nuclear deterrent, and Russia, China, and even North Korea or Iran, could do a nuclear Pearl Harbor, by making a surprise attack on 3 U.S. strategic bomber bases and 2 ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) ports—just 5 targets altogether. 

Deterring this scenario since 1970 is the Minuteman III ICBM, now 50 years old, originally designed to last 10 years, nearing end of its last possible life extension program. Minuteman still stands guard, ready to launch in minutes responding to a surprise attack — unlike U.S. nuclear bombers or ballistic missile submarines. 

U.S. bombers are not maintained nuclear-armed or on strip-alert and so would be destroyed in a surprise attack. 

Surprise attack on just two ports would destroy two-thirds of 14 U.S. SSBNs normally berthed, while the three-four SSBNs normally on patrol at sea would require hours to respond to an Emergency Action Message (EAM) ordering them to launch missiles. 

Hours can become forever in a nuclear war that kills the National Command Authority, uses electromagnetic pulse (EMP) to fry communications links for transmitting EAMs, and unleashes decades of enemy planning and secret weapons designed to destroy the small number of U.S. SSBNs hiding at sea. 

The comfortable notion that U.S. missile submarines are “invulnerable” almost certainly underestimates the awesome power of nuclear weapons, and other adversary capabilities, to destroy and disrupt at least EAM communications links that make SSBNs a viable deterrent. Is it really possible for a nation to absorb a nuclear surprise attack, and then respond via SSBNs? 

The question is yet unanswered. But we may well soon find out if U.S. ICBMs are junked, while Russia, China and North Korea continue their one-sided nuclear arms race building new ICBMs. 

If surprise attack is the most likely nuclear threat, then the most important part of the U.S. nuclear deterrent, the only part that may matter in deterring or responding to surprise attack, are the ICBMs and their 400 ever-ready warheads. 

Anti-ICBM politicians and activists see the greatest virtue of ICBMs — their capability for over 95% to be on high-alert, every day, for years, serving as sentinels against surprise attack — as the very reason to abolish ICBMs, that they falsely allege are on a “hair trigger” for accidental nuclear war. 

Yet no ICBM has ever been fired accidentally. In addition to numerous redundant safeguards preventing accidental launch, U.S. ICBMs are “detargeted” — aimed at broad ocean areas — but can be quickly retargeted against adversaries when needed. 

The U.S. has even “de-MIRVed” its ICBMs so each carries only one warhead, not multiple warheads like those of Russia, China, and soon probably North Korea, that are optimized for striking first to disarm the U.S. nuclear deterrent by surprise attack. 

For example, Russia’s SS-18 and China’s DF-41 ICBMs carry 10 MIRVed warheads, so just 50 of these missiles could deliver 500 warheads in 30 minutes to attack all U.S. ICBM silos, bomber bases, submarine ports, and other military targets. Russia’s new Satan II ICBM can carry up to 40 warheads. 

Unlike U.S. ICBMs, the ICBMs of Russia, China, and North Korea are on a “hair trigger” and do pose a threat of accidental nuclear war because of profound differences between the U.S. and these totalitarian states in strategic posture and strategic culture. U.S. ICBMs are the most important factor deterring these malevolent actors from surprise attack. 

Ominously, technological trends in nuclear weapons development such as Super-EMP, hypersonics, super-accuracy, and ultra-low-yield promise adversaries quick, very low-casualty, environmentally-clean, surgical victory in a nuclear war. The “unthinkable” is becoming increasingly “thinkable” and someday soon may be irresistible.

If the Democrat-Republican strategic consensus that won the Cold War still existed, we would and should: 

• Harden the Triad and strategic command and control against Super-EMP weapons; 

• Resume nuclear testing to develop new generation specialized, clean, ultra-low-yield nuclear weapons; 

• Protect ICBM silos, bomber and submarine bases against hypersonic warheads with anti-missile defenses; 

• Deploy space-based missile defenses like Brilliant Pebbles to shift arms racing away from Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) to Strategic Assured National Existence (SANE). 

But none of this is happening. 

Instead, anti-nuclear radicals, who would have lost the Cold War, are moving the White House and congressional Democrats toward junking U.S. ICBMs. Beware a forever “life extension program” of Minuteman III, which will amount to “junking” U.S. ICBMs in their silos. 

Replacing Minuteman III with a new ICBM is commonsense — but “controversial” in Washington. 

The New Cold War is already on the verge of being lost. 

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