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Let no one be found among you who consigns his son or daughter to the fire, or who is an augur, a soothsayer, a diviner, a sorcerer, Deuteronomy 18:10 (The Israel BibleTM)

Buried in the dizzying array of subjects included in the new Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum (ESMC) being considered by the California Department of Education for its 10,000 public schools serving a total of 6 million students is a course studying Aztec gods of war. If the curriculum is passed, students will be taking part in an Aztec ritual of chanting and clapping just in time to take part in  Toxcatl, the month in which human sacrifices were made to honor the Aztec gods.  


Even among its proponents, the ESMC is controversial and this is the fifth draft. Time is running out as the Board of Education must decide on a curriculum by the end of the month. The curriculum was supposed to focus on the four groups that historically are the topic of ethnic studies: Black, Latino, Asian, and Native Americans.

One of the key authors cited in the curriculum, Paulo Freire, a Marxist who, in his book “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”, claimed that the principal, perhaps the only function of education must be as a political tool to train the “oppressed” to overthrow “white supremacy.”

  1. Tolteka Cuauhtin, the original co-chair of the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum, developed much of the material regarding early American history. In his book Rethinking Ethnic Studies, which is cited throughout the curriculum, Cuauhtin claims that the US was founded on a “Eurocentric, white supremacist, capitalist, patriarchal, heteropatriarchal, and anthropocentric paradigm brought from Europe.”

Perhaps even more disturbing was Cuauhtin’s claim that white Christians committed “theocide” against indigenous tribes, killing their gods and replacing them with Christianity. His solution was an official “ethnic studies community chant” supposedly based on indigenous songs. One of the chants California high-school students will be required to take part in is the “In Lak Ech Affirmation” to the Aztec gods Tezcatlipoca and Huitzilopochtli, both Aztec deities of war who were worshipped through mass human sacrifices.

Most notably, the Toxcatl ceremony, the main festival dedicated to Tezcatlipoca, was celebrated in the month of May.

The California high-school version of this worship to the Aztec war gods includes chanting and clapping to petition the gods to help them be “warriors… for social justice” and for “liberation, transformation, [and] decolonization.” The chant is concluded with the words, “ Panche beh” (You are my other me).

This high-school ritual can be seen in a linked video. It is unclear why this religious ritual does not violate the First Amendment. 


The initial draft proposed in 2019 was poorly received.

“A model curriculum should be accurate, free of bias, appropriate for all learners in our diverse state, and align with Governor Newsom’s vision of a California for all,” read a statement made in August 2019 by the leadership of the state Board of Education. “The current draft model curriculum falls short and needs to be substantially redesigned.”

The current draft being considered may not be much better. 57,000 comments and corrections were made by the public when it was made available for review. Some of the biggest critics were members of the Jewish community. The previous version of the ESMC hinted at white privilege among the Jewish population, implying that Jews were the primary group with advantages.


Jewish groups also objected to the inclusion of the anti-Jewish Boycott Divestment Sanctions Movement alongside the Black Lives Matter and #MeToo movements which focus exclusively on domestic social issues.

The initial draft also referred to Israel’s 1948 War of Independence as the Nakba, the Arabic word meaning “catastrophe.” This is a term used exclusively by the “Palestinian” supporters who want to deny the legitimacy of Israel. The curriculum also included a song lyric that appeared to accuse the Jews of manipulating the press, a long-standing anti-Semitic stereotype.

“The ESMC is inaccurate and misleading in several critical respects and is drafted in a manner that reflects an anti-Jewish bias,” read a July 2019 letter from a coalition of California Jewish state lawmakers. “We cannot support a curriculum that erases the American Jewish experience, fails to discuss antisemitism, reinforces negative stereotypes about Jews, singles out Israel for criticism, and would institutionalize the teaching of antisemitic stereotypes in our public schools.”

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Pope Francis believes that climate change is something that God will judge the world for with perhaps a second flood, and says nothing about God judging people for their sins. Guess no one told Francis that God cursed the earth back in Genesis 3, and Romans 8 shows of how the earth desires to be released from that curse. But isn’t that just like the Whore of Babylon to get you focused on your ‘sin’ of climate change while leaving your actual sins which you have committed unpaid for. 

by Geoffrey Grider March 1, 2021

“The biblical flood, according to experts, is a mythical tale,” the pope states, “But myth is a form of knowledge,” he says.

Pope Francis has a curious understanding of the bible, according to him it’s a real book that contains stories that may or not be ‘mythical’, like the flood of Noah. He seems to be quite unsure of the veracity of the Genesis account, so he quotes secular experts who agree it’s mythical . I am guessing he does this so as to not offend the atheists.

“And, behold, I, even I, do bring a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life, from under heaven; and every thing that is in the earth shall die.” Genesis 6:17 (KJB)

Moving on from whether or not the ‘vicar of Christ’ actually does believe the biblical account of Noah’s flood, on his second point there is no misunderstanding him. Pope Francis believes that climate change is something that God will judge the world for with perhaps a second flood, and says nothing about God judging people for their sins. Guess no one told Francis that God cursed the earth back in Genesis 3, and Romans 8 shows of how the earth desires to be released from that curse. But isn’t that just like the Whore of Babylon to get you focused on your ‘sin’ of climate change while leaving your actual sins which you have committed unpaid for.

