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Stargates of God Kings and Breaking through the Neurological Firewall – By Paul McGuire –


There are two kinds of history: the history you have been taught and the secret history that has been hidden from you. In Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World there was a scientific Utopia ruled by an elite who genetically bred both superior and inferior races. The superior races and those above them were given access to higher levels of education and knowledge…the idea being that there exists a genetically superior race or bloodline with advanced intelligence that has the right to rule and control the masses.


This concept of a scientific elite or elite who rule the masses goes all the way back to Atlantis. According to the philosopher Plato, whose works like the Republic are widely read by the ruling elite of our day, Atlantis was a highly advanced scientific and technological civilization that was ruled by ten god-kings. There are a number of scholars who believe that these god-kings were genetically superior because they were the product of interspecies breeding between an alien race and human women or the product of breeding between fallen angels and human women. One theory suggests that Atlantis was a Pre-Flood civilization visited by ETs who not only mated with human women, but passed on to Mankind highly advanced technology and science. The other theory suggests that “sons of God,” which literally means “fallen angels” when translated from the Hebrew in Genesis Chapter Six, mated with human women and also passed on advanced technology and science to Mankind before the Flood. Both theories are similar and the basic difference is the identity and origin of these beings.


One could dismiss these accounts as mere legends except for the fact that we have no explanation for the development of the advanced science and technologies that existed before the Flood, yet there is real evidence that such technologies existed. Even today we cannot build anything comparable to the ancient monolithic structures like the pyramids and temples scattered throughout the world, some of them located underwater on the continental shelves…areas that were dry land during the last ice age, when sea levels were lower. We don’t know how the ancients quarried, lifted, and transported these enormous stones and put them together with extreme mathematical precision. In addition, scientists are just beginning to discover that these ancient monuments are more than just physical structures; they are technological instruments that not only line up with the stars, but are actual receivers and transmitters of a power whose very existence is denied by our more conventional scientists.


In the Book of Genesis we read the account of the Tower of Babel in ancient Babylon, which was headquarters for the world’s first one world government, one world economic system and one world religion. The name Babel refers to the ancient city of Babylon which is translated from Akkadian and means “Gate of the god.” The Tower of Babel was built by Nimrod, who some scholars believe was a Nephilim, a being resulting from the mating of fallen angels with human women. The Tower of Babel was both an architectural structure to “worship the host of Heaven” and a technological stargate which could open a portal for the passage of interdimensional beings.


I realize that this concept has the potential of being instantly rejected as nonsense by individuals who have done zero research on the subject, for the idea is completely out of their frame of reference, and therefore it would be the subject of ridicule. If we go back to Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and the scientific elite proposed by H.G. Wells and others who have taken this idea from Plato, who apparently was inspired by the legend of the ten god-kings of Atlantis, it becomes obvious that knowledge in our society and world is given to people based on a hierarchal structure such as indicated by the Illuminati symbol of a pyramid on the back of the U.S. dollar. The pyramid is an occult hierarchal organization flow chart. Towards the top of the pyramid we have the Illumined ones who have been given this “secret knowledge of Mystery Babylon” and are the scientific elite. At the bottom of the pyramid you have the” inferior” masses born to serve as slaves to these god-kings. This same organizational system was implemented in ancient Egypt, where Pharaoh was considered a god-king with a right to rule the peasants who served him by building the pyramids.


The source of knowledge from all occult secret societies throughout the ages such as the priesthoods and mystery cults of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, and the Rosicrucians, Illuminati, and many other groups, flows directly from the “mystery religions” of ancient Babylon. From the standpoint of Bible prophecy in the last days, “Mystery Babylon the great, the mother of harlots” will rise again in the form of a global religious system and global economic system.


Since ancient Babylon and the Tower of Babel, built by a genetic Nephilim or god-king, Nimrod, the world has been secretly and increasingly controlled by secret societies that have access to this secret occult knowledge, technology, and science. For example, a collection of secret occult societies such as Thule, Vril, the Golden Dawn, and O.T.O. put Adolph Hitler into power. The occult societies trained Adolph Hitler in the science of mind control and taught him how to put the masses in a hypnotic state when he gave speeches. These secret elites also taught him about the science of eugenics and how to breed a master race. The Third Reich was years ahead of the United States when it came to rocket technology and mind control technology; some believe that German rocket scientists like Wernher von Braun were given engineering blue prints for UFOs and other technologies which were telepathically received by the Vril-ya maidens, who were clairvoyants, as far back as 1926.


