Huge Game Changer As China Doubles Down With Russia And Three Major Nuclear Powers Converge On Venezuela


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

In this new story over at The Stranger that both the Drudge Report and Steve Quayle had linked to on Wednesday, they give us the latest update on the staggering situation in Venezuela, where the Chinese People’s Liberation Army has just sent a team from the world’s largest standing army into Venezuela with The Stranger story pointing out what this means: three major nuclear-weapon countries are converging on Venezuela.

While President Trump national security advisor John Bolton recently admonished Russia on their sending of troops to the country, claiming that ‘anything was on the table‘ in regards to a US response, China has doubled-down upon Russia’s moves in what this story over at News Click calls “a game changer. And while China’s troops are allegedly there to deliver humanitarian aid, we should remember that China and Russia recently held THE biggest wargames in history during ‘Vostok 18’ back in September, prompting complaints from NATO that the drills were “a rehearsal for a major conflict.

Might we soon witness World War 3 unfolding with Chinese and Russian troops now in Venezuela and Bolton and the US having threatened Russia to get their troops out already? From this story over at The Stranger titled “If You Are Not Paying Attention, the World-Ending Storm of a Third World War Is Gathering in Venezuela“:   

At first, the US’s aggressive position on Venezuela seemed uncomplicated. Troops were quickly on the mind of the top hawk in D.C.—White House National Security Adviser John Bolton, the man who, in the first years of the 2000s, played a key role in leading the US into an adventure—the second Iraq war—that proved to be disastrous, and placed American imperial power in a terminal crisis (the collapse of the Project for the New American Century).

The fickle public had forgotten about all that. Bolton, a member of the “old gang” (Cheney, Rummy, Wolfowitz), could resume the war drumming he loves so much. The press could be expected to amplify it. And old allies would fall into line. Venezuela has oil, a socialist government in turmoil, and pro-American opponents who are ready to exploit the oil and turmoil. What could go wrong with the regional exertion of basic imperial power?

Then the Russians arrived and began supporting the socialist leader that the US wants to oust, Nicolas Maduro. And now a team from the largest standing army in the world, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, have, according to Al-Masdar News, been deployed to a crisis that’s becoming more and more dangerous. What this means is that three major nuclear-weapon countries are converging on Venezuela.


If things weren’t complicated enough already in Venezuela where the people have been starving under Nicolas Maduro for several years now, the nation has also seen several electrical grid outages over the past few weeks and with the world’s biggest superpowers converging, as The Stranger story points out, these latest moves by China muddy the waters even more, and at a time when the US’s dominance in war is in great question should we go up against Russia and China. 

As globalist think tank RAND had warned back in March following their carrying out of a World War 3 simulation featuring a war between the US and Russia/China, the U.S. continues to lose against Russia and China two top war planners had warned. “In our games, when we fight Russia and China, blue gets its ass handed to it” RAND analyst David Ochmanek said. Once again, from The Stranger story.: 

There are more complications. Bolton’s policy positions are clear enough:

Since joining Trump’s White House, Bolton has pursued an agenda that includes trying to break Iran financially, oust Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, shield Americans from the reach of the International Criminal Court and toughen the U.S. posture toward Russia. He coordinated with key lawmakers, U.S. diplomatic and defense officials and the Israelis to compel Trump to slow an abrupt withdrawal of American forces from Syria.

But his position in the White House is not so clear. His expanding public profile, Bloomberg reports, seems to be getting at Trump’s goat (or, put another way, big ego). The growing split between Bolton the globalist hawk and Trump the anti-globalist is certainly on the radar of Russian and Chinese intelligence. This state of things is bound to throw US foreign objectives into a confusion that will debilitate the main peaceful way out of the crisis—diplomacy.

But what would trigger a third world war? Simply the escalating costs of maintaining the key capitalist directive, which is limitless growth, in the face of real limits posed by climate change. We can expect this situation to be exacerbated by the world-historical development at this conjecture, which is the transition of political/economic power from Washington, D.C./New York City to Beijing/Shanghai. What the history of capitalism makes very clear is that such transitions (the Dutch to the British, the British to the US) are not gradual and peaceful, but always accelerated by war.

