Iranian Government: “Jesus” and the Mahdi are coming soon!



The following picture was sent to me from a friend in Iran. It is of a small billboard set up in various cities throughout Iran by the present Iranian government. The caption reads,

“Quote from our Holy prophet, His Holiness Mohammad (God Bless Him): ‘I swear to God, for sure, Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) shall descend amidst my followers, the leader of [the] people on that day shall be his holiness (sic) [the] Mahdi. (May God expedite his revelation).’”

Try to imagine if the present United States government placed billboards across the nation informing and encouraging people with the message that Jesus will return soon. The concept is so utterly foreign to us. Please pray for the Church in Iran. Pray that the revival in Iran would only continue to grow and bear great fruit. And do not forget to pray that war with Iran can be averted.


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  2. […] were set up in Iranian cities announcing that “Jesus and the Mahdi will come soon” (see here) – but as we know, it is […]

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