The scientific elite who rule our world are in possession of highly advanced scientific technologies and knowledge and they fully understand the supernatural nature of this information and know of its origin in ancient Babylon. However, in order to maintain their power and control over the masses they deliberately hide the existence of their advanced technology in plain sight by using scientific mind control, education, indoctrination, social engineering, genetics, food, and drugs to construct an impenetrable wall in human consciousness that prevents the masses and even some Presidents, Prime Ministers, business tycoons, scientists, educators, government officials, celebrities, artists, media personalities, and psychologists from even beginning to suspect its existence.


This higher level knowledge is distributed selectively and in a highly compartmentalized manner so that even so-called upper-level people such as Presidents, Senators, scientists, educators, heads of multi-national corporations, cultural leaders, and psychologists only have a tiny compartment of information. Basically all of the so-called elite in our society, which is different than the secret elite, have been programmed through the educational process, media and other means into accepting a strictly humanist and existentialist belief system. In this programmed belief system all of the leaders of our society do not and cannot believe in the existence of either a God or the supernatural. A neurological firewall has been erected in their consciousness that blocks them from understanding the reality of a supernatural universe.


Through modern education, media, scientific mind control, food additives, drugs, and scientific suppression of the right brain which begins in grade school, people have been dumbed down and neurologically wired not to think outside of the box, to be compliant, and to deny the existence of God and the supernatural. Modern education and society are designed to produce left brain dominant thinking. This is why teachers now “teach to the test” and the emphasis has always been on rewarding the people who unquestionably repeat back whatever the official dogma is. Right brain thinkers are punished because right brain thinkers question the system, think independently, see the big picture, and can access creativity, inspiration, and spirituality. They are not easily programmed.


Think of the average person’s brain about the size of a small home office with a ten foot high ceiling. Then think of the interior of this office as their consciousness and their ability to think or imagine. Thoughts come from neurological pathways in both the left and right brain, and whenever you think about something, are exposed to something, or study something your brain creates a neurological pathway. If since childhood all of your neurological pathways have been strategically engineered in the left brain and only in selective subjects of thought, your brain has literally been wired not to think about certain ideas, and because of the limited number of neurological pathways that have been built in your right brain, it now becomes impossible for you to think outside of the box, the office that the scientific elite have created. Compounding this is Orwellian group think… if you were to dare and bring up an out of the box subject you would be ridiculed by your peers and co-workers.


Now think about the smaller percentage of individuals who for whatever reason began to learn how to use their right brain at a young age and think about all kinds of subjects that others were programmed not to. If we think of that right brain person’s mind as an office, it would be an enormous office with no walls or ceiling. That person’s brain and their consciousness are simply unlimited and they are capable of accessing and discovering both the existence of God and a supernatural universe. The very existence of such people represents a significant challenge to the scientific dictatorship.

Fortunately, it is precisely due to the fact that we live in a supernatural universe created by an Infinite Personal God that, despite all the occult brain engineering, if any person begins to think about right brain subjects, no matter how difficult at first, their brain will actually construct brand new neurological pathways in the right brain and the more they think about these things the more pathways they develop. It is actually possible to transcend your programming if you choose.


Aldous Huxley coined the term “concentration camps of the mind.” The time is coming quickly when due to computer brain interfaces, genetics, and the implantation of a microchip or nano-chip implant it will be impossible to escape the “concentration camp of the mind.” But you live in that brief window of time before that happens and the moment you choose to transcend your programming is the moment you will start to become free.

 Think about that.

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A Good Man for All Religions

One of the greatest misconceptions in Bible prophecy is the belief that the Antichrist and his sidekick, the False Prophet, will be people of an unmistakable evil nature. This view is so strong that some of history’s greatest mass murders have been labeled as Antichrist contenders.

The Bible actually paints a picture of men who are initially, extremely well-liked. The Antichrist will come and magically solve most of the world’s economic and political problems. Revelation 13:4 says that the people’s approval of him will so great, they openly, “Worshipped the beast, saying, ‘Who is like unto the beast? Who is able to make war with him?’”

The False Prophet also will be a very likeable individual. He is described as a lamb that speaks like a dragon, which means he will be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. His primary end-time roll is to act as the Antichrist’s main cheerleader, but will also have special powers that allow him to perform miracles deceiving vast numbers of people:

“And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men, And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast” (Revelation 13:12-14).

I’ve always found it unproductive to speculate about the identity of the Antichrist. The Bible says he will not be clearly known until the second half of the Tribulation. Since he is a political figure, he could appear out of nowhere.

I think the False Prophet is more likely to be spotted—ahead of the Tribulation hour. Because religious organizations are generally static keeping their leadership in office for several years, there is great chance of a current religious leader fulfilling this role.

I have been truly amazed at how strongly Pope Francis comes on as a possible candidate for the role of the False Prophet. He hasn’t even been in office for one year and he has achieved a rock star following. In fact, he was just on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. On a wall near the Vatican is a graffiti image of the pope as superman, flying through the air with his white cape billowing out behind him.

