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The Democrats, having now created the false narrative that Donald Trump would refuse to leave the White House should he lose the election, formed the Transition Integrity Project to have a framework in which to remove Trump, win or lose. That’s the game here, it is a real deal coup in progress. Plans to remove Trump from office, even if he wins the election, are well underway.

by Geoffrey Grider September 16, 2020

The ‘Transition Integrity Project’ group, funded by George Soros for the Democrats, used a role-playing game similar to a military style planning exercise, and concluded there will be a very disruptive and lawless 11 weeks between Election Day and Inauguration Day.


Major portions of this article were co-written with award-winning author Lori DeMonia. The level of research and attention to detail she provided made this article possible. I extend my most heartfelt appreciation to her for bringing all this to my attention, at exactly the right time.

The Transition Integrity Project group was formed in December 2019, is funded by George Soros and its formation speaks to the very false idea, created by Democrats, that Trump will not accept a Biden victory and refuse to leave office. Which is more likely translated into ‘they know he’ll be the clear winner as he was in 2016, but he needs to go anyway’. Despite trying to impeach him, follow-up plans were already underway to force him out no matter what, that was also the plan.

“Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.” Romans 13:1,2 (KJB)

The Democrats, having now created the false narrative that Donald Trump would refuse to leave the White House should he lose the election, together with George Soros, formed the Transition Integrity Project to have a framework in which they could remove Trump, win or lose. That’s the game here, it is a real-deal coup in progress. So no matter who wins in November, the Democrats will make sure that massive chaos and confusion begins immediately, as they attempt to install Kamala Harris as president. This is how the Democrats plan on taking control of the country on election night.

They war-gamed 4 basic scenarios as we see here below..

This Is How The Transition Integrity Project Sees November:

  • Game One: An ambiguous win by Biden. The first game investigated a scenario in which the outcome of the election remained unclear from election night and throughout game play.
  • Game Two: Clear Biden Victory. The Trump Campaign team again attempted to federalize the National Guard to end further vote counting and called on supporters to turn out in large numbers. The Biden Campaign established a bipartisan transition team and mobilized supporters to ensure vote counting was completed thoroughly. In this scenario, Biden won outright in the Electoral College and the popular vote.
  • Game Three: The third scenario posited a comfortable Electoral College victory for President Trump — 286-252 — but also a significant popular vote win—52% – 47%–for former Vice President Biden.
  • Game Four: Narrow Biden Win. The final scenario explored a narrow Biden win where he leads with less than 1% of the popular vote the day after the election, and is predicted to win 278 electoral votes.

67 people participated as “active players”, and many others were observers and gave feedback. John Podesta played the role of Joe Biden and a few others in attendance were Michael Steele, Donna Brazile, and former Hillary Clinton advisor Paul Eaton. Plans to remove Trump from office, even if he wins the election, are well underway. One highlight of the report states that “the concept of election night is no longer accurate and indeed dangerous”. The TIP report dated August 3, 2020 was made available to the public and details the “crisis scenario planning exercises”.

The Findings Of Their Report:

Among the findings we highlight in the report:

  • The concept of “election night,” is no longer accurate and indeed is dangerous. We face a period of contestation stretching from the first day a ballot is cast in mid-September until January 20. The winner may not, and we assess likely will not, be known on “election night” as officials count mail-in ballots. This period of uncertainty provides opportunities for an unscrupulous candidate to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the process and to set up an unprecedented assault on the outcome. Campaigns, parties, the press and the public must be educated to adjust expectations starting immediately.
  • A determined campaign has opportunity to contest the election into January 2021. We anticipate lawsuits, divergent media narratives, attempts to stop the counting of ballots, and protests drawing people from both sides. President Trump, the incumbent, will very likely use the executive branch to aid his campaign strategy, including through the Department of Justice. We assess that there is a chance the president will attempt to convince legislatures and/or governors to take actions – including illegal actions – to defy the popular vote. Federal laws provide little guidance for how Congress should resolve irregularities when they convene in a Joint Session on January 6, 2021. Of particular concern is how the military would respond in the context of uncertain election results. Here recent evidence offers some reassurance, but it is inconclusive.
  • The administrative transition process itself may be highly disrupted. Participants in our exercises of all backgrounds and ideologies believed that Trump would prioritize personal gain and self-protection over ensuring an orderly administrative hand-off to his successor. Trump may use pardons to thwart future criminal prosecution, arrange business deals with foreign governments that benefit him financially, attempt to bribe and silence associates, declassify sensitive documents, and attempt to divert federal funds to his own businesses. READ THE FULL REPORT HERE

They anticipate, with a high degree of certainty, that this November’s election will be marked by a chaotic legal and political landscape. They are warning us now, even though some dismiss this as conspiracy theory, what they intend to carry out. The report concludes that there needs to be a robust strategy to challenge the white supremacist and extremist networks that enabled Trump’s rise to power. One article depicted an image of Hitler next to Trump. Even the language in the report claiming Trump rose to power and wasn’t elected by the people shows how determined they are to remove him by any means. In the 22 page report the word violence was used 15 times and chaos 9 times.

So now a new playbook is being embraced. Supporting the public’s peaceful protests as well as blaming the Trump supporters for street level chaos is part of it. People taking to the streets in large numbers for an extended period of time, is already being prepared to intensify. A group called The Fight Back Table met recently to make their plans for the upcoming “mass public unrest”. The executive director of MoveOn.Org was a participant.

The group used the Transition Integrity Project report as part of their planning as they too prepare for the upcoming mass unrest and violence. Those in the media are priming and programming the public to the “Trump refusing to leave office” narrative. Remember the “no one is above the law” line during the impeachment attempt? Well, the new one will be “Trump’s refusing to leave office”.

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Pastor Dana Coverstone Was Just Given Glimpses Of What America Will Look Like In The Post-Election Period

September 6, 2020 by Michael Snyder

We just got even more confirmation that we are on the verge of one of the darkest chapters in American history.  The glimpses into our future that Pastor Dana Coverstone was just shown are extremely sobering, and I would very much encourage everyone to share his latest video with as many people as possible.  One of the things that I appreciate so much about Pastor Dana is that he is not trying to make a big name for himself.  He is just a humble pastor from a little town in Kentucky that has had some absolutely amazing experiences with God, and he probably never imagined that something like this would ever happen to him.  Sometimes God uses the people that we would least expect, and I believe that He does this because He is trying to make a point.  There are so many big names out there that are exalting themselves, but God wants us to understand that we should be focusing on building His Kingdom instead of working so hard to build our own.

Over the last several months I have watched Pastor Dana carefully, and two things have really stood out.

Number one, he still believes that the Bible is the Word of God.

Number two, he still preaches the message of the cross.

Once upon a time, both of those things would have been true of most evangelical Christian pastors in America, but today men like Pastor Dana are a dying breed.

I am very thankful that Pastor Coverstone’s church has been getting so much attention because of everything that has happened, because we need a lot more churches like that all across America.