If you are a Roman Catholic, your pope is taking you to Hell at lightning speed. You better get saved before you die because Hell is real, and purgatory is not. Choose wisely. And I can guarantee you one thing, no one will be sent to Hell for how they treated the earth. But you will be sent to Hell for dying without getting saved by the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

Pope Francis Warns of Second ‘Great Flood’ from Global Warming

FROM BREITBART NEWS: Pope Francis has warned of the possibility of a second great flood, like that of Noah’s time, if humanity fails to address global warming.

“God’s wrath is directed against injustice, against Satan,” the pope states in a book titled Of Vices and Virtues due for release Tuesday. “It is directed against evil, not that which derives from human weakness, but evil of Satanic inspiration: the corruption generated by Satan.”

“God’s wrath is meant to bring justice, to ‘clean up,’” the pontiff declares in an advance excerpt of the book published by the Italian daily Corriere della Sera Sunday.

“The Bible says that the flood is the result of God’s wrath,” Francis continues. “It is a figure of God’s wrath, who according to the Bible has seen too many bad things and decides to obliterate humanity.”


“But myth is a form of knowledge,” he says. “The flood is a historical tale, archaeologists say, because they found traces of a flood in their excavations.”

“A great flood, perhaps due to a rise in temperature and the melting of the glaciers, is what will happen now if we continue along the same path,” the pope warns.

“God unleashed his wrath, but he saw a righteous one, took him and saved him,” he says. “The story of Noah demonstrates that God’s wrath is also salvific.”

The pope’s new book recounts conversations between the pontiff and Father Marco Pozza, chaplain of the prison of Padua in the north of Italy.

Francis has made care for the environment and opposition to climate change a hallmark of his almost eight-year pontificate, taking to task world leaders who have shown too little resolve in their battle against global warming.


“It is evident that climate change not only upsets the balance of nature, but causes poverty and hunger, affects the most vulnerable, and sometimes forces them to leave their land,” the pope told a group gathered in the Vatican. The pope’s audience consisted of participants in a meeting of members of the Laudato Sì community, named after the pontiff’s 2015 encyclical letter on the environment, which bears the same name.

“We need a real will to tackle the root causes of the ongoing climate upheavals,” Francis insisted. “Generic commitments are not enough — words, words.”

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In a separate statement, five chairmen of the U.S. Bishops’ Conference condemned the Equality Act, saying it would “impose sweeping new norms that negatively impact the unborn, health care, charitable services, schools, personal privacy, athletics, free speech, religious liberties, and parental rights.” “The Act’s unsound definitions of ‘sex’ and ’gender identity’ would erase women’s distinct, hard-won recognition in federal laws,” the bishops said. On Friday, Catholic League President Bill Donohue joined the bishops in denouncing the attempt to impose gender ideology on the nation in the name of “equality.” “The Equality Act is, without a doubt, the most radical assault on religious liberty, the right to life, and privacy rights ever packaged into one bill,” Dr. Donohue declared.

by Geoffrey Grider February 21, 2021

Strong Catholic and ‘President’ Joe Biden urged Congress Friday to “swiftly pass” the Equality Act, setting him squarely on a collision course with the U.S. Catholic Bishops.

In 1933, Adolf Hitler proposed the Enabling Act that was promoted as something that would ‘enable’ Hitler to keep the German people safe and secure, in reality it did the exact opposite. The Enabling Act made Hitler supreme dictator and enabled him to kill 6 million Jews in a war that killed 55 million people. In our day, the Equality Act is now about to be put up for a vote, and like the Enabling Act before it, it does the exact opposite of what its title would lead you to believe.

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” Proverbs 29:2 (KJB)

Under the guise of ‘transgender protection’, the Equality Act will obliterate gender, rendering the term meaningless, and force people to accept biological men as women under penalty of law. In a wonderfully iconic touch, the Equality Act now being demanded by the radical Left will destroy the feminism movement. If men can magically become women, then being a woman is really nothing unique or special, is it? Men cannot be feminine, that is a biological and scientific impossibility, they can be effeminate which is what transgenders are, but feminine is a quality only biological women can possess. In the bible, effeminate is an attribute of an unsaved person who rejects the gospel of the grace of God.

Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.” 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 (KJB)

The worst part of the Equality Act is that it will allow gay and straight pedophiles unfettered access to your children in the locker rooms and in the ladies room, is that something that you parents of minor children can live with? Transgenderism is a mental disorder, and it is a spiritual sickness, it is not something to be embraced and accepted. It goes against the bible, it goes against God, it is a doctrine of Satan. That’s not hate speech, that’s the truth. Mark my words, if they pass the Equality Act, the next step will be legalized pedophilia. Guaranteed.

Joe Biden Collides with Catholic Bishops over Equality Act

FROM BREITBART NEWS: “Full equality has been denied to LGBTQ+ Americans and their families for far too long,” Biden said in a statement. “Despite the extraordinary progress the LGBTQ+ community has made to secure their basic civil rights, discrimination is still rampant in many areas of our society.”