Actor, Kirk Douglas, regularly writes editorials for newspapers and in one of his articles he called Pope Francis, “A good man for all religions.” When considering that the False Prophet will head a harlot church—an amalgamation of all world religions—the Douglas title takes on an ominous nature.

My problem with Pope Francis is not just with how he may fit into Bible prophecy. His doctrinal beliefs are what have me most concerned. When asked about his views on same-sex marriage he responded, “Who am I to judge?” He has openly asked atheists to join the prayerful in promoting peace. He has also been one the ecumenical popes holding ceremonies with leaders of other religions.

The most troubling sign is the warm relationship he has developed with the liberal media. The Bible warns that the true gospel message will normally cause people to be offended. The “love” gospel message that Pope Francis promotes is music to the ears of a press that hate any moral guidelines. The Pope has become the king of religious fluff with headlines like: “Pope Francis Warns Unemployment Can Lead to Suicide” and “Pope Francis Gladly Blesses Parrot Belonging to Male Stripper.”

A few days ago, an interesting thing happened while Pope Francis was addressing tens of thousands of people in St. Peter’s Square. He had two white doves released by children standing next to him—while he prayed for a peaceful resolution to the crisis in the Ukraine. Once the doves where let go, both were immediately attacked by a crow and seagull; I can only wonder if God was trying to show that empty symbolism is no match for evil forces that wish to devour us.

We must be close to the Tribulation hour because there are several people that have me wondering if they have some end-time role. Putin has the perfect characteristics of the Gog leader. Last week, the anti-Israeli President Obama said, lasting peace requires, “Access to holy sites [Temple Mount] for all faiths.”

“And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh” (Luke 21:28).

–Todd Sandberg, Rapture Ready


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The Shocking Simulation Involving a U.S. Aircraft Carrier and Israeli Cities that Iranian State TV Aired

Just one day after the commander of Iran’s Northern Navy Fleet announced that Iranian warships would for the first time travel close to U.S. maritime borders, the Islamic Republic’s state television broadcasted a documentary simulating attacks on an American aircraft carrier and Israeli cities.

First reported on by the Times of Israel, the documentary titled “The Nightmare of Vultures” was presented as demonstrating Iran’s potential retaliation to an American or Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Set to the backdrop of a dramatic Hollywood-like symphonic soundtrack, the simulation involved Iranian drones launching missiles at and destroying the USS Abraham Lincoln in the Persian Gulf as well as American military jets and helicopters taking off from the vessel.

The Times of Israel reported that the video “opens with Supreme Leader [Ali] Khamenei addressing military academy graduates in 2011, warning: ‘Anybody who thinks of attacking the Islamic Republic of Iran should be prepared to receive strong slaps and iron fists from the Armed Forces.’”

“And America, its regional puppets and its guard dog – the Zionist regime – should know that the response of the Iranian nation to any kind of aggression, attacks or even threats will be a response that will make them collapse from within,” Khamenei said in the clip.

The video then goes on to show military air strikes and multiple ballistic missile firings at Tel Aviv.


Iran warned of an airstrike on Tel Aviv and showed graphically how that would appear (Screenshot: “The Nightmare of Vultures” via YouTube)

In a somewhat unrealistic scenario that dismissed any Israeli air defenses, the video demonstrated an Iranian aircraft flying unperturbed throughout Israeli airspace, dropping its powerful munitions one after another, wreaking destruction of Tel Aviv, Ben-Gurion International Airport, what appears to be an apartment building, Israeli Air Force bases, and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) command center in Tel Aviv.

As the Iranian warplane was bombing the IDF headquarters, the video showed file footage of a meeting with former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert which presumably meant to demonstration that Iran could strike the Israeli leadership.

Lest the target of the message be misunderstood, the locations of the strikes were conveniently subtitled in Hebrew.

To drill home the human toll of such a scenario, the Iranian film also included footage of Israelis being evacuated on stretchers by emergency responders.

The simulation emphasized the aspiration to strike strategic targets, including the refineries in the heavily populated coastal city of Haifa.

The film also showed the simulated attack of twin high-rises and Tel Aviv’s iconic Azrieli skyscraper complex, images chillingly reminiscent of September 11 attacks.

The Jerusalem Post wrote, “The film is yet another propaganda salvo unleashed by the Iranian regime, which has escalated its rhetoric in the past few days.” Besides the announcement of Iranian war vessels nearing the American coast, Khamenei said on Saturday that the U.S. government, with its “controlling and meddlesome” approach to Iran, would overthrow the Iranian regime if it could.