Just a few days ago, Pastor Coverstone posted a new video in which he shared what he was shown during a “series of glimpses” that occurred between August 28th and September 4th.  One of the things that he witnessed was a finger underlining the month of December, and then the page on the calendar flipped and the finger underlined the month of January.

It would be easy to assume that the time frame for what he saw must be December 2020 through January 2021, but you know what they say about assumptions.

Personally, I believe that everything that Pastor Coverstone has been shown in all of his experiences will come to pass, but I have also seen a lot of people come up with some really wild interpretations of what he was shown.

In the end, our interpretations can easily be wrong, and that is absolutely critical to understand.

With all of that being said, let’s get into his new video.  You can find it right here, and I would share it with everyone that you can.

A partial transcript of what he shared during the video can be found here, and one of the things that really struck me was the fact that he saw global economic activity come to a virtual standstill…

Then I saw long food lines and people waiting for what seemed like hours, and they were standing in line and not in cars. I saw ships in ports on both coasts sitting idle and nothing at sea moving. There were headlines saying that the Baltic Dry Index [Global shipping of raw materials] was dead and that nothing was moving in trade around the world.

As I detail on The Economic Collapse Blog, global trade has already fallen to the lowest level on record, but it sounds like things are going to get a whole lot worse.

So what event or events will cause this to happen?

I would think that it would have to be something more than just chaos surrounding our upcoming election.  To me, it sounds like something must happen that greatly affects the entire planet.

But Pastor Coverstone also saw something that would specifically happen to our nation.  He was shown two headlines that said “Nationwide Outages Plague Southwest and Americans Don’t Know Who To Blame For Darkness”…

I continued to see shuttered properties [closed for business] and people in homes wearing coats while looking out closed curtains. Headlines said Nationwide Outages Plague Southwest and Americans Don’t Know Who To Blame For Darkness. Darkness in areas of the nation stretched into Canada and I saw America as lights flickering, like the bulb was about to go but still had a little light left.

As I have discussed previously, we have already seen rolling blackouts in the state of California for the very first time since 2001.

But this sounds much bigger than that.

And why would the outages just be limited to the Southwest?

That is a very good question, and right now I don’t have the answer.

Another thing that Pastor Coverstone witnessed involved the city of St. Louis…

I also saw the city of St. Louis and men under the Arch with suitcases who were getting into black SUVs and headed east and west from the Mississippi River. The suitcases appeared to be like the nuclear suitcases from the Reagan administration complete with the handcuffs to secure the case to the individual. They were dressed as businessmen and had copies of the Wall Street Journal under their arms and heavily tinted sunglasses. Each had a watch alarm that went off at precisely the same second and that is when they picked up the suitcases and got into the vehicles to be driven to their destinations.

I certainly don’t know what all of that means, but it definitely sounds ominous.

At the end of all of the usual experiences that Pastor Coverstone has been having, he has been told to “brace yourself”, and this latest one was no exception…

“Brace yourself, brace, brace, brace yourself on the Word and My promises and do not rely upon your own strength.”

If you are reading this and you are wondering why we should listen to Pastor Coverstone, the answer is actually quite simple.

He was shown the major events of the first half of this year in advance, and he was shown the exact period of time in which they would happen.

The following comes from a transcript that my wife put together of the very first video that Pastor Coverstone released earlier this year…

Back in December I woke up, I had a dream. In that dream I saw a calendar. Starting January 2020. It was being flipped.  I saw January,  I saw February,  I saw March.  When March came up the hand held it and I saw the thing of finger underline the month of March, and the tap it three times.

So underline the month of March, tapped it three times. So to me it was emphasis, something’s going to happen in March.

Then I saw April, May, June. When June came, the hand underlined June again and tapped it three times.

Then, in the vision I saw people marching, I saw protests. I saw people wearing masks, I saw lines going into hospitals. I saw typical medical doctors with needles or syringes, I saw people on ventilators I saw people who were very, very sick, very, very ill. I saw newspaper headlines trumpeting thousands of people getting sick. I saw ambulances, just flying down roads, and then I saw cities on fire.

I saw buildings being burned. I saw protesters with masks. I saw people who had their fists in the air, people who were yelling and screaming angry at just at the world. I saw courthouses,  I saw state houses surrounded.  I saw people who were mad at the world. I saw I saw guns shotguns specifically put in the air, held like this, (showing above his head) and I saw barriers within cities.

I told several men in my church about this and I can confirm who those men were and they’ll confirm what I’m telling you is what I told them.

The virus that has thrown our country into chaos started spreading rapidly in the U.S. in March, and tremendous civil unrest erupted all over the U.S. in June after George Floyd’s tragic death at the end of May. But even though Pastor Coverstone saw all these things in advance, there are Christian leaders that have put together very long videos explaining why we shouldn’t believe anything else he has seen.

I have seen some of those videos and they don’t make any sense at all.  In fact, it is clear that the real reason why they are putting out those videos is because Pastor Coverstone’s warnings directly contradict the “feel good” messages that they have been delivering to their followers.

I very much appreciate that Pastor Coverstone has chosen to sound the alarm by sharing what he has been shown, and as I detail in my new book there are countless others that have also been sounding the alarm about what God has been showing them regarding our future.

Unfortunately, there are so many people out there that do not want to listen no matter how clear the warnings are.

As a whole, our society is running away from God as fast as it possibly can, and in the end we shall reap what we have sown.

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The Church corporately may have become the lukewarm Laodiecan mess, but you and I as individuals are given a special and separate promise if we want it. Jesus says He will knock on the door of the Church, lukewarm though it may be, and is happy to work with anyone of us who still desire to be on the front lines of the end times, and be of service to Him and His Kingdom. Are you one of those people? I pray that you are. I don’t say these things to discourage you, but to encourage you. These are the days of prophecy, and we are watching it come to pass! Go out into the harvest fields and work!

by Geoffrey GriderAugust 25, 2020

I don’t say these things to discourage you, but to encourage you. These are the days of prophecy, and we are watching it come to pass! Go out into the harvest fields and work!

Everywhere you look, from Bill Gates, the United Nations, the United States and any other world organizational and governing body, we are hearing the same lockstep message droning out from all of them. In unison, we are being told that “we will not, and we cannot go back to the way things were”. They are telling us that our old way of life is gone, and it is never coming back. So if you are patiently waiting for all of this to be over, you can stop now. It will never be over.

“And Jacob called unto his sons, and said, Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you that which shall befall you in the last days.” Genesis 49:1 (KJB)

I have waited for nearly 30 years for these days to arrive, the days foretold long ago in the scripture of truth, about what life would be like at the closing of the Church Age. That day is now here, and it is sickening to watch ministry after ministry falling and failing as they slide into lukewarm apostasy. Sickening to see for my eyes, but my soul rejoices because I know I am going Home soon on Flight #777 on Titus213 Airlines. The Church has no power in 2020, no influence, no standing of any kind. It has joined the world.