He added:


The U.S. Bishops, along with numerous other faith leaders, have expressed their consternation over the prospect of the Equality Act, urging Congress not to pass the legislation, which would be especially damaging to women and devastating to religious freedom.

In a 2019 letter to the Committee on the Judiciary of the House of Representatives, the bishops and other Christian leaders said the Equality Act “hinders quality health care, endangers the privacy and safety of women and girls, regulates free speech, severely undermines religious freedom, and threatens charitable nonprofits and the people they serve.”


The legislation would also “undermine civil rights for women and girls by opening restrooms, locker rooms, and shower facilities to biological males who identify as female,” they declared. “Women and girls deserve access to private spaces when they visit their local gym or use the restroom.”

The bill also “threatens to halt the advances women’s sports have achieved” by allowing “those with physical advantages to compete against women and obtain scholarships and other awards at the expense of women,” they said. In a separate statement, five chairmen of the U.S. Bishops’ Conference condemned the Equality Act, saying it would “impose sweeping new norms that negatively impact the unborn, health care, charitable services, schools, personal privacy, athletics, free speech, religious liberties, and parental rights.”


On Friday, Catholic League President Bill Donohue joined the bishops in denouncing the attempt to impose gender ideology on the nation in the name of “equality.”


What makes the Equality Act really treacherous is “its endorsement by a Catholic president,” Donohue noted, because, as the Bishops’ chairman has observed, “it creates confusion among the faithful about what the Church actually teaches on these questions.” 

If You Believe Life Will “Return To Normal”, You Have A Fundamental Misunderstanding Of The Times In Which We Live

February 19, 2021 by Michael Snyder

Despite all of the craziness that is going on out there, many pundits are trying to convince us that life will soon “return to normal” and that great days are just around the corner.  They are telling us this despite the fact that the state of Texas has been in a state of collapse this week, the real economy continues to implode, the unemployment numbers are going up, civil unrest continues to rage in our streets on a nightly basis, and our entire planet continues to become even more unstable.  Those that believe that happy days are here again have a fundamental misunderstanding of the times in which we live.  This isn’t a period of time when America is going to “build back better”.  Rather, this is a time when America is going to go even deeper into “the perfect storm”.

One of the reasons why so many on the left are feeling optimistic right now is because the COVID pandemic appears to be subsiding

According to a CNN analysis of data from Johns Hopkins University, the US is seeing a 29% decline in new Covid-19 cases compared to this time last week, the steepest one-week decline the US has seen during the pandemic.

Improvements have been made; in a White House briefing Friday, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said the US continues to see a five-week decline, with the seven-day average of cases declining 69% since peaking on January 11.

We are being told that if the numbers continue to plummet like this, soon there won’t be a need for masks, social distancing and other restrictive measures any longer.

In fact, James Hamblin says that there is a possibility that “pre-pandemic life will return even before summer is upon us”

If all of this holds true, it would mean that many aspects of pre-pandemic life will return even before summer is upon us. Because case numbers guide local policies, much of the country could soon have reason to lift many or even most restrictions on distancing, gathering, and masking. Pre-pandemic norms could return to schools, churches, and restaurants. Sports, theater, and cultural events could resume. People could travel and dance indoors and hug grandparents, their own or others’. In most of the U.S., the summer could feel … “normal.”

But is this pandemic really over, or is it just transitioning into a new chapter?

According to the Daily Mail, the number of confirmed cases of “Super COVID” in the United States is now doubling every 10 days…

There are now more than 1,600 cases of the UK’s B117 ‘super covid’ variant in the US, according to a analysis. Cases are doubling approximately every 10 days, according to a recent Scripps Research Institute study.

‘Super covid’ cases have exploded in two states that took opposite approaches to the pandemic: California, which has been under some of the nation’s strictest lockdowns, and Florida which has never had a mask mandate.

Cases of the 70 percent more infectious variant have exploded to 433 in Florida, in less than one month since the first case was discovered there.

Of course many experts are far more concerned about the new COVID variants that have emerged in Brazil and South Africa.  Both of those variants have now made it to the U.S., and we already know that the current vaccines don’t work very well against the South African variant.

Meanwhile, the U.S. economy continues to crumble right in front of our eyes.

On Thursday, we learned that another 861,000 Americans filed new claims for unemployment benefits last week…

Last week’s initial jobless claims soared to 861,000, despite more states and cities lifting restrictive business measures amid a decline in the number of coronavirus cases. Economists had predicted around 773,000 first-time claims for the week ended Feb. 13. Data for the previous week was revised up to 848,000 from 793,000.

Unemployment claims have been at catastrophic levels for nearly a year, and now they are starting to surge higher once again.

We also just learned that a whopping 92 percent of all restaurants in New York City “could not afford to pay their rent in December”

A new report from the NYC Hospitality Alliance shows the extreme financial problems restaurants in New York City are facing, as 92% of the city’s restaurants could not afford to pay their rent in December.

The number has steadily worsened throughout the pandemic, from 80% of restaurants in June 2020 not being able to pay rent.

92 percent!

That isn’t what a “recession” looks like.

The truth is that we are in an economic depression, and there is no end in sight.