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The mystery of the North Star: Astronomers baffled to find Polaris is getting BRIGHTER

  • Team found that Polaris is 2.5 times brighter today than in 137CE
  • Experts say find is ‘entirely unexpected’

By Mark Prigg

PUBLISHED: 16:17 EST, 5 February 2014 | UPDATED: 16:18 EST, 5 February 2014

Astronomers have discovered that Polaris, the north star, is getting brighter.

They say the star has suddenly reversed two decades of dimming.

It is expanding at more than 100 times the rate they expected – and nobody is sure why.


Polaris, also known as the North Star, Northern Star or Pole Star, is the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor.

Historically it has been used to guide travellers, and is very close to the north celestial pole, making it the current northern pole star.

Recent papers calculate the distance to Polaris at about 434 light-years, although some suggest it may be 30% closer which.

A team led by Scott Engle of Villanova University in Pennsylvania recalibrated historic measurements of Polaris by Ptolemy in 137 C.E., the Persian astronomer Al-Sufi in 964 C.E., and others.

They investigated the fluctuations of the star over the course of several years, combing through historical records and utilising the Hubble Space Telescope.

The team found that Polaris is 2.5 times brighter today than in Ptolemy’s time, which they say is a remarkable rate of change.

‘If they are real, these changes are 100 times larger than predicted by current theories of stellar evolution,’ says Villanova astronomer Edward Guinan.

The team’s data also hint that the star’s cyclic 4-day variation in brightness, although still weak, is once again growing more robust–but no one knows what’s driving these flutterings or how long they will last.

Engle and his team began to research the star around the beginning of 2000, when they found that the dropping brightness was on the rise again.


Pinpointing Polaris: Researchers say it is getting brighter far more quickly than they expected after reversing its dimming

‘It was unexpected to find,’ Engle  told’It started increasing rather rapidly.’

‘Polaris is arguably the best-known star in the Northern Hemisphere, since it lies within a degree of the North Celestial Pole,’ the researchers wrote.

‘For much of human history, Polaris was highly regarded for its unchanging nature.

‘However, we now know that Polaris is a Cepheid variable, undergoing ultra-low-amplitude pulsations.

‘Thirty years ago, a paper in the Astrophysical Journal by A. Arellano Ferro announced that the amplitude of these pulsations was diminishing.

‘This behavior was confirmed, and it was believed that soon enough Polaris would no longer be a Cepheid variable.

‘We started photometrically monitoring Polaris in 1999 and discovered that the amplitude of pulsations had reached a minimum and was now, in fact, growing again.

‘It was while gathering historic photometry for the amplitude study that we noticed the published magnitudes of Polaris were systematically fainter, the further back in time the data went.

‘This is an entirely unexpected behavior for a Cepheid variable, and one that we wanted to investigate further.

Engle presented the results of his research in a poster session at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Washington.

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19 more volcanoes on alert in Indonesia

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Headlines | Tue, February 04 2014, 9:26 AM

The government has raised the status on another 19 volcanoes in the country to alert level — the second-highest category — in the wake of the Mount Sinabung eruption in North Sumatra that killed 16 people on Saturday.

Besides the 19 new additions, three volcanos have been on high alert status since last year. They include Lokon and Karangetang in North Sulawesi and Rokatenda in East Nusa Tenggara.

The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) issued the raised status on Monday for the 19 volcanoes, which are scattered across the archipelago, but has yet to call for the evacuation of populations living nearby.

The 19 volcanoes are Kelud, Ijen, Bromo, Semeru and Raung in East Java; Lewotobi Perempuan in East Nusa Tenggara; Ibu, Gamkonora, Dukono and Gamalama in North Maluku; Soputan in North Sulawesi; Sangeang Api in West Nusa Tenggara; Papandayan in West Java; Dieng in Central Java; Seulewah Agam in Aceh; Talang and Marapi in West Sumatra; Anak Krakatau in Banten; and Kerinci in Jambi.

Indonesia is among the world’s most seismically active countries, situated on the Pacific Ring of Fire, an arc of volcanoes and fault lines encircling the Pacific Basin. The 19 volcanoes are among about 127 active volcanoes in Indonesia.

Mt. Sinabung has been sporadically erupting since September.

Though the alert level for the 19 volcanoes had been raised, Sutopo called on nearby residents not to panic.

“Volcanoes erupt in stages, they won’t suddenly erupt. Their activity can be categorized from normal to waspada [alert] to siaga [high alert] to awas [danger, the highest level],” he said on Monday.

He said that the BNPB was now keeping an eye on Mount Kelud, whose status was raised to alert following intensified volcanic activity.

The BNPB decision to raise the status of Mt. Kelud had triggered panic among local residents.

Local officials in Kediri have issued a warning to people living close to Mt. Kelud to stay outside a 2-kilometer radius set by the The Center for Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation (PVMBG).