I think one reason for the Pretribulation Rapture of the Church is because as a corporate body we have ‘lost our savour’, and being no longer productive for the Lord we are removed and taken out. We have become Laodicea! But do not lose heart, brothers and sisters, the Lord has a special promise for those of us who reject Laodicea and still want to get something done for Him.

The world we once knew doesn’t exist anymore, it is transitioning into what the bible said it must become in the end of time, the short-lived kingdom of Antichrist. Everywhere you look there is hate, anger, confusion, and bloodshed, babies are killed in an ultra-efficient assembly line that puts Hitler’s concentration camps to shame. America is coming apart at the seams. Where is the Church? Where is revival? You won’t find it anywhere. It’s not coming.

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.” Revelation 3:20-22 (KJB)

The Church corporately may have become the lukewarm Laodiecan mess, but you and I as individuals are given a special and separate promise if we want it. Do you want it? I sure do. Jesus says He will knock on the door of the Church, lukewarm though it may be, and is happy to work with anyone of us who still desire to be on the front lines of the end times, and be of service to Him and His Kingdom. Are you one of those people? I pray that you are. ‘Only one life, t’will soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last….’

I don’t say these things to discourage you, but to encourage you. These are the days of prophecy, and we are watching it come to pass! Go out into the harvest fields and work! Revival is not coming, but souls are still getting saved, at least they are on NTEB. We are seeing people saved on a regular basis, we are seeing believers learn the word and getting on fire for the Lord all the time. I dearly want you to be one of those people.

“Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.” Isaiah 6:8 (KJB)

Now, let’s talk about the COVID crisis. The virus is real, but everything surrounding it is not, it is all fake. From the mandatory mask wearing, the lock downs, the fear, all the way up to the day when they knock on your door with a syringe and a chip, all of it is part of the plan to usher in the New World Order. Watch this video from Tucker, the last voice of truth in the mainstream media, and the last voice of truth on Fox News, and listen to what he has to say. He expertly exposes the plan, he shows you how the net is rapidly closing. But what Tucker does not see is how all this figures into end times bible prophecy. But we do.

“Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.” James 5:3 (KJB)

So what are we who believe The Book to do? Go tell as many people as possible that Flight #777 is getting ready to take off, and plead with them to purchase their ticket on that flight. That is why the Lord left us here. Forget politics, it’s all corrupt, don’t engage the haters, don’t waste one second fighting the rising tide of end times darkness because you cannot stop it. But what you can do is say, like Isaiah said, “send me.” 

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Turkish-Greek gas row boils up as each plan rival exercises in E. Mediterranean


Aug 25, 2020 @ 13:41 E. Mediterranean oilgasIsraelLibyaTurkey vs Greece

Old enemies Turkey and Greece have warned vessels to stay out of disputed parts of the eastern Mediterranean where both scheduled rival military exercises for Tuesday, Aug. 25. Germany has stepped in to defuse the row over gas and oil between the two NATO allies, before it explodes into open warfare, recalling the conflict that erupted in 1974 when Turkey invaded Cyprus.

On August 13, President Recep  Erdoğan warned of a heavy price for anyone attacking the Turkish drilling vessel Oruç Reis, which is exploring for oil and gas in waters claimed by both Turkey and Greece. The research, with naval escort, was extended up until Aug. 27 after a collision between Greek and Turkish navy frigates. Greece, which says the survey is unlawful, responded by announcing naval exercises in the area. Athens also said the United Arab Emirates would dispatch F-16 fighters to Crete this week for “joint training.”

The epic normalization agreement the UAE signed last with israel clearly has multiple layers. Israel’s offshore oil and gas rigs are visible on the E. Mediterranean skyline. In January, Israel, Greece and Cyprus signed a $6.86 billion deal to build a major 700km subsea pipeline from Israel’s offshore Leviathan and Cypriot gas fields to eastern Crete and on to Italy.

This project and others may be overlapped and jeopardized by Turkey’s urgent drive for a stake in the E. Mediterranean energy bonanza. To prop up his claims, President Erdogan last year signed a bilateral agreement with the UN-recognized Libyan government of Tripoli for bringing parts of the E. Mediterranean under their bilateral control. More recently, Greece countered with a similar accord with Egypt.

Turkey claims it owns exploitation rights within an area it terms “continental shelf.” Athens replies that all its inhabited islands are surrounded by a 200-mile exclusive economic zone. This claim is respected by the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, to which Turkey is not a party.

Although Greece belongs to the EU as well as NATO, Berlin appears more sympathetic to Turkey’s claims, while the EU has not agreed on new sanctions on top of those previously imposed for Turkey’s illegal drilling off Cyprus. France has pledged support for the Greek side of the argument

The conflict is also tightly woven into the Libyan civil war as well. There, the UAE backs the Haftar campaign against the Tripoli government, which Turkey is fighting for. And in this context, the Emirates’ peace deal with Israel may be seen as a blow not just to Iran but also to Turkey’s expansionist aspirations and support for Israel’s enemy, the Palestinian Hamas terrorists.  

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The New Silk Road and the Maghreb Region

By Dr. Mordechai Chaziza August 4, 2020

BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 1,676, August 4, 2020

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Ever since the launch of the BRI in 2013, Beijing has shown great interest in the Maghreb region as an entry point to European and African markets. Beijing has prioritized commercial relations over political influence in the Maghreb. While the current BRI map does not officially include the Maghreb region (by design, as the BRI is more a loose brand than a strict program), Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) have been signed between China and every country in the Maghreb, demonstrating that China is expanding its foothold in the region.

China’s most significant 21st century diplomatic and economic activity is the launching of the new Silk Road project, dubbed the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The BRI, a sprawling network of trade and commercial ties between China and various world regions, is the flagship foreign policy of the Xi Jinping administration and the Chinese Communist Party. The BRI seeks to open up new markets and secure global supply chains to help generate sustained Chinese economic growth, thereby contributing to social stability at home.

The BRI has both a maritime and a land-based component: the Maritime Silk Road Initiative (MSRI) and the Silk Road Economic Belt (SREB). The sub-branches of the SREB (a series of land-based infrastructure projects including roads, railways, and pipelines) and the MSRI (ports and coastal development) would create a multinational network connecting China to Europe and Africa via the Middle East. This is intended to facilitate trade, improve access to foreign energy resources, and give China access to new markets.

The geographic scope of the BRI is continually expanding, covering more than 123 countries and 29 international organizations along six economic corridors. The BRI covers two-thirds of the world’s population, 40% of global GNP, and an estimated 75% of known energy reserves. The total cost of the initiative is not yet known, but according to some estimates, $8 trillion will eventually be invested.

Over the past two decades, Beijing has gradually consolidated its economic presence in the Maghreb countries (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, and Mauritania) in terms of trade, investment, and infrastructure projects. China has become active in these countries, focusing on bilateral relations while also working within the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) and the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum (CASCF).