At the same time, communities all over the U.S. continue to be plagued by civil unrest and crime.

In cities such as Seattle, violent protests and riots have essentially become a nightly occurrence at this point.  But most of the violence that we are witnessing is old-fashioned crime.  One study found that murder rates in major U.S. cities were up by an average of 30 percent last year, and the chaos has continued into 2021.  If you want to see an example of the lawlessness that is prevailing in our urban areas right now, just watch this video.

On top of everything else, our entire planet continues to behave in very unusual ways.

For instance, on Friday morning there was a magnitude 4.2 earthquake in Oklahoma

4.2-magnitude earthquake shook Oklahoma and Kansas Friday morning, the U.S. Geological Survey reports.

The 4.3-mile deep quake hit near Manchester, Oklahoma, at 7:56 a.m. CST, according to the USGS. Manchester is in northern Oklahoma near the state’s border with Kansas.

It is not normal to see earthquakes of that size in the middle of the country, but of course we are moving into times when all of the old rules will no longer apply.

Earlier this month, I wrote an article about how volcanoes all along the Ring of Fire have been “starting to pop off like firecrackers”.  I believe that we have entered a time when we will see natural disasters become increasingly frequent and increasingly powerful, and despite all of our advanced technology we are exceedingly vulnerable.

Just look at what just took place in Texas.  A single wave of cold weather plunged the state into a nightmare scenario.

If cold weather can cause this much chaos in Texas, what would a much more severe long-term emergency mean for our entire nation?

The events of the past week should be a wake up call for all of us, because the road ahead is certainly not going to get any easier.

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Now Their Turn- Southern Baptists Divided Over The Sin That Cries To Heaven For Vengeance

by Andrew Bieszad on February 20, 2021 in FeaturedGeneral

There has always been a problem in the Catholic Church with bad priests or people who have a serious interest in very bad sins. This is to be expected- if the Church is a hospital for all sinners, founded by Christ Himself to touch every race of man, and the whole world is to be gathered into her, then it is only inevitable to conclude that she would see all problems that the human race has, no matter how awful it might be, and if she did not see such a horrible problem, that such a problem would not exist because of the expanse, nature, and mission of the Church. The fact that many other sects will proclaim they do not have “so-and-so” a problem is proof that sect is not directly founded by Christ, since it means it does not reach to the whole world.

This is also not to say that sin is good. Rather, it is to say that they lack the completion of expanse to the human race, and to that, also the ability to conclusively provide an antidote to problems. Remember that seventeen centuries ago, it was normal- as in three-quarters of the Church -denied Jesus’ divinity. However, this never changed dogma or doctrine- as it cannot -and eventually, the truth prevailed. A parallel can be drawn between this situation and the proliferation of sodomy, where while most Christians and arguably people in the Church (especially in the western world) support that sin which cries out to Heaven for vengeance and wrath, the dogma and doctrine, no matter what any pope, cardinal, bishop, priest, or group says, can change the Church’s condemnation of this sin or the antidote to it as evidenced throughout doctrine, time, and history. And just like with the Arian monstrosity, eventually the current situation will pass and be defeated. This was not promised to other churches, and indeed, they may initially seem stronger, but always cave.

For example, a recent AP report found that there is a lot of division, and possibly another coming split ahead, in the Southern Baptists over this issue.

Divisions over race, politics, gender and LGBTQ issues are roiling America’s largest Protestant denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention, ahead of a meeting of its executive committee next week.

On the agenda are two items reflecting those divisions: A recommendation that a church in Kennesaw, Georgia, be ousted from the SBC because it accepted LGBTQ people into its congregation, contravening Southern Baptist doctrine; and a report by an executive committee task force criticizing the widely respected leader of the SBC’s public policy arm, the Rev. Russell Moore. Among the grievances against Moore: His outspoken criticism of Donald Trump during Trump’s 2016 election campaign and his presidency.

Towne View began welcoming LGBTQ worshippers in October 2019 after a same-sex couple with three adopted children asked Conrad if they could attend, a decision he defends as the right thing to do.

“The alternative would have been to say, ‘We’re probably not ready for this,’ but I couldn’t do that,” said Conrad, pastor there since 1994.

Conrad has the option of appealing an expulsion, but he’s making plans to affiliate at least temporarily with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, which allows its churches to set their own policies regarding LGBTQ inclusion.

Conrad says about 30% of his congregation — which now numbers about 125 — left his church over the issue, forcing some budget cutbacks, including a pay cut for Conrad.

“But we have had overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community,” he said. “Letters, emails, Facebook messages, phone calls — people telling their own story of rejection by their church and how grateful they’d be to find a place where they’re welcome.”

The most recent disfellowship of an SBC church occurred a year ago when the executive committee ousted Ranchland Heights Baptist Church of Midland, Texas, because it employed a registered sex offender as pastor.

In 2019 the SBC leadership pledged strong action on sex abuse after news reports that hundreds of clergy and staff had been accused of misconduct over the previous 20 years. But critics remain dissatisfied. (source)

It will be important to watch, as it has already been growing for a while, a trend of American Christianity fracturing on the LGBT issue, because most support it, and at this point, being a ‘good American’ in many ways means supporting this sin, which is in direct opposition to not merely “traditional morality”, but morality in the objective sense, as moral truth are not bound to time or place, but are absolute principles that do not chance since they come from God, and He does not change.

