As South Africa explodes in racial violence, civil rights activist warns America to brace for similar impact


‘There’s a very strong anti-Western sentiment underneath this whole thing’

By Jack Davis, The Western Journal
Published July 17, 2021 at 8:48pm

A chill from the power of big government to muzzle and manipulate its citizens is sweeping through riot-torn streets where Nelson Mandela once stood tall in the quest for individual freedom.

And, according to a South African civil rights activist who has seen the ravages of globalism and far-left policies in his homeland, America must brace for a similar impact.

“To put it frankly, there’s a very strong anti-Western sentiment underneath this whole thing,” Ernst Roets told Tucker Carlson on Friday, according to Fox News.

Roets said that the heady mix of violence along racial lines that is taking place in South Africa and a concentration of power among so-called liberals is threatening both nations.

“That’s part of the reason why it’s so controversial to speak out against this, because there’s an anti-Western sentiment in America as well, which is sad and ironic and it is an anti-Western sentiment in Europe as well,” he said.

Roets’ country has been rocked by riots that followed the recent arrest of former South African President Jacob Zuma, according to the BBC.

Amid rampant looting, more than 200 people have been killed in the violent protests.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said the violence was part of a plan, and not spontaneous.

“It is quite clear that all these incidents of unrest and looting were instigated — there were people who planned it and co-ordinated it,” he said, calling the rioting an effort to wreck democracy.

“If we stand together, no insurrection or violence in this country will succeed,” he said. “We are engaged in a struggle to defend our democracy, our Constitution, our livelihoods and our safety. This is not a battle that we can afford to lose.”

Roets said that South Africa’s troubles run deeper than the day-to-day issues that plague its society.

“You can say [there’s] all this corruption in South Africa and crime and so forth. But when you start to say, well, maybe we should take one step back and ask a question, isn’t part of the problem maybe isn’t corruption and crime and all of these things, are there not maybe symptoms of a problem as opposed to the problems themselves?” he said, according to Fox News.

Roets said South Africa’s government proclaimed itself to be liberal while amassing more and more power to itself so that it can be the arbiter of what conduct is and is not allowed.

“And they talk about it openly. They say now we need to get to the first phase of the revolution is to take control of the state and the mechanisms of the state,” he said.

Then comes something ballyhooed by some on the left in America.

“The second phase is to have a more aggressive implementation of socialist policies,” he said.

As Roets depicted it, South Africa and America are both facing a battle between the right of a person to exist as an individual, and simply being a cog in the grander vision of globalist governments.

“For the South African project to prosper, these natural identities that people have, you know, should be suppressed,” he said.

“It’s like saying for on a bigger scale, it’s the same thing as saying for globalism to prosper, you know, nations have to die or you have to sort of you can be an American and you can believe in the American dream, but only in as far as it doesn’t stand in the way of this globalist project.”

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