In 2018, the Maghreb accounted for 7.6% of China’s imports from Africa, while Chinese exports to the Maghreb amounted to 14.7% of its overall exports to Africa. According to the China Global Investment Tracker, trade between China and the five Maghreb countries reached nearly $23.5 billion in 2019. China’s investments and contracts in the Maghreb region between 2005 and 2019 stood at $29.6 billion, with Algeria (the most crucial partner) receiving the lion’s share of $23.6 billion.

Beijing’s growing economic cooperation with the Maghreb region is driven mainly by the BRI, although its political, financial, and cultural connections to the region remain relatively shallow. China’s footprint in the Maghreb encompasses, but is not limited to, trade, infrastructure development, ports, shipping, financial cooperation, tourism, and manufacturing. China can be expected to expand and deepen these connections in the coming years, given the Maghreb’s strategic geographical location.

While China is gaining a foothold in the Maghreb, it cannot match US or European dominance in the region. The Maghreb countries have historically had close relations with France, the former colonial power, and the EU, and remain dependent on both. France and the EU continue to exert significant political, economic, security, and cultural influence in the region. China—unlike the US and Russia, which tend to see the Maghreb region as an extension of the Middle East—views  it as a discrete group with its own characteristics. When dealing with the Maghreb, Beijing considers each country’s relations with its neighbors.

In strategically ramping up engagement with Maghreb countries like Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco, Beijing is setting up the region to play an integral role in its Silk Road strategy. Thus, most BRI engagement in the Maghreb is tied to economic and commercial relations, allowing the affected countries to increase trade volume, foreign investment, tourism revenues, and manufacturing bases. China is also showcasing its development model, which seeks to combine authoritarianism with economic growth. Beijing’s growing role in the Maghreb is likely to have far-reaching economic and geopolitical consequences for countries in the region.

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ANALYSIS: Turkey has become a rogue state‏

Turkey is sowing conflict in Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Qatar, planning to renew the Ottoman Empire which Erdogan intends to head.

By now it has become clear that Turkey is on the way to becoming a rogue state under the rule of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

After invading Syria twice to thwart the Kurdish independence dream and bombing northern Iraq including Mount Sinjar, which is home to what is left of the Yazidi minority in Iraq – under the pretext that the Turks were fighting “terrorists” of the PKK, the Kurdish Workers Party – Turkey is now on a crash course with Egypt.

In addition, Erdogan keeps repeating that he will ‘liberate’ the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and has just converted Turkey’s largest church into a mosque while broadening intervention in Libya, a country that has seen civil war since 2011.

“Turkey is an irredentist, bellicose country right now. While before the political Islam takeover the national motto was “Peace at home, peace abroad,” today it is the exact opposite: ‘War at home, war abroad,’” says Cengiz Aktar, professor of Turkish and Modern Asian Studies at The University of Athens.

Aktar claims that the inauguration of the Church of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul as a mosque on July 24 was done deliberately as thumb in the nose to Christians, who have become a persecuted minority in Turkey and elsewhere in the Muslim world.

July 24, marks the day that the so-called Lausanne Treaty, which officially put an end to the Ottoman Empire, was signed, creating modern Turkey that used to be a secular state until Erdogan’s AKP party took over the country eighteen years ago.

My mentor, the late Professor Barry Rubin z”l a Middle East expert, predicted back in 2009 that Turkey would become an Islamist country under Erdogan and that the hot-headed leader would stir-up a lot of trouble in the Middle East. Rubin used to call what Erdogan was doing with Turkey a “stealth revolution.”

Now, 11 years later, Erdogan increasingly seems to be trying to export this ‘stealth’ revolution which has turned into an aggressive drive for domination in The Middle East and the Muslim world.

According to Associated Press (AP) Erdogan blackmailed the UN-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA) led by Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj who has connections to Islamist organizations.

In exchange for weapons, drones and the deployment of disgruntled Syrian Sunni Islamists to Libya, Turkey would get energy rights off the Libyan coast.

The deployment of Syrian mercenaries was a blatant violation of UN sanctions, as was the delivery of weapons and attack- drones which is forbidden under UN resolutions that dealt with the Libyan war.

AP says that Turkey has already sent close to 4.000 Syrians to Libya where they fight along-side al-Sarraij’s forces and now are besieging the coastal city of Sirte, situated in the vicinity of Libya’s oil fields.

“They (the Turks) took advantage of our weakness at the time,” unnamed Libyan officials told AP.

The Turkish intervention has escalated the Libyan civil war and turned it into an international conflict in which Russia has deployed its own mercenaries and delivers drones and other weapons to the Libyan army which is led by General Khalifa Haftar.

Egypt has never showed much interest in what is happening in neighboring Libya, but that has now changed as well. Last month, the Egyptian parliament rubber-stamped a plan presented by President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi that would bring the Egyptian army into the Libyan fray.

El-Sisi called any attempt to take over Sirte the crossing of a “red line” and warned he would send in the Egyptian army to foil Erdogan’s and el-Sarraj’s plan to attack Sirte.

Egypt would “defend Egyptian national security in the strategic western direction against the actions of armed criminal militias and foreign terrorists,” the Egyptian House of Representatives said in a referral to the ‘Turkish’ troops and Erdogan’s plan to obtain control over Libya’s oil fields near Sirte.

“Egypt will spare no efforts to support the sister Libya … to overcome the current critical crisis,” President el-Sisi said in a statement after the vote by the House of Representatives.

Last week, tensions between Egypt and Turkey reached boiling-point when Cairo made clear that any Turkish attempt to conduct a seismic survey in the waters of the eastern Mediterranean Sea would be regarded as “a violation and an attack on Egypt’s sovereign rights”.

In other words, the two countries could reach a point of no return after which war could become an option.

The same issue of offshore hydrocarbon exploration rights in the Mediterranean Sea has sharply increased tensions between Turkey and Greece, with Cyprus as well as Israel on the other side.

On the other end of the Middle East, Turkey is working to expand its influence over Qatar and in Somalia where the Turks built a military base. Erdogan is also meddling in the Yemenite war by offering a safe haven to Islamists who fought on the side of the exiled President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi.

The Economist recently published an article about Turkey’s hegemonic drive in the Middle East and claimed that Erdogan doesn’t appear to have a clear vision for the region.

This is far from the truth. The Turkish dictator may not be the region’s best strategic mind, but his plans for the Middle East and the larger Muslim world are crystal clear.

Erdogan has made many statements about the Lausanne treaty in which he made clear he views the agreement as a piece of paper that has no relevance today.

The same counts for the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement that de-facto ended the Ottoman Empire. The Turkish strongman has made many statements in which he recalled the Ottoman age as an example of his vision for Turkey’s future.