This is a major reason why Christianity will continue to decline. Because as long as truth is linked to national sentiment or personal interpretation outside of objective morality, it will eventually fall to cultural norms. Likewise, it is also a reason why those who continue to reject these evil eventually will likely find themselves persecuted by the greater society.

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Legendary singer Carman dies at 65; winning ‘millions to Christ’ was greatest achievement

By Jeannie Law, Christian Post Reporter FOLLOW| Wednesday, February 17, 2021

GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame member and Christian trailblazer Carman Dominic Licciardello, better known as Carman, died at a Las Vegas, Nevada, hospital on Tuesday. 

A statement released on Feb. 16 revealed that the entertainer died “after fighting a series of complications resulting from surgery to repair a hiatal hernia.” He was 65.

After being in remission from cancer over the past six years, Licciardello’s recent surgery led to internal bleeding.

Last month, one of his representatives asked his half a million social media followers to urgently pray for the entertainer. 

“We need you to stop right now and pray! Carman had a minor surgery last week. Recovery was not going well and his temperature continued to rise. They discovered it was caused by internal bleeding and had to do another surgery last night to fix that,” read a message that was posted on Licciardello’s Facebook page on Jan. 25.

“His kidneys and liver are not working fully. He needs a touch from the Lord right now!! Please pray for a complete healing for Carman.”

Born on Jan. 19, 1956, in Trenton, New Jersey, the evangelist started his musical career at the age of 15, playing in a band with his mother. Licciardello currently holds the world record of being the only Christian “stadium act” to lead tens of thousands of people in worship. The record for the largest concert was set at Texas Stadium with more than 71,000 fans and again he gathered 80,000 fans in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Licciardello has said several times throughout his career that he counted “winning millions of souls to Christ” as his greatest lifetime achievement.

“When Carman resumed touring again a few years ago, he was concerned that no one would care that he was back. He was wrong. Every night fans packed out venues and his ministry was as powerful as it ever was. This world has lost a light in the darkness but today Carman saw first hand the fruit of his labors,” Matt Felts, Licciardello’s manager, said in a statement shared with The Christian Post.

His 1985 first No.1 song, “The Champion,” made him a household name in Christian music.  

He has won numerous awards, including the House of Hope of Humanitarian Award for his positive influence in the lives of youth in America. That particular award was also given to such figures as Ronald and Nancy Reagan along with Billy Graham. Billboard named him “Contemporary Christian Artist of the Year” in 1992,1993 and 1995. Licciardello was inducted into the Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame in 2018. 

The popular evangelist had spent the past several years sharing his testimony after he survived an intense battle with cancer.

On his birthday this year, he revealed he had to go to the hospital and shared his concerns because both his father and grandparents died at his age. 

GMA Dove Awards paid tribute to Licciardello on Facebook.

“Today we honor GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame Inductee, Carman Licciardello who passed away yesterday at the age of 65. Carman was often described as part evangelist, part Vegas Showman … If there was any original trademark to Carman’s repertoire, it was his signature story songs. A combination of drama, rock, comedy, funk, satire, acting, singing, and preaching, all woven together … Our hearts go out to his family,” the dedication read.

Sunday’s on the Way,” “The Champion,” “Lazarus Come Forth,” “Revival in the Land,” “Witches Invitation,” “This Blood” and “The Courtroom” were among Licciardello’s most popular compositions.

Licciardello was planning to embark on a 60-city tour later this month before the news of his untimely passing. He is survived by his wife, Dana. After a long life of singlehood, he was married in December 2017 in Dallas

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Jonathan Cahn delivers ‘prophetic message’ to President Biden

‘How can you invoke the name of God in your oath?’

By Art Moore
Published January 26, 2021 at 7:49pm

In a video message for President Biden, Messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn recalled the first inaugural address 232 years ago when President George Washington gave the nation “a prophetic warning.”

“The propitious smiles of heaven cannot be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right that heaven itself has ordained,” Washington told the nation.

Cahn said in his video, posted Monday on YouTube, that there’s a message for the current president and the nation he leads.

“If America follows the ways of God, the blessings of God will remain,” Cahn said. “If it doesn’t, they will be removed.”

Cahn, known for his bestsellers including “The Harbinger,” led a massive gathering on the National Mall in September calling for a “return” to God. Later, he urged Americans to pray and fast on Election Day, warning the nation was “standing at a crossroad and a precipice.”

Now, in the wake of the riot at the Capitol, he said, “division infects the land” along with the COVID-19 pandemic “that has kept its citizens masked and locked in their houses.”

It appears, he said that “the smiles of heaven are being removed from the land” as people disregard “the eternal rules of order and right.”

“America has turned away from God and let in other Gods and served them, embracing the ways of immorality,” said Cahn.

“We’ve called evil good and good evil,” he said.

“We’ve passed down rulings from Washington, D.C., that war against the eternal laws of heaven, on human life, human nature, gender, marriage,” he said. “We’ve indoctrinated our children against the ways of God.”