On Saturday, at least 16 people were killed and three others severely injured due to pyroclastic clouds emitted by Mt. Sinabung.

Previously, the volcano’s ongoing eruptions had claimed the lives of 31 evacuees from various illnesses such as depression, asthma and hypertension.

Rescuers had to halt operations due to fears of further eruptions. Currently, the evacuation zone is between 5 and 7 km on the southeast slope of the volcano.

Sixteen villages had to be evacuated following the eruptions.

Meanwhile, responding to the BNPB report, Coordinating Minister for People’s Welfare Agung Laksono called on people living close to the volcanoes to remain calm.

“[The raising of the alert status] is to raise awareness among government officials and members of the public so that they can anticipate the worst from the early stage,” Agung said as quoted by Antara news agency.

Agung said that the population in a disaster zone should heed government instructions to evacuate in the event of a volcanic eruption.

“We ask for cooperation from residents. If the local government decides to evacuate their neighborhood they have to follow the procedures,” Agung said.

The country has been battered by a string of natural disasters in recent months.

Authorities in a number of disaster-prone regions have been warned about the potential for worsening disasters, including landslides and floods, due to heavy rains nationwide.

In West Java, the PVMBG advised that people living in landslide-prone areas in Ciramba and Mekarmulya subdistricts, Cikalong district, Cianjur, should be relocated.

In Jombang, East Java, 14 people were buried by a landslide on Monday. Seven bodies have been recovered, while the other seven remain missing.

In Semarang, a landslide displaced 32 families from the Tangkil Baru residential complex in Sukorejo subdistrict, Gunungpati district, whose houses were destroyed.

Last week, sections of the Java’s northern coastal highway were inundated by floodwaters causing a major traffic disruption.

In East Java, the flooding disrupted traffic from Situbondo to Surabaya.

The flooding also inundated a section of the northern coastal highway connecting Semarang and Jakarta, causing massive traffic jams in some areas. (dhi)


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Kerry has declared a war on God,’ write hard-line rabbis in letter

Rabbis warn Kerry to stop negotiations “in order to avoid severe Heavenly punishment for everyone involved.”

A group of hard-line nationalist rabbis wrote in an open to letter to US Secretary of State John Kerry that through his current mediation efforts between Israel and Palestinian negotiators he had declared war against God.

The rabbis warned that the secretary must cease such activities, to avoid divine punishment.

The letter was sent by the Committee to Save the Land and People of Israel – an activist group opposed to any political accords with the Palestinians involving territorial concessions – founded by Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpo, who also founded the far-right Our Land of Israel party.

“Your incessant efforts to expropriate integral parts of our Holy Land and hand them over to Abbas’s terrorist gang, amount to a declaration of war against the Creator and Ruler of the universe! For G-d awarded the entire Land of Israel to our ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, in order that they bequeath it, as an everlasting inheritance, to their descendants, the Jewish people, until the end of all time,” the letter reads.

The rabbis argue that Kerry’s plan endangers Israeli Jews by bringing them within close range of potential rocket and missile fire from the West Bank should it be ceded by Israel to the Palestinians.

“If you continue on this destructive path, you will ensure your everlasting disgrace in Jewish history for bringing calamity upon the Jewish people,” continued the rabbis, comparing Kerry to Babylonian ruler Nebuchadnezzar II and Roman commander and future emperor Titus, the two enemies of the ancient Jewish kingdoms who destroyed the temples in Jerusalem and Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel along with them.

“By the power of our Holy Torah, we admonish you to cease immediately all efforts to achieve these disastrous agreements – in order to avoid severe heavenly punishment for everyone involved,” they threatened.

The letter was signed by Rabbi Wolpo, along with four other rabbis including Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, the founder and chairman of the Temple Institute; Rabbi Yigal Pizam, the dean of a yeshiva and a leader of the Chabad community in the Haifa neighborhood of Kiryat Shmuel; Rabbi Gedalya Axelrod, the emeritus head of the Haifa Rabbinic Court; and Rabbi Ben Tziyon Grossman from the town of Migdal Ha’emek.


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Decoded: 3,000-Year-Old Inscriptions May Prove Biblical Account of Powerful Reign of King Solomon and Jerusalem

By Dawn Cherie Araujo ( Jan 31, 2014 07:48 PM EST

A Jewish history scholar believes he has decoded the eight letters thought to be the most ancient Hebrew inscription to come out of Jerusalem.

Gershon Galil, a Jewish history professor at the University of Haifa, says the letters appear on a wine jug and the inscription tells what type of wine it contained: cheap wine for slaves.