As for the Muslim world, Erdogan is trying to become the leader of the Ummah, the entire Islamic nation, and that’s why he dared to convert the Haga Sophia church into a mosque. That is also why he is vowing to launch a holy war on Israel under the pretext that the al-Aqsa mosque must be ‘liberated

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The Price Of Gold And The Price Of Silver Are Both Soaring Into The Stratosphere As The Global Economy Collapses

July 27, 2020 by Michael Snyder

For years, some of the brightest minds in the precious metals industry warned that the price of gold and the price of silver would both rise dramatically once the global economy inevitably collapsed, and it turns out that they were right on target.  What we have been witnessing over the last several weeks has been nothing short of stunning, and many experts believe that this is just the beginning.  But I was actually going to write about something completely different today.  A major skirmish between Israel and Hezbollah along the Lebanese border put the entire region on edge for a few hours, but things appear to have cooled off for the moment.  So it doesn’t look like a huge regional war in the Middle East will start today, but as I discuss in my brand new book, it is just a matter of time before a massive conflict does erupt and I will be watching developments very closely.

There are so many elements of “the perfect storm” that is now upon us, and global events are happening so fast that it is hard to keep up with them all.  But one thing that you can pretty much count on is that almost every piece of bad news is going to be good news for the price of gold and for the price of silver.

All over the world, national governments have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by recklessly spending money, and central banks have responded by engaging in a money creation spree that is unlike anything we have ever seen before.

As currencies all over the globe are being devalued at a staggering rate, it was inevitable that we would see gold and silver rise, and that is exactly what we have witnessed.  In fact, on Monday the price of gold set a brand new record high

Gold touched record prices as worries over issues such as the coronavirus pandemic as well as U.S.-China tensions weighed on investor sentiment.

Spot gold traded up 1.9% at about $1,938.11 per ounce after earlier trading as high as $1,943.9275 per ounce. Those levels eclipsed the previous record high price set in September 2011.

On a percentage basis, the price of silver is actually moving even faster than the price of gold, and on Monday we witnessed a move which surprised just about everyone

At the close of trading today, the silver price surged by nearly $2. According to, silver closed at $24.72, up $1.91 for the day. I can’t remember the last time silver jumped nearly $2 in one day. Of course, last Tuesday and Wednesday were big days for silver, but not $2.

What is interesting about the last few minutes of trading, silver closed right at the highs. So, it’s going to be interesting to see what happens in early Asian trading if silver BREAKS above its new short-term resistance level.

As I write this article, the price of silver has now risen above 26 dollars an ounce, and overall it is up more than 90 percent since the middle of March…

Since mid-March, the price of silver is up more than 90%, making it one of the top-performing asset classes since the bear market low earlier this year. It’s also up more than 22% just during the month of July alone.

The rapid decline in the dollar, negative real yields, ballooning deficits and additional government stimulus likely on the way are all fueling the current precious metals rally. All of these factors support a further rally in commodities, but it’s also becoming one of the more crowded trades in the financial markets.

Meanwhile, the U.S. economy continues to deteriorate.  For a while, many in the mainstream media were touting the possibility of a “V-shaped recovery”, but now they are openly admitting that this is not going to happen.  For example, the following comes from a CBS News story that was just posted…

The economic recovery that began in May is sputtering. Recent data show Americans cutting their spending and many businesses re-closing their doors as the number of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. crosses 4 million, raising concerns about another slowdown in growth.

“The foundations to this recovery are cracking under the weight of a mismanaged health crisis,” Gregory Daco, chief U.S. economist at Oxford Economics, told investors in a report.

What this means is that even more businesses are going to fail and even more workers are going to get laid off.

In fact, MGM Resorts and other large casino operators in the Las Vegas area just sent out legal notices indicating that mass firings are coming

Shares of MGM Resorts were falling over 6% in afternoon trading Monday after Las Vegas casinos notified their staff that if they weren’t recalled from furlough by August 31, they would subsequently be fired.

Major employers are required under the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN Act) to notify their workers when there are expected to be mass firings. MGM Resorts, Wynn Resorts, Tropicana and other casino operators sent out such notifications.

It is being reported that a “large majority” of MGM employees in the entertainment and sports division will lose their positions, and considering the fact that Las Vegas already has one of the highest unemployment rates in the entire nation it will certainly not be easy for them to find new jobs.

Elsewhere, United Airlines has announced that it may have to lay off as many as 36,000 workers.  That represents almost half of the U.S. workforce for the airline, and other major airlines are expected to make similar cuts.

Without jobs, a lot of unemployed workers are simply not going to be able to pay their bills, and CNBC is telling us that the U.S. may soon be facing “an unprecedented eviction crisis”

An unprecedented eviction crisis will soon hit the U.S.

On Friday, the federal moratorium on evictions in properties with federally backed mortgages and for tenants who receive government-assisted housing expired. The Urban Institute estimated that provision covered nearly 30% of the country’s rental units.

Many states had instituted their own eviction moratoriums, but most of those are expiring as well.

Unless new moratoriums are established, millions of Americans will soon be facing eviction, and according to one estimate a grand total of 40 million Americans could potentially be evicted over the course of this entire pandemic…

The proceedings have resumed in more than 30 states.The moratorium in Hawaii and Illinois end this week, and in August, evictions will pick up in New York and Nevada.

By one estimate, some 40 million Americans could be evicted during the public health crisis.

Just think about that.

What is this country going to look like if 40 million people are thrown out into the street?

As I have always warned, this economic downturn is going to make the last recession look like a Sunday picnic.  The economic suffering is going to be off the charts, and at this point there isn’t too much that can be done to stop it.

Yes, Congress will pass more “stimulus bills” and the Federal Reserve will continue to create money at a staggering pace.

Those measures will only provide temporary relief for the real economy, but they will also be music to the ears of every gold and silver investor.

Things have gotten crazy, and they are only going to get crazier.  Hold on tight, because the rest of 2020 is definitely going to be quite “interesting”.

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Bill Gates had it exactly correct when he predicted that the weapon of the future was not going to be missiles, but microbes, and that is just what COVID-19 truly is. It is a weaponized virus that’s really killing people, and at the same time is being used to control the people and destroy the economy. When I was a kid, I had a poster of Linda Ronstadt on my bedroom wall, I bet Bill had a poster of George Orwell on his. 

by Geoffrey Grider July 15, 2020

Friends, you should feel privileged to be living in such a time as this, a time that the bible calls the last days. It is coming to pass right before your very eyes.

California is a funny place, I used to live there and it is certainly the land of ‘fruits and nuts’ as the old saying goes. But in 2020, it’s a whole lot nuttier than it used to be, and not only that, the nuts are killing people at an ever-increasing rate. Just days ago, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti rubber-stamped nearly ten thousand unmasked rioters to protest on the streets of Los Angeles, beaming with pride at the ‘long overdue social justice’ demonstrations. Those people were allowed to do anything they wanted to do, but churches had to close and small businesses of every kind were shuttered. What was his message? That social justice is good, and church and a free market economy are bad.