Cahn said Americans have “done as we were warned not to do, and then we wonder why the blessings of heaven are being removed from our land.”

He noted the pattern of God’s judgment from the Old Testament that he discovered were remarkably repeated in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, including on the spot where George Washington stood and prayed on the day of his inauguration. For Israel, he noted that after such a warning, there was a window of time of 19 years to return to God before judgment, or “great shakings” began. Clearly, 19 years after 2001, America suffered a year of “great shakings.”

He directed his words to the current president.

“Mr. Biden, you have called for unity and peace. But how can a nation have unity and peace when it wars against the very foundation on which it stands?” he said.

Cahn said the nation can’t have unity and peace when it has “turned against the God who brought it into existence.”

Addressing Biden, he asked how the president can place his right hand on the word of God “and then with your right hand sign laws into existence that war against his word?”

“How can you invoke the name of God in your oath and lay your hand upon his word and then implement laws that will suppress the going forth of his word, that will censor his word and those who advance it?” Cahn asked.

He warned that Biden, his administration and lawmakers will be called to account some day by God for their actions.

“The problem is not social or economic or cultural or political, the problem is ultimately spiritual. And so must be the answer.

America’s only hope is to return to God.

“Choose true greatness and lead in that return, or continue in this departure from God, to destruction and judgment,” the rabbi said.

He said that “to those who love the nation and fear for its future, the only hope is revival.”

“Revival only comes through repentance and return,” he said.

“It’s time to pray as never before that return and revival would come. But it’s time not only to pray for revival but to live in revival and to choose to live in revival now.”

Cahn said that if darkness comes, God reminds us to fear not, because, he still has the ultimate authority, and the darkness cannot overcome the light.

“If the darkness should grow darker, then it’s time for the lights of God to shine even brighter.”

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Muslims In India Fear As Violent Hindu Terrorists Raise Money For Controversial Pagan Temple

by Andrew Bieszad on January 23, 2021 in FeaturedGeneral

Islam is an evil religion. However, two things must always be remembered, and that is, that one does not fight evil by endorsing another evil in its place, and that Muslims are people who have the ability to change their minds. Any opposition to Islam therefore is not answered by political solutions, and any political solution cannot take place until the appropriate spiritual solution is applied, as politics is at best a secondary consideration and will naturally follow.

In the case of India, this is a lesson for all to pay attention to, for while there are a lot of Muslims in India, the country is majority Hindu, a religion that worships blood and soil and is one of the worst forms of ancient paganism. While Islam is evil, one cannot “stop Islam” in order to see Hinduism rise, because that will not bring peace, but heinous violence and bloodshed. Allah may be a false god, and its concept so far from the one true God that it is a separate god alltogether, but to its credit, it retains at least the nominal framework given by Christianity, for as St. John of Damascus, who lived in the 8th century and worked for the Umayyad Caliphate wrote and was later paraphrased by the writer Belloc, Islam is but the culmination of Christian heresies. Hinduism cannot even claim this, but is more in common with the darwinistic views espoused by satanism where right comes from might. has covered the fighting in India over a centuries old mosque, known as the Babri Mosque, that Hindu nationalists claim was and if they get their way, which they are working at, will become the Ayodhya Temple to the Hindu god Ram. According to Arab News, Indian Muslims are in fear as Hindu nationalist groups, such as the VHP, are raising money to build the temple following victories in court.

Muslims in India fear a new wave of sectarian tension amid a controversial fundraising campaign to build a Hindu temple in place of a centuries-old mosque in the eastern city of Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh.

The 16th-century Babri Mosque was claimed by both Hindus and Muslims. After decades of conflict, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hindus in 2019, allowing them to build a temple on the site where the mosque had stood.

The mosque was torn down by mobs mobilized by the now-ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in 1992, which claimed that it was built at the birthplace of Ram, a major Hindu deity.

The destruction of the mosque sparked nationwide violence that claimed the lives of more than 2,000 people, mostly Muslims, and set the tone for sectarian tensions that continue today.

Last week, the World Hindu Organization, known locally as Viswa Hindu Parishad (VHP) — an affiliate of the BJP — launched a 45-day nationwide campaign to collect donations for the Hindu temple, including the Muslim community in its efforts.

“There is a palpable sense of anxiety among Muslims in the region,” social activist Abrar ul Haq, from the Basti area of Uttar Pradesh, told Arab News on Tuesday.

“Experience tells us that Hindu activists rally in a Muslim locality in the name of a campaign and shout provocative slogans to incite people. This leads to tension and violence,” he said.

“Muslims want to forget the temple debate, but the divisive campaign by Hindu groups makes them anxious.” (source) has said that a major trend to watch will be violence from Hindu nationalists against Muslims and Christians. According to reports that we have detailed and you can find in the Shoebat archives, the nationalist are preparing for their own naziesque ‘race war’ in which they intend to massacre the Christians and Muslims in the name of Hinduism to create a ‘pure Hindu ethnostate’, known as the Bharat, and enforce Hinduism as the religion and law.