“This wine was not served on the table of King Solomon nor in the Temple,” Galil wrote in the journal New Studies on Jerusalem. “Rather it was probably used by the many forced laborers in the building projects and the soldiers that guarded them.”

He notes this proves the biblical account of Jerusalem as a sophisticated and powerful city, which some scholars have denied.

“The ability to write and store the wine in a large vessel designated for this purpose, while noting the type of wine, the date it was received, and the place it was sent from, attests to the existence of an organized administration that collected taxes, recruited laborers, brought them to Jerusalem, and took care to give them food and water,” he wrote.

Scholars believe the jug dates back to the reign of King Solomon more than 3,000 years ago, but the engraving’s meaning has eluded archaeologists since its discovery last summer. At the time, the lead archaeologist on the dig that found the engraving, Eliat Mazar, said the combination of letters did not match any known west-Semitic language.

Initially, Mazar and others believed the inscription was made a non-Israeli, likely a Jebusite – a group of non-Jews who also lived in Jerusalem.

Galil, however, believes the inscription is in an early form of Hebrew – and one written right to left rather than left to right as Hebrew has traditionally been written. Attempts to read it left to right have not yielded any results.

The jug was found in the Ophel area of Jerusalem, south of the Temple Mount. Galil believes the inscription was made in the years after Solomon had built the temple and his palaces as described in 1 Kings 6-8 and again in 2 Chronicles 3-5. Incidentally, he says it was these very building projects that produced such a high demand for cheap wine and its storage.

Eliat Mazat, a third-generation archaeologist, has been excavating King Solomon’s complex off and on since 2009. The wine jug was found in a dig that began in 2012. Other notable discoveries from the dig include artifacts described by the prophet Jeremiah. 

Mazat is no stranger to biblical discoveries. In the 1990s, she used clues from the Bible in an attempt to find the ruins of King David’s palace. In 2005 she announced she had, though not all scholars agree. Yet, in a 2008 interview, she said she remains committed to her biblically based work.

“[The Bible] is the historical source, so important, so fantastically written,” she said. “The question is, how much of the reality that the Bible describes can we archeologists reveal?”

eastern gate

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The Nazarene And The ‘Prophet’


The Nazarene was sinless (2 Corinthians 5:21, Hebrews 4:15; 1 Peter 2:22). The self-proclaimed “prophet” of Islam and the so-called most “perfect” human being to ever walk the face of the earth was a sinful man (Qur’an Sura 18:110, 40:55, 48:1-2). To any Muslim readers, choose this day whom you will serve. Will it be the Christ of the Bible that even Mohammed believed was sinless, or a sinful man claiming to be a prophet whose own contemporaries at times often believed him to be deceived by an evil spirit? …

Tip of the hat to natesse316 for the link …

By Glenn Fairman, American Thinker – “It should not seem surprising that as the curtain begins to close on the History of Men, that two great universal systems of apprehending the Divine have commanded center stage: Christianity and Islam. Although both posit their ends in the worship of the One God, when one scratches beneath the surface, the stark differences become manifest. One need only look to the personalities that are held out as templates for their acolytes to emulate. Jesus, the humble and meek, (yet possessing the power to create and dissolve the material universe), suffers unto death the penalties that man has been so deserving of — sacrificially performing that magnanimous act of love that reverberates across the Universe. He calls us to forsake our carnal lives — not as an empty act of nihilism, but as a means to shed our hatreds, pettiness, and the worm of resentment and pride that gnaws at our unregenerate cores. Jesus commands that we renounce every vestige of the world that would war with all things emergent from the light. In Christ, and in the fullness of his love, we are the transformed sons and daughters ransomed back from the folly of our desire to flee and disconnect — reveling in that unruled passion to be the final arbiter of our own faltering trajectories.

And in the Prophet we have the antithesis of the Christ. Mohammad stands as the great archetype of every Muslim. He is the warrior, the sublimator — the fanatic incarnate who draws the line: ‘submit, convert or perish.’ Islam reinforces human distinction, elevates human pride and normalizes the earthly and vicious. All is permitted in waging the grand jihad that will inexorably lead to the submission of the earth under the monolithic law of a terrible and distant god — a deity whose cold hand and dark gaze inject an anxiety and terror into every believer. Mohammad can murder. He can engage in rape and theft. He views women as chattel and children as his playthings. He can engage in treachery and genocide for the sake of his dark vision of the lord god. Christ paved the way for flesh to be made spirit, for rebels to become children and heirs to His kingdom. Mohammad promises a voluptuary paradise of sensual delight — the Celestial Whorehouse of God for unquestioning slaves who enact his bidding — men who unquestioningly shed human blood in the fearful name of their exacting and vengeful lord.

