News of an explosion at one of Iran’s nuclear facilities – broken exclusively by WND – is exploding around the world, with independent confirmation and international response pouring in. Israeli intelligence officials have confirmed the explosion to the Times of London, which is now reporting: “Sources in Tel Aviv said yesterday that they thought the …

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The U.S. Dollar will Collapse

So, in my opinion, here’s what I think is may come down in 2013. 1.  There will be a false flag incident at some point where the US will declare Martial law.   Perhaps another terrorist attack, but this time a dirty or live nuke will be used.  Watch for cross state-lines border checks, with …

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Does China Plan To Establish “China Cities” And “Special Economic Zones” All Over America?

Kings of the East moving! Soon to own much of America! Keep looking up! Michael Snyder Economic Collapse Jan 23, 2013 What in the world is China up to?  Over the past several years, the Chinese government and large Chinese corporations (which are often at least partially owned by the government) have been systematically buying …

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Nobel Peace Prize Nominee: Obama Asks Military Leaders If They Will “Fire On US Citizens”

Read this one and tell me that we need to be ready! Shock claim purported to come from “one of America’s foremost military heroes” Paul Joseph Watson Infowars.com January 22, 2013 2009 Nobel Peace Prize nominee Jim Garrow shockingly claims he was told by a top military veteran that the Obama administration’s “litmus test” for …

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The New Apostasy, Pre-Apostasy Signs Vs. Post Apostasy Signs

THE SPEED AT WHICH THE END IS APPROACHING HAS REACHED INDESCRIBABLE PROPORTIONS. All of the Biblical signs have been fulfilled, at least to a highly discernable level. The apparent signs were complete years ago and most Bible believing Christians of 30-40 years prior were sure that Jesus would come before the 1970’s or 1980’s were …

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Kings of the East: War is Coming!

No Obvious Reason” Why China Is Stockpiling Rice, Iron Ore, Precious Metals, Dry Milk Mac Slavo SHTFPlan.com January 11, 2013 If there were ever a sign that something is amiss, this may very well be it. United Nations agricultural experts are reporting confusion, after figures show that China imported 2.6 million tons of rice in …

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America the Scary – Perry Stone

Those who keep up with our ministry are aware that one of our emphasis is the prophetic word, especially in the area of revealing the plans and purposes of God (I call it, “a now word”).  For several years now, I have spent literally countless hours of research, Biblical study and combining recent events in …

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By Paul McGuire January 8, 2013 NewsWithViews.com At the present moment all respected economic indicators project that America will soon experience economic chaos or collapse, food shortages, riots and social anarchy as the system collapses. This analysis is based on all existing economic indicators. However, what if some new technologies were to appear? What if …

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Apostasy: Israel has No Future (What do you do with Romans chapters 9-11)

Propaganda Wins – Jim Fletcher At the Catalyst East conference in Atlanta, I listened to Lynne Hybels give a talk about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. One of her concluding slides was an image of the security fence Israel erected to keep out terrorists. It’s worked quite well, and that seems to bother critics of the Jewish …

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On the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple

There is an interesting dynamic that takes place when you listen to many of the comments made by Christians who identify themselves as Zionists, or supporters of Israel and the Jewish people, when signs of a rebuilt Jewish Temple are discussed. Quite frequently, their comments are overly negative. Because there is the Scripturally-based expectation that …

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