Reinhard Bonnke: People

People are either in darkness or in light. (John 3:19; Romans 1:21) That is how God sees the world. In Christ we are in the light. Without Christ we are in darkness. The Gospel light is not just a BETTER light. It is the ONLY light. Being wise and good does not bring the dawn. Only God can bring the morning. Light and …darkness won’t mix. The Bible says, “What communion has light with darkness?” When it comes to spiritual things, the differences are plain and clear: we are either lost or found, in Christ or out of Christ, saved or perishing, alive to God or dead to God, forgiven or not forgiven. God has no twilight world of the half-alive, the half-saved, the half-found, people half in Christ or half-forgiven. Let’s follow Jesus, who is “the light of the world” and we will be in the Light. God bless you and greetings from Florida. REINHARD BONNKE

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