“…Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you that which shall befall you in the last days.” ― Genesis 49:1a (KJB)

Bill Gates had it exactly correct when he predicted that the weapon of the future was not going to be missiles, but microbes, and that is just what COVID-19 truly is. It is a weaponized virus that’s really killing people, and at the same time is being used to control the people and destroy the economy.

Remember what Dr. Birx said that anyone who died of any condition but also had COVID-19, their death would be attributed to COVID-19?. That’s Lie #1. Here in Florida, as in many states across the country, the infection rates are being deliberately misreported.  That’s Lie #2. They want you to be afraid, and they do not want you to know that COVID-19 has a less than 1% death rate. Here in Saint Johns County, we have had a ten-fold increases in COVID cases, sounds scary, right? What they don’t want you to know is that only 12 people have died from it, roughly 0.6% of all cases.

COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon, if ever, because it has proven itself to be exactly what the New World Order needed to roll out The Great Reset. But just remember, Henry Ford tipped us off over 100 years ago, Nelson Rockefeller tipped us off a little over 60 years ago, and Bill Gates is tipping us off every time he opens his mouth.

We have been warned this day was coming, just take a look and see:

  • “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” – Henry Ford, 1922
  • “We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries.” – David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission, in an address to a meeting of The Trilateral Commission, in June, 1991
  • “The world can therefore seize the opportunity to fulfill the long-held promise of a New World Order where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind.” – President George Herbert Walker Bush
  • “We shall have world government whether or not you like it, by conquest or consent.” – Statement by Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member James Warburg to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on February 17th, 1950
  • “We are not going to achieve a new world order without paying for it in blood as well as in words and money.” Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., in Foreign Affairs (July/August 1995)
  • “For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure–one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” ― David Rockefeller, Memoirs

Friends, you should feel privileged to be living in such a time as this, a time that the bible calls the last days. It is coming to pass right before your very eyes. Did you ever wonder exactly how the whole world would transition to a New World Order? Look out your window, it’s happening as you read this. Tick, tock goes the clock of human history, if you’re planning on getting something done for the Lord, right now would be a great time. Later might not be on the calendar.

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July 12, 2020 by Tom Horn

By Dr. Thomas Horn

In the WND article this week America is poised to collapse from within, Carol M. Swain warns that “America is poised to collapse from within. Her imminent demise will not come from foreign troops quartered on her soil. It will come from Marxists and anarchists who use racial grievance and the cries of the oppressed to dismantle America’s institutions and defenses.

“We are at a moment where our nation is at the mercy of domestic extortionists,” she correctly noted. “They have usurped power from impotent leaders no longer willing to fight for principles higher than themselves. Love of God and country have yielded to love of self.

“All this has left our nation teetering on the edge of a precipice.”[i]

Have We Entered the “Fourth Turning”?

As detailed more thoroughly in the bestselling book Saboteurs (FREE IN COLLECTIONS HERE), in 2008 and again in 2012, with input from Steve Quayle and me, my good friend Sue Bradley, an investigative journalist and blogger who has since gone home to be with Jesus (April 26, 2013) had started work on what would be one of her last articles. It was titled “The Fourth Turning: The Protocols and the Grey Champion.” A couple of months before she departed this life, she had e-mailed me from her hospital room and said she was about to expand her “Fourth Turning” work based on some Zenith 2016 (a most unusual all-time bestseller that looks into dozens of ancient seers that believed the election year 2016 would set in motion events leading to arrival of AntichristFREE IN COLLECTION) material I had just shared with her. Unfortunately, like with the passing of David Flynn, the world will never know what Sue was about to reveal. What we do understand now is that it was connected to a primary player in the leadup to the Trump administration—a man some believe was the actual power behind the throne in Washington, DC, for a while—Steve Bannon. This is because Sue’s unfinished research was partially based on a book published in 1997, The Fourth Turning, which seems to have deeply influenced Bannon’s worldview and possibly his eschatology. Turning describes itself as a work “that turns history into prophecy.” It explains cycles of life and generational archetypes through the examination of Western historical paradigms over the past five centuries. By surveying the past and identifying contemporary markers, William Strauss and Neil Howe, the authors of the study, determined an astoundingly prescient forecast in which they saw a cascade of incidents that would ultimately lead to chaos and the “Fourth Turning.” Keep in mind they made these predictions over twenty years ago, long before the September 11, 2001, attacks on America or the pandemic and financial issues of today. Among the scenarios they foresaw were:

The first could be economic distress with a government beset by fiscal crisis, the state laying claim to federal tax monies, federal marshals enforcing orders, tax rebellions, special forces, and an ensuing constitutional crisis;

The second is a terrorist attack involving an airliner, a military response, authorization for house-to-house searches, and false flag accusations against the administration;

The third scenario is an economic disaster involving Wall Street and a federal budget impasse that results in a stalemate;

The fourth consideration is eco-environmental malaise with the Centers for Disease Control announcing the spread of a new [coronavirus] communicable virus with quarantines and relocations;

The fifth projection is geopolitical in nature, with growing anarchy throughout the former Soviet republics prompting Russia to conduct training exercises around its borders, a Russian alliance with Iran, soaring gold and silver prices, and global military responses.

In other words, what we see around the world today.

In describing these insightful scenarios, Strauss and Howe felt a catalyst would unfold as a result of a specific dynamic, and, “An initial spark will trigger a chain reaction of unyielding responses and further emergencies.”[ii]

According to Strauss and Howe in 1997, this chain reaction was already prepped to unfold as the result of natural cycles or “Turnings” in which generations are doomed to forget—and thus to repeat—the mistakes of the past. The authors describe a Turning as “an era with a characteristic social mood, a new twist on how people feel about themselves and their nation. It results from the aging of the generation [before it].”[iii] A society enters a Turning once every twenty years or so, when all living generations begin to enter their next phases of life. The living generations, or saeculae, comprise four cyclical Turnings, characterized as:

The First Turning (THE HIGH): An era of enthusiastic collective strengthening and civic development, having burned the brush and swept the ashes of preceding structure.

The Second Turning (THE AWAKENING): Built on the energies and accomplishments of the High but finds increasing yearning for introspection with a high tolerance for spiritual expression outside the parameters of predetermined standards.

The Third Turning (THE UNRAVELING): Begins as the “society-wide embrace of the liberating cultural forces” loosed by the Awakening shows signs of civic disorder and decay, a heightened sense of self-reliance and an increasing withdrawal of public trust. This builds to a near crisis of downcast pessimism and a palpable pall that can only be remedied by yielding to the next.

