Increase in Demonic Activity


The Catholic church is reporting an increase in exorcisms being conducted world wide according to a recent report. The release of a new handbook on how to conduct exorcisms by using certain prayers has led to a renewed effort on the church’s part to prepare their priests for the increased activity.

While I am not a member of the Catholic church, Protestant groups around the world are also seeing the same increase in demonic activity and we need to be prepared to encounter this in our lives.

Demons are manifesting more due to an increase in occult and satanic activity and also New Age teachings that are becoming more popular in the general community. We may also just be hearing more about this demonic activity as more clergy are talking openly about it and not keeping it in a cloud of secrecy.

We also need to be more aware of the subtle attacks of the enemy in the church and that is false teachers misleading our congregations through teaching that tickles the ears. The hearts of those in the church and those of people in general will wax cold to the true message of the gospel as the last days approach. We will see an increase in preachers who openly will tickle their congregations astray. Scripture confirms this as the case.

I also believe we will see an increase in the true church in a strengthening of faith and an increased focus on personal holiness. We need to understand that the good fish and thew bad fish from Matthew 13 are in the same net until the separation at the end of the age, that the wheat and tares are in the same field until the harvest at the end, and that the 10 virgins are all together until the bridegroom comes suddenly and the 5 who are ready leave with him and go to the marriage supper with him.

We are almost there and the demonic activity will also increase accordingly.

Keep looking up!

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    • jdale on November 2, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    I do see a strengthening in faith, but I also see demonic activity, in schools (teachers, principles, etc… our adversary came to steel kill and destroy. That means we are to pray that much more.
    Look at the Muslims, their god has already told them that woman other then muslin woman are dirty, their alla has mentioned bad things about christian woman, we are dirty scum. how can a god speak that dirty about anyone really, THE one TRUE God is Christ Jesus what Muslims did not know is that Christ came to be the final sacrifice and he said if u do not have LOVE u have nothing. So pray to our one and only father who determines who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. he came so that we could be set FREE~!

    Have you been?

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