2 Major Volcanic Eruptions And Dozens Of Significant Earthquakes Have Struck The Ring Of Fire Within The Last 24 Hours


December 16, 2018 by MichaelSnyder
Global earth changes appear to beaccelerating once again, but the mainstream media in the United States is nottalking about it, and so most Americans have absolutely no idea what ishappening.  Within the last 24 hours, we have seen close to 40 significantearthquakes of at least magnitude 2.5 along the Ring of Fire, but even morealarming are the two major volcanic eruptions which just took place. Mount Soputan is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in Indonesia, and iterupted twice on Sunday morning.  According to the Daily Mail,authorities are reporting that hot volcanic ash was shot 25,000 feet into thesky…
A volcano in central Indonesia haserupted, sending columns of thick ash spewing as high as 25,000 feet into thesky.
Mount Soputan, a 6,000ft peak inMinahasa on the northern part of Sulawesi island, erupted twice on Sundaymorning.
A two-and-a-half mile exclusion zonehas been enforced around the mountain as the national disaster agency warnslocal residents to avoid the peak.
Those eruptions may have been morespectacular, but the eruption that we just witnessed down in Mexico ispotentially much more concerning.
Mt. Popocatepetl has been called themost dangerous mountain in North America for a reason, and officials arecarefully watching “Don Goyo” after it “exploded”on Saturday evening…
The active volcano Popocatepetl,located in Central Mexico, has exploded Saturday evening, sending ash twokilometers into the air with the cloud of smoke moving in a northeastdirection.
Videos from the eruption show apowerful explosion and traces of magma flowing out of the crater. Possible ashfall is expected in areas surrounding the summit. At the moment the volcanicwarning issued by the Federal Civil Protection remains at ‘Phase 2’.
Approximately 25 million people livewithin striking distance of Mt. Popocatepetl, and scientists assure us thatsomeday the 5,426-meter-high “smoking mountain” will devastate the entireMexico City region.
And when I say “devastate”, I am notjust talking about a disaster that will inconvenience people for a few weeks.
I am talking about an event whichwill cause death and destruction on an absolutely immense scale. According to the experts, in the distant past “Don Goyo” actually producedgigantic mud flows thatburied entire Aztec cities
Historians tell us that Popocatepetlhad a dramatic impact on the ancient Aztecs. Giant mud flows produced bymassive eruptions covered entire Aztec cities. In fact, some of these mud flowswere so large that they buried entire pyramids in super-heated mud.
But we haven’t witnessed anythinglike that in any of our lifetimes, so it is hard to even imagine devastation ofthat magnitude.
In addition to Mexico City’s mammothpopulation, there are millions of others that live in the surrounding region.Overall, there are about 25 million people that live in the immediate vicinityof Popocatepetl. Thankfully, we haven’t seen a major eruption of the volcano inmodern times, but at some point that will change.
Meanwhile, significant earthquakescontinue to rattle areas all along the Ring of Fire.
Indonesia was hit by a magnitude 6.1earthquake within the last 24 hours, and a magnitude 5.9 earthquake inAustralia made headlines all over the world
A 5.9 magnitude eathquake has struckWestern Australia, 203km northwest of Carnarvon at 22.26pm local time (2.26pmBST) at a depth of 10km.
Locals in Carnarvon reported felingtremors, after the massive earthquake shook the region this afternoon.
One resident reported to EMSCearthquake tracker: “I am holidaying with my children we all felt the bedsshake.”
We live at a time when seismicactivity isbecoming more intense and more frequent.  Some of the “experts”in the United States insist that the numbers are rising simply because we aredoing a better job of “detecting” seismic activity these days, and they promisethat we have absolutely nothing to worry about.  But a lot of people areskeptical of that explanation, because they can see that our planet appears tobe getting increasingly unstable.
Could it be possible that an era ofdramatically increased seismic activity is about to change all of our lives ina major way?
Earlier today, I came across a Britisharticle that discussed the fact that scientists that have studied asupervolcano near Naples, Italy are extremely concerned that it may be“reawakening”…
Yellowstone volcano has a rival inEurope, according to a recent study from scientists based in the region. Thevolcano is based in Naples to the west, in a place known as Phlegrean fields,once the site of a world-changing eruption. Scientists have now picked up onnew signs of the volcano complex starting another cycle. This particular volcanois a threat as the end point of the major cycle could be a significanteruption, rivalling the outcome of a Yellowstone eruption in the US.
Scientists observing the volcaniccycle of one Campi Flegrei, located in Napoli, are concerned of a “potentialreawakening”.
Of course we have seen many formerly“dormant volcanoes” reawaken in recent years.
Something very unusual definitelyappears to be happening to our planet, and unlike the mainstream media in theUnited States, this is something that we will be keeping a very close eye on.

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