January 6: A Crossroads Not Just for USA, But for Prophecy As Well


BY MARK DAVIDSON on JANUARY 4, 2021 • ( 0 )

We as a Christian prophecy community are watching for the Second Signpost.
Two days from now, January 6, 2021, will be a day of crossroads—not only for the United States but interestingly for contemporary prophecy as well.

USA At a Crossroad
Because of the advance of evil in this country in the form of generally collectivism, and more specifically Marxism, the US has come to this point where the constitutional republic may actually be lost.

If you doubt its most current form working in this country, look no further than the “woke” community with its charges of racism and forcing of transgenderism. Marxism needs a victim class and a rich class. Since the American worker is generally happy, Marxists had to create a new victim/rich class—that is, women, minorities, and immigrants being the “victims” to racist white men. Ridiculous, but nevertheless there it is.

Marxism is evil due to its envy manifesting as theft of private property, and extreme pride resulting in wholesale murder. Mankind has witnessed in the last century a couple dozen times in which it was tried and it always resulted in misery and murder. And now its extreme pride which causes its proponents to say everyone must think the way they do, has compromised the elections in six “battleground” states: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada.

The courts won’t touch these lawsuits either due to the courts themselves are leftists, or they are conservatives afraid of being attacked in their private, personal lives.

So it has come down to January 6, the date at which both houses of Congress will certify, or not, the electors coming from the states.

Trump could still win reelection if the Republicans have a spine or if they all cared. And this is the danger—historically Republicans have only cared about themselves or don’t believe in anything. This is why over the last hundred years as the Left advanced their agenda every time the Presidency and Congress was theirs, these advances were not rolled back but allowed to stay whenever the Presidency and Congress were Republican.

And if the Presidency and Senate is won by the Left that may spell the end of the republic because the Left has got to the place where it will not let go of power. As Mark Levin said, we are staring at an abyss. States will be added, the Supreme Court will be packed, the Senate filibuster will be ended, and the Electoral College will be assaulted.

Of course, the Left winning has a direct impact on the Second Signpost, for the CCP-compromised Biden and his cronies may very well let Iran run out over the Middle East because the CCP told them to. What if there was no one to stop the ram because the only power that could was compromised by another power?

Prophecy At a Crossroad
The prophecy community that visits this website is in some ways a microcosm of evangelical Christianity in general in this country. Both here and in the country as a whole, opinions vary as to what will happen here in this country in the years prior to Christ’s return.

There are two camps. One says the USA is headed to judgment if we do not repent. The other says great days are just ahead for the USA.

The former position is held by many. Not only that but the Four Signposts of Daniel Revisited suggest that the USA will be in trouble (I wrote about this here). The findings shown in Chronicles also show that the USA will be in deep trouble with its people descending into great poverty.

The other prophecy camp shows great optimism for the future of the USA. What would drive this idea? General optimism may be one. Another might be American hubris which is driven by the normalcy bias. Yet another I’ve seen many times are all the people claiming to be prophets giving words saying the USA will have great blessing in the years ahead.

Both camps cannot be right.

The events of January 6 may give us more clarity as to which path the USA will travel.
If Trump wins and the Republicans hold the Senate, we stay the present course. The USA may indeed have a few good years ahead, and the Second Signpost may happen via a war between the USA and Iran in which Iran wins.

But if Biden wins and the Left takes the Senate, this will likely be the signal that (a) the Second Signpost can proceed at any time due to Biden appeasing Iran and/or China, and (b) the end of the republic due to elements on the Left basically telling the American people elections don’t matter and normal Americans responding to this challenge.

If the Left wins the election and takes over, time may show us all the contemporary prophecies telling us of America’s future wealth and power are all for naught.
January 6 indeed gives us a crossroad.

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