The Fourth Turning (THE CRISES and the era we have now entered): By far, the most perilous as societies pass through the greatest and most dangerous gates of history. As desperate solutions are sought for “sudden threats” on multiple cultural fronts, confrontation is passionate and decisions are often reactive, aggressive. “Government governs, community obstacles are removed, and laws and customs that resisted change for decades are swiftly shunted aside. A grim preoccupation with civic peril causes spiritual curiosity to decline.… Public order tightens, private risk-taking abates, and…child-rearing reaches a smothering degree of protection and structure. The young focus their energy on worldly achievements, leaving values in the hands of the old. Wars are fought with fury and for maximum result.”[iv]

Through the examination of an enormous amount of political and cultural history, Strauss and Howe processed over five hundred years of Anglo-American cultural nuance into remarkable, well-organized, and predictable cycles, and it is from this reservoir they finally stake an uncanny claim:

Just after the millennium, America will enter a new era that will culminate with a crisis comparable to the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Great Depression, and World War II. The very survival of the nation will almost certainly be at stake.[v]

Strauss and Howe saw the United States of that time (1997) in the Third Turning, “midway through an Unraveling,” roughly a decade away from the start of the next Crisis or Fourth Turning:

America feels like it’s unraveling. Although we live in an era of relative peace and comfort, we have settled into a mood of pessimism about the long-term future, fearful that our superpower nation is somehow rotting from within.

The next Fourth Turning is due to begin shortly after the new millennium.… Real hardship will beset the land, with severe distress that could involve questions of class, race, nation, and empire

The very survival of the nation will feel at stake.

Sometime before the year 2025 [3.5 years before Wormwood, will cause some to imagine a pretribulation rapture at that time], America will pass through a great gate in history, commensurate with the American Revolution, Civil War, and twin emergencies of the Great Depression and World War II.

The risk of catastrophe will be very high. The nation could erupt into insurrection or civil violence, crack up geographically, or succumb to authoritarian rule. If there is a war, it is likely to be one of maximum risk and efforts—in other words, a TOTAL WAR.[vi]

The striking details contained within the Fourth Turning illustrate the precision that was distilled with a close examination of historical patterns and contemporary application.

Although the authors note that the events described are not absolute, they also insist that the cycles, these Turnings, cannot be interrupted. As summer follows spring, an Unraveling precedes a Crisis of Faustian proportions:

It will require us to lend a new seasonal interpretation to our revered American Dream. And it will require us to admit that our faith in linear progress has often amounted to a Faustian bargain with our children.

Faust always ups the ante, and every bet is double-or-nothing. Through much of the Third Turning, we have managed to postpone the reckoning. But history warns that we can’t defer it beyond the next bend in time.[vii]

While a “Faustian bargain” sounds ominous, there is little evidence that the Anglo-American “Dream” has undergone the introspection and discipline necessary to buffer the arrogant recklessness of this generation and its “progressive” government leaders.

NBC’s Chuck Todd noted, on the evening of November 4, 2008, that Barack Obama was a changing of the guard in the United States from the Baby Boomer presidencies of William Clinton and George W. Bush. The Toronto Globe and Mail referred to President-elect Obama as being a member of Generation X, being born in 1961. And Strauss and Howe assigned Generation X—the Thirteenth Generation—to those who brought America to chaos and the start of the current Fourth Turning.

Today, agents of chaos including former president Barrack Obama are doing exactly what Strauss and Howe forecast.


But what does this have to do with Steve Bannon and his behind-the-scenes advisory position and ongoing influence with the Trump administration?

In 2009, Bannon called historian David Kaiser on the phone. At the time, professor Kaiser worked at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island. Bannon wanted to know if Kaiser, an expert on “the Fourth Turning,” would appear in a documentary he was producing based on Strauss and Howe’s generational theory (the film was released in 2010, titled “Generation Zero”).

Kaiser agreed to be part of the film and traveled to the Washington headquarters of Citizens United, where Bannon was at the time, to be interviewed. At one point during the recordings, Kaiser says Bannon pressured him to agree with something he believes. “He was talking about the wars of the fourth turnings,” Kaiser said, recalling how Bannon seemed sharply focused on making the point that another world war was on the horizon and that it would be a catalyst for the arrival of an international leader—the Grey Champion (Antichrist) that Sue Bradley had named her unfinished investigation after.

“You have the American Revolution, you have the Civil War, you have the Second World War; they’re getting bigger and bigger,” Bannon allegedly emphasized to Kaiser.

“Clearly, he was anticipating that in this ‘fourth turning’ there would be one at least as big. And he really made an effort, I remember, to get me to say that on the air.”[viii]

In a feature article for Huffington Post, Paul Blumenthal and J. M. Rieger echo Kaiser’s suspicions, but saw a darker underlying worldview in Bannon’s thinking. They wrote:

Bannon, who’s now ensconced in the West Wing as President Donald Trump’s closest adviser, has been portrayed as Trump’s main ideas guy. But in interviews, speeches and writing—and especially in his embrace of Strauss and Howe—he has made clear that he is, first and foremost, an apocalypticist.

In Bannon’s view, we are in the midst of an existential war, and everything is a part of that conflict. Treaties must be torn up, enemies named, culture changed. Global conflagration, should it occur, would only prove the theory correct. For Bannon, the Fourth Turning has arrived. The Grey Champion, a messianic strongman figure, may have already emerged. The apocalypse is now.[ix]

According to Strauss and Howe, an unexpected national leader would emerge during the current Fourth Turning against all odds from an older generation to become a “hero” who leads the globe into a New World Order. This commander—whom they call the Grey Champion (and who some of us could worry is Antichrist)—will continue in power as a result of war or conflict that keeps his regime in command (a second term for a US president or continuance as executive during presidential war powers or martial law that suspends elections?).

“The winners will now have the power to pursue the more potent, less incrementalist agenda about which they had long dreamed and against which their adversaries had darkly warned,” says the Fourth Turning. “This new regime will enthrone itself for the duration of the Crisis. Regardless of its ideology, that new leadership will assert public authority and demand private sacrifice. Where leaders had once been inclined to alleviate societal pressures, they will now aggravate them to command the nation’s attention.”[x]

Strauss and Howe were convinced when they wrote this thesis twenty years ago that the United States was in the Third Turning then, and that the next crises period or Fourth Turning would begin sometime following 2005 and end around 2025. In between these dates, the Grey Champion would appear.

Remarkably enough, most economists today point to the Lehman crisis in 2008 to explain the ramifications of the next global financial crisis, which the world’s leading authorities such as the Bank for International Settlements are now saying is going to hit global markets soon with a vengeance.[xi]

Does this mean we are in the middle now of the Fourth Turning?

It’s hard to argue against facts.

The foundations that once supported America’s stability and clout have weakened to the point that our institutions and infrastructure are crumbling. From unending accusations within the Deep State against Donald Trump to Soros-Antifa-Obama machinated anarchy amidst trumped-up racial tension in the streets, we have reached an unsustainable reality so reminiscent of Strauss and Howe’s generational prediction it’s getting harder each day to deny.

And then there is that “risk of catastrophe” in which the “nation could erupt into insurrection or civil violence” the professors foresaw. Will the Soros and Obama-backed agitators currently wreaking havoc across America ignite the circumstances that lead to the Grey Champion’s authoritarian rule?