So many centuries hence, we can discern in our matured civilizations the ripened fruit of these two men. Indeed, it seems as if the West, which is wildly intent upon shedding the Nazarene’s ethos, is centrifugally spinning into spiritual darkness, while Mohammad’s maddened distortion of orthodox fire and wreckage is ascending long past the point of no return. From the Christian ethos, the Logos of ordered architectonic genius has permeated our understanding of causality and rationality. Christianity has given us science, opened our eyes to the existence of transcendent truth, kindled our knowledge of man’s worth in the eyes of God, and in the final reckoning, upended the wickedness affirming the lie that one man exists for the sake of another’s arbitrary will. The aesthetic of the loving God has uplifted and imbued our poetry, philosophy, and politics with the sublime and ironclad foundations from which we have constructed our interpretation of the Good Life. Moreover, our enlightened positions as sons and daughters of the Most High have shown us that grace and mercy can be reconciled, at least for a time, upon the pillars of liberty, equality, and wisdom.

But it is in the action of affixing its flinty resolve against the spirit of Jerusalem’s heritage that Islam-Rising casts its opaque veil over the human heart, just as it unleashes that same savage vigor that lurks so cruelly within the unrestrained children of men. In the Fundamentalist Muslim’s worldview, the notions of tolerance, democracy, and political equality are scarcely allowed the honor and authority that the West so foolishly takes for granted, except for that smothered and squalid egalitarianism that languishes at the bottom of a boot. And although slavery was outlawed in Saudi Arabia a generation ago, it exists now, through the blessing of Koranic legitimacy, in its myriad forms throughout the many prison windows of the Islamic world. In truth, we would be liars if we were to ignore Islam’s ancient internal battleground that condemns its silent and subjugated women to the receiving end of its own political/theological mailed fist.

The god of Mohammad remakes nothing, redeems nothing, and loves nothing. He demands obedience through the instrumentalities of blood and divine hatred. As a Capricious Wraith of Unmixed Terror, he cultivates fear in the subjects and slaves who blindly follow his lead through the unwavering Orthodoxy of Despair. But in Christ, we see a revelation of God altogether ‘other’ than we should suspect: Deny your hatreds, place yourself last, shed your pride, love your enemy, and pray for those who wish you evil. And if you must perish for your beliefs, let it be with clean hands and the blessing of Christ’s love on your lips. For we are not commanded in service to a devil who demands that the flesh of innocent women and children should be sacrificed by means of a bomb vest to quell a tyrant’s ancient bloodlust. It has been said that ye shall know the tree by its fruits. Let us take this wisdom to heart as we labor to plumb the mystery contained within the Character of God.” Source – American Thinker.


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NY Abortion Bill Ok’s Shooting Babies Through the Heart With Poison to Kill Them

Dave Andrusko : Jan 31, 2014 : LifeSite News

“There is nothing empowering to women about bringing abortion-on-demand up to the moment of birth to New York. In a day and age when females can be killed in utero simply for the crime of not being male, it is a mockery of what our feminist foremothers stood for to try and force this on New Yorkers. Women’s rights must begin in the womb, or women have no rights at all.” – Lori Kehoe, Executive Director, NY State Right to Life

(Albany, NY) – On Monday the New York State Assembly passed the ‘Women’s Equality Act,’ once again sending the legislation to the New York State Senate.

Last year, despite support in both the Assembly and the Senate for nine of the ten points in the Act, the Assembly held the nine points hostage in favor of the abortion-expanding tenth point. (Photo via LifeNews)

The tenth point of the Women’s Equality Act, the point of contention between the Assembly and the Senate, would expand access to abortion through all nine months of pregnancy for essentially any reason, would allow non-doctors to perform these surgical procedures, and provides no conscience protections for medical professionals opposed to taking human life.

In abortions that take place later in pregnancy, which would be legalized in New York by the abortion-expanding Women’s Equality Act, often babies are killed by sliding a needle filled with a chemical agent, such as digoxin, into the beating heart, before being delivered.

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June 5, 2012 | Filed under: Highlights,Life & Society,Top Stories,World | By: Heather Clark

The sudden string of reports of cannibalism and other shocking violent crimes in the news is causing much discussion about the extreme demonic manifestations that are escalating worldwide.

Montreal, Canada

During the week of May 20th, Chinese university student Jun Lin, 33, was reported to be missing from his apartment in Montreal following a party.

Days later, a video appeared on the internet showing a naked and bound man believed to be Lin being murdered with an ice pick, then sexually abused and dismembered. The horror continued as the headquarters of the Canadian liberal and conservative parties soon received one of Lin’s hands and feet in the mail. Lin’s torso was also found in a suitcase in the trash outside of an apartment building. Police say that certain body parts are still missing.