While the world looks at China and her treatment of Christians, and the US complains loudly, the reality is that India is as bad or worse and has been for a while, and the US is not saying a word because she wants to use India in a major war against China. As such, she wants her on ‘her side’ as much as possible, and if this means that many Christians will die, the US does not care. The treatment of Christians in Iraq should be sufficient proof of this, as what Islam could not do in fourteen centuries the US accomplished in fourteen years, which was the permanent and irreversible genocide of the Christian community dating back to the days of St. Thomas the Apostle.

Look for a trend of greater violence against Christians in India, and to this, if one has friends in India who are Christians, prepare to help them in the future, as the situation is likely going to become very difficult for many people and may be no different than what happened last century in Germany, except this time in India.

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The irrelevance of truth in an age of indoctrination

Thomas Sowell: For many people, what is true or false depends on who it helps or hurts politically

By Thomas Sowell
Published January 12, 2021 at 7:14pm

It is amazing how many people seem to have discovered last Wednesday that riots are wrong – when many of those same people apparently had not noticed that when riots went on, for weeks or even months, in various cities across the country last year.

For too many people, especially in the media, what is right and wrong, true or false, depends on who it helps or hurts politically. Too many media people who are supposed to be reporters act as if they are combatants in political wars.

Someone once said that, in a war, truth is the first casualty. That has certainly been so in the media – and in much of academia as well.

One of the most grotesque distortions growing out of this carelessness with the facts has been a removal of Abraham Lincoln’s name and statues from various places, on grounds that he saw black people only as property.

Such criticisms betray an incredible ignorance of history – or else a complete disregard of truth.

As a lawyer, Abraham Lincoln knew that there was nothing in the Constitution which authorized him or any other president to free slaves. But he also knew that a military commander in wartime can legally seize the property of an enemy nation. Defining slaves as property gave President Lincoln the only legal authority he had to seize them during the Civil War. And once they were seized as property, he could then free them as human beings.

But, if the Emancipation Proclamation had based its action on defining the slaves as human beings, with a right to be free, the Supreme Court of that era would undoubtedly have declared it unconstitutional.

Millions of human beings would have remained slaves. Would ringing rhetoric be worth that price?

As for the claim that Lincoln did not regard black people as human, he invited Frederick Douglass to the White House!

Gross distortions of history in order to get Abraham Lincoln’s name removed from schools tell us a lot about what is wrong with American education today.

Many schools are closed because of the coronavirus and the teachers unions. And many schools in minority neighborhoods failed to teach children enough math and English, back when they were still open. So it is incredible that school authorities have time to spend on ideological crusades like removing names and statues from schools.

Unfortunately, too many American educational institutions – from elementary schools to universities – have become indoctrination centers. The riots that swept across the country last year are fruits of that indoctrination and the utter disregard for other people’s rights that accompanied those riots.

At the heart of that indoctrination is a sense of grievance and victimhood when others have better outcomes – which are automatically called “privileges” and never called “achievements,” regardless of what the actual facts are.

Facts don’t matter in such issues, any more than facts mattered when smearing Lincoln.

Any “under-representation” of any group in any endeavor can be taken as evidence or proof of discriminatory bias. But those who argue this way cannot show us any society – anywhere in the world, or at any time during thousands of years of recorded history – that had all groups represented proportionally in all endeavors.

In America’s National Hockey League, for example, there are more players from Canada than there are players from the United States. There are also more players from Sweden than from California, even though California’s population is nearly four times the population of Sweden.

Californians are more “under-represented” in the NHL than women are in Silicon Valley. But no one can claim that this is due to discriminatory bias by the NHL. It is far more obviously due to people growing up in cold climates being more likely to have ice-skating experience.

This is one of many factors that produce skewed statistics in many endeavors. Discriminatory bias is among those factors. But it has no monopoly.

Yet who cares about facts any more, in this age of indoctrination?

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‘We Are in War’: Skillet Frontman John Cooper Fights for Biblical Truth over Cultural Relativism

Milton Quintanilla | Contributor for | Tuesday, December 22, 2020


John Cooper, who has been fronting the Christian rock band Skillet for over two decades, is speaking out against cultural relativism in his fight for biblical truth, Faithwire reports.

In a recent episode of the Edifi With Billy Hallowell podcast, Cooper argued that Christians have “gotten so scared about saying things that are true that it has caused a crisis.”

“It has caused a crisis of people believing that they are good and that they can reach heaven without Jesus’ help,” Cooper asserted.

The rockstar also noted that some of his Christian friends were starting to compromise on biblical truth after they made comments inconsistent with Christianity.

“I don’t think that Jesus is the only way,” the singer said of one of his friend’s claims.

 Cooper added that now he must step up and help others be grounded in biblical truth amid an increasingly chaotic culture.

“There is chaos happening for a reason and we need to be bold about what those reasons are,” Cooper argued. “If you just ground your life in the truth of Christ, you can escape all of this chaos.”

Cooper went on to note a troubling trend taking place today as many people are embracing relativism.

Many are saying things like “your truth” and “my truth” because “nothing in the world is absolutely 100 percent true,” Cooper explained.

“Relativism is something that Christians cannot believe,” he stressed. “We are in war where the church is losing so much ground within the church … the church is not looking like Christianity anymore.”