“Emboldened by a mainstream media apparatus which functions as a mouthpiece of Deep State interests, these activists are determined to overturn democratically elected officials and overturn law and order on the grounds that they personally disagree with the results” warned Michael Hart at StockBoardAsset.[xii]

He continued:

As we have seen in recent months, Trump supporters, conservatives, and other patriots are not afraid to confront leftist activists in the streets, and this is likely to intensify as these DNC-backed groups become more desperate and confrontational in their tactics.

James Comey’s congressional testimony…showed that the Trump administration is indeed attempting to break the old political order and its far-too-powerful Deep State. The cracks are surfacing now, and this will likely shatter and spill into many facets of social life outside of the realm of politics.

This crises-creation machine emanating from the manufacturers of descent who despise the new Republican president and who want the old order eclipsed by a revolutionary new world system are the very appliance that threatens to fuel the Fourth Turning described by Strauss and Howe, and perhaps to the Grey Champion of the apocalypse of Daniel and Revelation.

According to the Fourth Turning, America has experienced three such major crises before—the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the Great Depression and World War II, each followed by their respective periods of reconstruction.

These times were marked by social decay and civil dread that required Americans to carry a tremendous burden after massive conflict and substantial loss in order to rebuild and reinvent a better future.

Are we nearing the trigger event(s) or chaos stage of a final Fourth Turning?

More importantly, are enough Americans astute enough to resist and prepare for the inevitable as a result of the endgame under construction now by occult members of Shadowland and those Saboteurs working behind the scenes in Washington, DC?

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A Man That Saw The Catastrophic Events Of 2020 In Advance Is Now Warning About What Will Happen In November…

July 2, 2020 by Michael Snyder

A few weeks ago, hardly anyone in America had ever heard of Pastor Dana Coverstone, but now hundreds of thousands of people all over the country are buzzing about him.  He leads a very small church in Burkesville, Kentucky and on June 25th he posted a video on Facebook about some remarkable things that he had seen in some of his dreams.  He probably thought that only a handful of his friends would see the video, but it quickly went viral.  At this point it has been watched by more than a million people on Facebook, and a copy that was posted to YouTube has now been viewed more than 600,000 times.  Personally, I have had countless people share his video with me over the past week, and it still hasn’t stopped.  But even though this video is spreading like wildfire, the mainstream media has been completely silent about it.  In fact, if you do a search on Google News for “Pastor Dana Coverstone”, you won’t find a single news story about his video.  What he was shown definitely does not fit their agenda, and so I expect that they will continue to generally ignore this phenomenon.

So what is it about his video that has people so excited?

Well, it is because he saw the catastrophic events of 2020 in advance, and he was also shown that more catastrophic events are coming.

Let’s start from the very beginning.  In December 2019, Pastor Coverstone had a dream in which he saw some very unusual things.  The following is from a transcript of his original video that my wife put together…

Here’s what happened:

Back in December I woke up, I had a dream. In that dream I saw a calendar. Starting January 2020. It was being flipped.  I saw January,  I saw February,  I saw March.  When March came up the hand held it and I saw the thing of finger underline the month of March, and the tap it three times.

So underline the month of March, tapped it three times.

So to me it was emphasis, something’s going to happen in March.

Then I saw April, May, June. When June came, the hand underlined June again and tapped it three times.

Then, in the vision I saw people marching, I saw protests. I saw people wearing masks, I saw lines going into hospitals. I saw typical medical doctors with needles or syringes, I saw people on ventilators I saw people who were very, very sick, very, very ill. I saw newspaper headlines trumpeting thousands of people getting sick. I saw ambulances, just flying down roads, and then I saw cities on fire.

I saw buildings being burned. I saw protesters with masks. I saw people who had their fists in the air, people who were yelling and screaming angry at just at the world. I saw courthouses,  I saw state houses surrounded.  I saw people who were mad at the world. I saw I saw guns shotguns specifically put in the air, held like this, (showing above his head) and I saw barriers within cities.

I told several men in my church about this and I can confirm who those men were and they’ll confirm what I’m telling you is what I told them.

Obviously this is a description of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rioting, looting and violence that erupted in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd.

Since Pastor Coverstone posted his video after these things happened, a lot of people out there may think that he just made this dream up.

To head off that sort of criticism, Pastor Coverstone has posted testimonies from two men from his church that affirm that he shared this dream with them back when he was first given it.  You can find those testimonies right here. Of course there will be some people that try to claim that those two men are “making it up” too.  It amazes me the lengths that some people will go to in order to deny facts that are inconvenient.

As the events of 2020 began to unfold, Pastor Coverstone and members of his church came to realize the importance of that first dream.

Then, it late June, Pastor Coverstone had another dream that pertains to the second half of this year.  The following is another excerpt from the transcript of his original video that my wife made…

With that in mind, on Monday night I had another dream.

It woke me from my bed.  I made notes about it.  I shot some video of myself just making sure to remember. Here’s what I saw.

I saw a calendar. Start with the calendar. As I was having this, the calendar was up, a white figure appeared.  To me, it was a representing God the Holy Spirit, something pure, something righteous, something true, something Holy because there was nothing sinister about it.  Nothing evil, but I heard the voice say, “part two, part two”.

I saw June, go, I saw July. I saw August, and then I saw September, and I saw the finger underneath the word September and I like like emphasizing it and tap the three times. Then I saw October come up, and then I saw November and this is when it got real to me in the dream.  I think the intensity for me…  when I woke up my heart rate was about 180. So that was Monday night, and I woke up not feeling very well at all I was up during the night not feeling well.

But anyway,…  The minute the finger underlined November three times instead of tapping it, I saw a fist ball up and it hit the calendar.

And literally, the calendar exploded into the wall, the numbers seem that they were 3d and they were falling everywhere.

There was a cloud of chaos that started in there. The next thing I saw was I saw I saw armed protesters. I saw fighting in the streets, I saw people pummeling one another.  I saw businesses shuttered and shut up.

I saw schools close. I saw school rooms with cobwebs hanging in them and like things like papers falling off the wall and posters…  like no one had been in them for months.

I saw banks.  Bank buildings with the roof being taken off.  It looked almost that alien abduction because money was flying through the roof into some type of like a vacuum cleaner.  It sounds kind of strange, but I was watching wealth, just being taken. I saw politicians in back rooms, making deals with people. Patting people on the back and laughing and smiling and smirking.

Considering the fact that “part one” ended up being completely accurate, what Pastor Coverstone was shown in “part two” should be extremely sobering for all of us.

It appears that things will start to really escalate starting in September, and it appears that November will be some sort of major turning point.

Sadly, Pastor Coverstone is being relentlessly attacked on social media for sharing what he was shown, and that is extremely unfortunate.

We live at a time when there is so much hatred in this country, and it is only going to get worse.

This chapter in American history is going to be a very painful one, and most of the U.S. population still has absolutely no idea what is coming.

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