U.N. special envoy: Netanyahu recognizes signs of times


‘If Americans think we can sit back and do nothing, they’re sadly wrong’

Published: 14 hours ago

A U.N. special envoy says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress on Tuesday made clear he is thinking in “scriptural terms” and believes himself to be called to protect his people at this critical time.

Laurie Cardoza-Moore, who was named special envoy for Middle Eastern affairs to the World Council of Independent Christian Churches for her expertise on Middle East affairs and Jewish-Christian relations, said Christians need to think of their own actions in the same terms.

In an interview with WND after Netanyahu addressed a joint session of Congress, Cardoza-Moore observed: “The prime minister spoke about the long history of the Jewish people over 4,000 years. He understands that he has been called at this hour for a time such as this.

“That’s also why he referenced the presence of Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel in the chamber. Prime Minister Netanyahu understands that the threat of a nuclear armed Iran today is the same kind of threat as the threat to Israel that existed seventy years ago.”

She described the mood in Congress as “sobering,” as lawmakers “hung on every word that Prime Minister Netanyahu said.”

She noted that several people complained to her that United States was stuck with Barack Obama while Israel was led by Netanyahu, whom Cardoza-Moore called “the Churchill of our age.”

Pamela Geller, author of “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance,” agreed with Cardoza-Moore’s assessment of Netanyahu’s address.

Geller told WND, “Netanyahu’s speech was statesmanlike and magisterial – powerful, straightforward and scary. He was in complete command. Obama should be learning from him, but instead he petulantly vowed not to watch.”

WND reported Netanyahu warned America that a bad deal with Iran would only pave the way for the rogue nation to get a nuclear weapon, and talk-radio icon Rush Limbaugh described Netanyahu’s speech as a “direct punch” at Obama.

Geller said Netanyahu was “interrupted 40 times with cheers and standing ovations, and with good reason.”

“Despite Islamic and leftist efforts to compel congressmen to boycott the speech, the Congress was packed,” she noted. “So once again, Obama and the Democrats are on the wrong side of history. Worse still, the Democrats viciously and petulantly attacked Netanyahu after the speech. They hit bottom and keep digging, knowing that the ‘enemedia’ will cover for them.”

Cardoza-Moore also believes that the Obama administration is standing on the wrong side of history by jeopardizing America’s alliance with Israel.

“It’s insulting and pathetic that the United States of America supposedly threatened the aircraft of our friend and ally because they were going to destroy the nuclear threat in Iran. We should be supporting and endorsing that. After all, as Ambassador John Bolton has said, Iran constantly lies about its intentions,” she said.

“Iran presents a threat not just to Israel but to the United States of America. They have missiles capable of reaching us. If Americans think this is a game, and if they don’t take what the Obama administration is doing seriously, we are in trouble.”

But Cardoza-Moore doesn’t just think Iran is a threat to the United States because of its military capabilities.

Referring to Netanyahu’s repeated biblical citations, Cardoza-Moore said: “Prime Minister Netanyahu clearly has grounded his position in Scripture. And Christians need to remember what Scripture tells us about this moment.

“This is a time of judgment and decision. We have a responsibility to stand up and defend Israel. We will be judged one day and stand before the throne. We will give an account for what we did or were unwilling to do when our brother Israel was threatened. Now is a critical time for every Bible believer.”

Pastor Mark Biltz, author of “Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs,” agrees that “mankind could see this next year as one of the most historic when it comes to finding either peace or war in the Middle East.”

Biltz told WND that it is highly significant that Netanyahu is speaking before Congress “on the very same day that all the Jews were to be destroyed by a Persian madman as recorded in the Book of Esther, the festival of Purim.”

Netanyahu clearly recognized the connection Biltz identified, as he referenced Purim in the second paragraph of his address and described the current Iranian government as “another Persian potentate” trying to destroy the Jews.

Biltz said, “Only a few weeks from now, we have the elections in Israel, and the nation will have to elect the one who will have to resolve the Iranian nuclear problem.

“And it’s at this time biblical signs in the heavens and signs on earth abound. All of this comes in the middle of the Blood Moon tetrad falling on Passover (in April) and the Feast of Tabernacles (in September).”

He said: “We also have a total solar eclipse that will plunge Northern Europe into darkness on March 20. In Jewish tradition a total solar eclipse means judgment coming upon the nations. What’s more, it happens on the first of Nisan in the biblical calendar, the very day of the grand opening ceremony of Moses tabernacle and fire from heaven lighting the altar and the beginning of the Jewish New Year.

“Everything is coming to a head into the perfect storm.”

While Netanyahu and Christians are looking to Scripture for guidance, the Islamic Republic of Iran is drawing on a different source of inspiration. According to Geller, Iran’s supposed deal with Barack Obama is not a real treaty, but a pause to prepare for a war that is grounded in Islamic practice.

Geller observed: “When Obama admitted afterward (didn’t he say he wasn’t going to watch?) that ‘there was nothing new’ in Netanyahu’s speech, he was admitting that what Bibi said was true, a devastating indictment. Obama said that Bibi ‘offered no viable alternative’ – I disagree. Bibi gave alternatives to a nuclear Iran and surrender to mullahs. The ’10-year’ armistice that Obama is selling is temporary. It’s a hudna, a tactical pause to arm and get war ready, inspired by the 10-year hudna that Muhammad agreed to in the Treaty of Hudaybiyya.”

Geller believes instead of listening to Netanyahu, Obama is “out-radicalizing the radicals.” However, she sees a silver lining in Obama’s hostility, because “so many MORE people will see Netanyahu’s speech because Obama went on the attack than would have otherwise.”

In this time of crisis, Cardoza-Moore counsels Christians to ground their political actions in something deeper than politics.

“Jews and Christians aren’t just connected because of freedom but because of faith. As a Judeo-Christian nation, we have a biblical responsibility to stand with Israel.

“If Americans think we can sit back and do nothing, they are sadly wrong. It’s all coming to a head, and do not thi

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