While he may lose fans, Cooper believes there’s too much at stake to stay quiet.

“What we are losing is so great,” he said. “If it costs me fans, we have to start trying to save as many as we can. It’s that kind of a time.”

Cooper, who also hosts the Cooper Stuff Podcast, recently published his first book titled, Awake and Alive to Truth: Finding Truth in the Chaos of a Relativistic World.

“Awake and Alive to Truth tackles the reigning philosophies of our day of post-modernism, relativism, and the popular view of the goodness of man-and combats these viewpoints by standing on the absolute truth of the Word of God,” the book’s description reads.

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Franklin Graham: U.S sins ‘are a stench in the nostrils of our Creator’

‘God’s judgment is coming. We are in trouble’

By Bob Unruh
Published January 6, 2021 at 1:29pm

The American vote system, the 2020 results of which remain under challenge in multiple courts, first apparently gave the office of president to Democrat Joe Biden, whose recent epiphany about abortion now has him supporting the killing of the unborn almost without limit.

Now voters in Georgia, based on preliminary totals, apparently have given two Senate seats to Democrats who are part of the “demonic-driven abortion agenda.”

The result, according to Franklin Graham, chief of the worldwide Christian ministry Samaritan’s Purse?

“God’s judgment is coming.”

On social media, even as the final counts for the Georgia Senate runoff elections were being continued, he wrote, “The votes are in, but is the election over? I have no clue. I guess we just have to wait and see. But I do know that we need to pray for our nation.

“We are in trouble,” he continued. “I believe God’s judgment is coming, for the sins of our nation are great and they are a stench in the nostrils of our Creator.”

He earlier had urged voters to reject that “demonic-driven abortion agenda” of the Democratic Party.

Republican incumbent Sen. David Perdue faced challenger Jon Ossoff in one race, and incumbent Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler faced Raphael Warnock in the other.

Graham was responding to Planned Parenthood’s praise of Warnock. The abortion-industry giant called him a champion for reproductive rights.

“Truthfully translated, that means Raphael Warnock champions the killing of babies in the safety of a mother’s womb through abortion,” Graham wrote on Facebook.

“I hope the church and all Georgians will see through this demonic-driven abortion agenda,” he said. “This is not just a political issue, it is a moral and biblical issue. We need leadership in our nation that sees the wisdom in defending life.”

Noting the impact of the race on the whole nation, he urged Americans to join him “in praying that candidates who support life – note the murder of babies in the womb – will be elected.”

Graham, the CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse, noted Warnock tweeted he supports “reproductive justice.”

“Justice? What an ironic term to use. Abortion represents the biggest, most significant INJUSTICE of our time in history—genocide of entire masses of babies,” Graham said.

Earlier, Graham urged people to believe President Trump when he charges that the 2020 election was stolen.

After all, when Trump said he was spied on by the Barack Obama administration, he was right, the evangelical leader wrote on Facebook.

And when he said there was no collusion with Russia, he was right.

“When President Trump says that this election has been rigged or stolen, I tend to believe him. He has a track record of being right. Pray for President Trump, pray for Joe Biden, and pray for our nation—that we will get through this, and for God’s will be done,” Graham said.

Congress took up the issue of the Electoral College votes, which remain under challenge in the courts, on Wednesday.

Graham noted Trump said the government was spying on him.

“The media said that he was paranoid. The Obama administration and the Democrats said that this was an absolute lie and that Donald Trump was not fit to be president, only for us to find out later that the U.S. government did spy on Donald Trump, and what he had said was in fact true,” Graham said.

“Then we spent the next two years with the president under investigation for collusion with the Russians. The president said there was no collusion, but night after night, the media and the Democrats said there was collusion. After an investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, it turned out to be false—there was no collusion. President Trump was right again.

“Then the Democrats impeached him over a phone call. The president has been maligned, falsely accused, and attacked on every front since before the election in 2016,” he said.

Regarding Biden, Graham has urged his social media followers to pray for him.

“As we approach a transition in the leadership of our government in Washington, it is critically important for followers of Jesus Christ to pray for those who will be making decisions that impact the future of our nation,” he wrote on Facebook.

“Just because we might not have voted for someone doesn’t mean that we get a pass to not pray for them. The Bible instructs us to pray for all of our leaders—’all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior’ (1 Timothy 2:2-3). We must not give up or waver,” Graham wrote.

“Pray for President-elect Joe Biden, that he would not be swayed by the voices of self-interest, but that he would listen to the still small voice of Almighty God,” he said.

Graham said he’s thankful for the accomplishments of the past four years.

“People have asked if I am disappointed about the election,” he said on Facebook. “When I think about my answer, I have to say honestly, that I am grateful—grateful to God that for the last four years He gave us a president who protected our religious liberties; grateful for a president who defended the lives of the unborn, standing publicly against abortion and the bloody smear it has made on our nation; grateful for a president who nominated conservative judges to the Supreme Court and to our federal courts; grateful for a president who built the strongest economy in 70 years with the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years before the pandemic; grateful for a president who strengthened and supported our military; grateful for a president who stood against ‘the swamp’ and the corruption in Washington; grateful for a president who supported law and order and defended our police.”

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