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Power-Hungry Turkey May Push the Eastern Mediterranean Into an Armed Conflict

Erdogan appears to feel that his aggressive policies, which include lunging after energy resources and are reminiscent of Ottoman behavior, have broad domestic support.

by Yaakov Amidror

Heightening tensions over energy reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean, which recently led to a collision between Greek and Turkish warships, have cast renewed attention on Turkey’s aggressive regional policy.

The country hosts senior Hamas operatives and allows them to plot terrorist attacks against Israel from Istanbul. It sent troops to Qatar after Doha was accused of supporting terrorism by Arab countries and blockaded. It attacked Kurds in Syria who helped the United States fight ISIS. And it threatened to cut ties with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) over the recently announced peace deal with Israel—even though Turkey has an embassy in Tel Aviv.

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has extended this belligerent approach to the Mediterranean, sending soldiers to war-torn Libya and tipping the scales in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood-influenced Government of National Accord (GNA), which is fighting the Egypt and UAE-backed Libyan National Army. He reached a maritime agreement with the GNA to delimit their exclusive economic zones (EEZ), which utterly ignored the rights of Cyprus and Greece—the latter of which is Turkey’s NATO ally.

Both countries are threatened by Turkey’s attempts to turn swaths of the Mediterranean into the Turkish Sea. Ankara is using this dubious deal to legitimize energy explorations in areas that, by any measure of international maritime law, are Greek and Cypriot economic waters, and is threatening to use its navy against anyone who tries to intervene—even though this would be a gross violation of international law. to

This situation is made possible by the weakness of the European Union, which is unable to act unanimously even when member states are confronted by a hostile neighbor and the United States fails to exert its influence. Erdogan has learned that the use of force pays off unless the other side is willing to respond with greater force—like Israel, for example.

What motivates Turkey? While the country is recovering relatively well from the coronavirus pandemic, it continues suffering from an ongoing economic crisis. Erdogan appears to feel that his aggressive policies, which are reminiscent of Ottoman behavior, have broad domestic support. He seems to sense the weakness of other powers in the region, especially the EU, and he wants to expand his country’s influence at the expense of others in the Mediterranean—which, without U.S. backing, are left largely defenseless.

The massive intervention of the Turkish army in Libya poses an immediate threat to Egypt, where the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Erdogan has become the informal leader, is the regime’s biggest enemy. There is also real disdain for the Turks in Egypt, which was once under Ottoman rule, and tensions between the parties were acute even before the latest developments. Egypt has thus far refrained from sending troops to counter Turkish influence in Libya, in part due to its current dispute with Ethiopia over the Nile River. Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi must decide what  endangers him more and act accordingly.

Aside from a recent statement in support of Greece, Israel has so far not been involved in either conflict. Libya is far from Israel, and Turkey does not threaten to infringe on Israel’s EEZ in the Mediterranean. Turkey’s claims overlap those of Greece and Cyprus. The friction between Israel and Turkey these days concerns Ankara’s support for Hamas, as well as its efforts to gain influence among Palestinians by investing in eastern Jerusalem. When Erdoğan turned the Hagia Sophia back into a mosque, there was talk that the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem was next in line to be liberated—but Turkey has been wary of using force in the Israeli context since the 2010 Mavi Marmara fiasco.

However, Israel has clear plans to connect to Europe via a gas pipeline and power cable that are supposed to pass through Cyprus. Will Turkey try to interfere with these projects, on the basis that they cut into the EEZ that Ankara established with the support of the GNA? That would be a Turkish invitation to a military confrontation with Israel, which will not hesitate to defend its vital interests in the Mediterranean.

Regardless, it seems that the eastern Mediterranean may degenerate into an armed conflict with or without Jerusalem’s involvement—an unfortunate reality made possible by European incompetence, American indifference, and unrelenting Turkish aggression.

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Moscow is eyeing a possible military base along the oil-rich shores of Libya. China is seeking investment deals across the region. Turkey is clashing with NATO partner Greece over drilling rights and militarized islands. Newly discovered offshore natural gas deposits have nations scrambling to stake their claims. Even the Trump administration on Wednesday partially lifted an arms embargo with Cyprus in what was widely interpreted as a shot across Turkey’s bow. Analysts generally agree that NATO is failing to ease regional tensions.

by Geoffrey Grider September 4, 2020

The Mediterranean — an on-again, off-again geopolitical hot spot since before the pyramids were built — is emerging anew as a sea of division and instability, with powers including Russia, China, Turkey and Israel jostling aggressively for influence, natural resources and military advantage.


In your King James Bible, we see the term ‘great sea’ mentioned 13 times, and it is referring to, of course, the massive Mediterranean ocean. Scripture also tell us that the full size of the land God gave to Abraham borders on the Mediterranean, and Daniel further tells us that this is where the 4 beasts who are political end times kings originate from. This is referring to nations that will rise to power in the time of Jacob’s trouble. So is it any wonder that right now we are seeing many key players from end times prophecy all trying to take control of the region?

“Daniel spake and said, I saw in my vision by night, and, behold, the four winds of the heaven strove upon the great sea. And four great beasts came up from the sea, diverse one from another. The first was like a lion, and had eagle’s wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man’s heart was given to it. These great beasts, which are four, are four kingswhich shall arise out of the earth.” Daniel 7:2-4,17 (KJB)

When we understand the role of the Mediterranean ocean in bible prophecy, and we look around and see who the players are – Russia, Turkey, China, Greece, Israel – we understand that we are on the cusp of Ezekiel 39. In that chapter, we read about the nations of the world that will come against Israel in the time of the great Tribulation. So if we are as close as we think we are, then all the key players would be busy preparing themselves to fulfill end times bible prophecy. They absolutely are, and it is a joy to watch. Flight #777 on Titus213 Airlines…last boarding call.