As we’ve reported previously on ANP, while those who seek out war against Russia (Bolton?) seemingly do so because they believe that we will be able to win such a war, as Dr. Peter Vincent Pry had reported on ANP back on March 14th of 2018, we’ve entered a new era of warfare where ‘mutually assured destruction is no longer mutual‘ after Russia achieved ‘the holy grail of nuclear superiority over America, escalation dominance, largely thanks to Barack Obama’s NEW START treaty. 

While Bolton and others seeking out war for Venezuela’s recourses may have believed a short time ago that they’d be able to send US troops into the region and secure the nation, the arrival of first Russian troops there now followed by the arrival of China absolutely muddies the water and complicates any ‘invasion‘ strategy the US might have had with any such moves potentially pitting US troops against soldiers from the PLA or Russian special forces who are already there

And should we ignore the many warnings from experts such as Dr. Pry and get into a ‘skirmish‘ in Venezuela that triggers WW3, a war that we probably cannot win should it be against Russia and China, we’ll remind folks here like John Bolton of what we’d now be up against. 

Russia’s Satan 2 nuclear missiles, allegedly with the power to completely destroy an area the size of Texas or France, might be the least of our worries, Mr. Bolton, and according to experts, we can’t stop them. As we had reported on ANP back on March 31st:

Back on March 22nd of 2018, the website ‘Task and Purpose’ reported that while testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee, US Air Force General John Hyten warned lawmakers “the U.S. isn’t completely prepared to stave off adversaries’ hypersonic missile technologies.”

Within that same story they reported that according to US Senator Jim Inhofe, a Republican from Oklahoma, America was powerless against Russia’s new hypersonic weapons, a warning Inhofe repeated again back in November of 2018, that Russia was perhaps light years ahead of the US in their development of hypersonic nuclear weapons.

As Paul Craig Roberts warned back in October of 2016, just prior to the presidential election, “Five or six of these ‘Satans’ as they are known by the US military, and the East Coast of the United States disappears“, potentially leaving much of the Eastern half of the United States completely uninhabitable for hundreds if not thousands of years. 

VLADIMIR Putin’s nuclear stockpile could completely destroy the east coast of the US in one clean swipe should the Russian leader launch an attack on the West, an expert has warned.

A staggering 112.6million people could be at risk of extermination from the deadly missiles.

Russia has the largest haul of nuclear weapons of any country in the world and reportedly has the most powerful bomb named the SS-18 – menacingly nicknamed the Satan.

Experts estimate Russia has 55 of the deadly weapons, but only five would be needed to destroy the East Coast of the US. 

“Five or six of these ‘Satans’ as they are known by the US military, and the East Coast of the United States disappears.”

Dr Roberts said: “The atomic bombs that Washington dropped on these helpless civilian centres while the Japanese government was trying to surrender, were mere popguns compared to today’s thermo-nuclear weapons.


And as Dr. Pry had also reported on ANP back on June 20th of 2018, Russia now has a new ‘nuclear apocalypse machine‘ named ‘POSEIDON‘, an AI-powered nuclear submarine allegedly capable of unleashing a tsunami of up to 1,600 feet high which travels hundreds of miles inland, leaving everything in its path a flooded nuclear wasteland.

And should tensions in Venezuela escalate to the point that Russia/China decide that they have no choice but to retaliate against the US but decide NOT to drop a nuclear bomb upon US cities, instead choosing to do to us what some have accused the US of doing to Venezuela, taking down the electrical grid via EMP, it’s long been warned that such a scenario would eventually lead to the deaths of 90% of Americans or more through violence and starvation as ‘the system‘ collapses.

So we pray that cooler heads prevail in Venezuela and pray for the people of Venezuela who have for far too long been suffering.

In the first video below from Ruptly we see China’s PLA arriving in Venezuela while in the 2nd and final video below from videographer ‘Hedgehog‘ titled “World War 3: Something Prophetic Is Happening“, our videographer takes a look at a medley of different news stories surrounding Venezuela and the converging of nuclear powers there while warning of more ‘end times signs‘. 

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