Self-described porn star Luka Rocco Magnotta, 29, was suspected to be behind the murders as the two were believed to be involved in a homosexual relationship. After a worldwide manhunt, authorities captured Magnotta Monday in Germany while he was sitting in a cafe reading news reports about himself.

Joppatowne, Maryland

On May 25th,  the father of 21-year-old college student Alexander Kinyua phoned police when he realized that Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodia, an African man who had been staying with the family, was missing from the home.

The following night, Kinyua’s brother, Jarrod, informed his father that he had found human remains inside of a container that was wrapped in a blanket in the laundry room. When his father went downstairs to investigate, he saw Alexander washing the container.

Upon being informed, police then searched the home and discovered the head and hands of Agyei-Kodia on the main floor. They also found parts of the man’s body in a dumpster at a nearby church. According to police, Kinyua admitted that he had consumed Agyei-Kodia’s heart and part of his brain.

Kinyua had been posting gory statuses on facebook in the months prior to the cannibalistic attack, including comments about “mass human sacrifices.”

Miami, Florida

The following day, May 26th, the Miami-Dade Police Department received a 911 call informing them that two men were fighting adjacent to a very busy highway, and that one of them had taken off his clothes. When police arrived, they found 31-year old Rudy Eugene naked and gnawing at the face of 65-year old Ronald Poppo.

When police realized what was happening, they ordered Eugene to back off of Poppo. Eye witnesses then state that Eugene looked at police “like a rabid dog” and refused to stop consuming the flesh of the other man.

Police then fired multiple shots at Eugene, who died on the scene. Poppo was taken to the hospital and was said to be so marred that he had “virtually no face.”

A close friend of Eugene’s told reporters, “Rudy was battling the devil.”

Hackensack, New Jersey

On Sunday, May 27th, Hacksensack police were called to the scene of what was reported to be a man slashing himself with a knife.

When they arrived at the home of Wayne Carter, 43, they found him with both a 12-inch knife and a hammer. Carter waved the weapons at the police and continued slashing himself.

Police attempted to subdue the crazed man with pepper spray, but to no avail. He began hurling pieces of his intestines and skin at the officers, at which point a SWAT team was called in for backup.

In the end, it took two cans of pepper spray in order to stop Carter from cutting himself. He was transported to the hospital and was last listed in critical condition.

Stockholm, Sweeden

Reports out of Sweeden state that a prominent researcher (whose name has not been released) recently cut off his wife’s lips and consumed them after he believed that she had been seeing another man. It is said that he told police that he ate her lips because he did not want them to be sewn back on.

Those who know the researcher stated that the cannibalistic attack was “honor-related,” and that he has no regrets about the matter.

The woman’s attorney, Ingela Hessius Ekman, explained that doctors are unsure if she can recover completely from the loss of her lips.

The man is scheduled to undergo psychiatric evaluation in advance of his trial.

The Rise of Demonic Activity

The reports have been alarming for many, who wonder what possessed these individuals to behave in such a depraved and barbaric manner. While there is talk that the events are a precursor to a “zombie apocalypse,” others are convinced that demonic activity is taking place and are pointing to Biblical accounts as parallels.

For instance, in Luke 8, a naked demon-possessed man came out to see Jesus, similar to the attack that happened in Miami. Matthew 17 also speaks of a boy that was oppressed of the devil, who would often throw himself into the fire and water.

“Satan and his legion of demons are possessing human beings in these end times,” said one man. “What you’re seeing is people who’ve opened up the door to these demons, and you’re seeing a manifestation of demons unprecedented.”

“This is a sure sign that the God Almighty’s great judgement is right around the corner,” wrote an online commentator, who identifies himself as Elijah. “The fact that there are so many similar stories, and becoming increasingly more and more common, is a definite sign that Hell has literally broken loose upon the earth.”

He pointed to Revelation 18:2, which states, “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.”

However, another commentator, Paul Begley, noted that while demonic manifestations are undoubtedly on the rise, similar situations have been unfolding in the months and years past as well. He pointed to a incident in April of this year when police reported to the scene of an attack where a naked man was tearing the clothes off another man and trying to bite his neck. He also cited a news story in 2009 when a Texas woman killed her newborn son and then ate part of his brain and three of his toes. She later told police that the devil made her do it. A homeless woman was also taken into custody last year for snatching a baby out of his stroller and trying to break off his arm, so that she could eat it.

Nonetheless, many are pinpointing these developments as being nothing short of satanic. Even Dr. Deborah Mash of the UM Brain Endowment Bank, who studies psychiatric conditions and their causes, recently explained to reporters that what is taking place is “absolutely bizarre, if not demonic, behavior.”

“This is not a ‘zombie apocalypse,’ but this is a demonic spirit,” one man declared. “There [are] demonic spirits at loose in the land.”

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