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Prophecy Studies 4

TN_08_20_2013_14_06_45_56491 God’s Timing

This is the beginning of a study that I will develop so you can understand that God has a time table and we are entering into the final part of this age! He will return and soon! So look at the beginning of this study and enjoy!


God’s Timing: God’s Timing


maxresdefaultThe Convergence

I am posting a short ten to fifteen page update that is extremely important to the Church and ultimately the world. In September some major signs are converging like no other time in history. I believe that God is trying to tell us something and that something big is on the horizon that will affect America and ultimately the world!

We are to be prepared and ready for whatever comes our way! We are living in the end of days and need to more aware and alert than ever. Enjoy!


The Convergence: The Convergence

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  1. Theresa Hall

    Could you please explain what the 5 years signify between 2013 & 2018? Thank you

  2. admin


    It means nothing more than when the chart was created in 2013 Mr. Krieger was saying there was 5 more years left until we reached 2018 and the start of the Tribulation period.


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