Sea of troubles: Tensions flare across Mediterranean as world powers jockey for power

FROM WASHINGTON TIMES: Moscow is eyeing a possible military base along the oil-rich shores of Libya. China is seeking investment deals across the region. Turkey is clashing with NATO partner Greece over drilling rights and militarized islands. Newly discovered offshore natural gas deposits have nations scrambling to stake their claims. Even the Trump administration on Wednesday partially lifted an arms embargo with Cyprus in what was widely interpreted as a shot across Turkey’s bow.

Analysts generally agree that NATO is failing to ease regional tensions. The U.S., despite multiple interests, lacks leverage in many of the disputes, with President Trump accelerating a U.S. pullback begun under President Obama that opened a power vacuum that others are now scrambling to fill.

While a range of unsavory players are making moves — Iran, Hezbollah and the Islamic State are among those seeking to exploit the situation — many in Europe and Washington are pointing the finger at Turkey for escalating the crisis by threatening to use force to take possession of natural gas finds beneath a string of Mediterranean islands that most in Europe say belongs to Greece.

The two NATO member states are now locked in a dangerous maritime standoff that is shaking the alliance to its core, with mediation attempts by Germany and others in the European Union so far going nowhere while the Trump administration warily monitors the situation.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday that Mr. Trump has held private discussions with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and that the White House is “urging everyone to stand down.”

Mr. Pompeo also sought to downplay the appearance of serious U.S. engagement, asserting that the administration’s decision to lift a 33-year arms embargo on nearby Cyprus — a move that triggered outrage in Turkey — was something U.S. officials had been working on “for an awfully long time.”

The current TurkeyGreece standoff was sparked weeks ago when Ankara sent a research ship accompanied by Turkish warships to search for energy reserves off Greece’s coast. It has since seen the two engage in competing military exercises at sea — exercises that came dangerously close to devolving into an all-out clash in mid-August when a Turkish and a Greek warship collided.

Dangerous as the standoff has become, analysts say it is just the latest in a pattern of incendiary developments unfolding on a fabled body of water in which it is no longer clear who’s in charge.

“The broader story here has to do with this growing U.S. isolationism and disengagement from the region at large,” said Aykan Erdemir, a former opposition member of Turkish parliament now serving as a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies in Washington.

Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin are among a slate of actors trying to take advantage of the vacuum created by U.S. disengagement from the Middle East, North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean,” Mr. Erdemir said in an interview this week.

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Jezebelic: BLM leaders call on the spirits of the dead

Michael Brown quotes cofounders from video discussion about how they ‘worship’

By Michael Brown
Published September 2, 2020 at 7:29pm

Is it true that leaders of the BLM movement, including one of the cofounders, are calling on the spirits of the dead? That they claim to receive spiritual power from the deceased? That they talk with these spirits and even give them names? The answer to all these questions is yes. This is now an open secret.

Lest you think that this type of “spirituality” is exceedingly rare, I remind you that in October 2019, the New York Times ran a story titled, “When Did Everybody Become a Witch?” The article claimed that, “We have reached peak witch,” noting, “Real witches are roaming among us, and they’re seemingly everywhere.”

Yes, “Witches are influencers who use the hashtag #witchesofinstagram to share horoscopes, spells and witchy memes, and they are anti-Trump resistance activists carrying signs that say “Hex the Patriarchy” (also the title of a new book of spells), and “We are the granddaughters of the witches you weren’t able to burn.”

I documented this phenomenon in my book, “Jezebel’s War with America,” also arguing that many of the major trends in our society could be traced back to this “Jezebelic” spirit. These include the rise of pornography; the shout your abortion movement; radical feminism; the emasculating of men; the war on gender; the rise of witchcraft and sorcery; and the silencing of the prophetic voice of the church.

With the rise of the BLM movement, we have further evidence of this Jezebelic influence, as the cofounders are all radical feminists, with two of the three identifying as queer. (Please note that I use the initials BLM to distinguish this Marxist-based movement from the important affirmation that black lives do matter.)

We can now trace this demonic influence one step further, with the open, unapologetic statements of two key BLM leaders. I’m speaking about BLM cofounder Patrisse Cullors and professor Melina Abdullah, chair of the department of Pan-African Studies at California State University, Los Angeles, and a co-founder of the Los Angeles chapter of Black Lives Matter.

Their relevant video discussion on Facebook was posted on June 13. But even before that, on June 9, Heba Farrag posted an article on the Berkeley Center website titled, “The Fight for Black Lives is a Spiritual Movement.”

Farrag explained how Abdullah met with a BLM group in front of the house of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti: “She led the group in a ritual: the reciting of names of those taken by state violence before their time – ancestors now being called back to animate their own justice:

“‘George Floyd. Asé. Philandro Castille. Asé. Andrew Joseph. Asé. Michael Brown. Asé. Eric Garner. Asé. Harriet Tubman. Asé. Malcom X. Asé. Martin Luther King. Asé.’

“As each name is recited, Dr. Abdullah poured libations on the ground as the group of over 100 chanted ‘Asé,’ a Yoruba term often used by practitioners of Ifa, a faith and divination system that originated in West Africa, in return. This ritual, Dr. Abdullah explained, is a form of worship.”

Yes, this helps fuel the fires of the BLM movement: worship of the dead; calling on the dead; asking the spirits of the dead to empower the living today.

Abdullah and Cullors discussed this openly on their Facebook video, which Abraham Hamilton III brought to national attention on his daily radio show on Aug. 13, playing relevant clips, in context.

In the video, professor Abdullah stated that “we become very intimate with the spirits that we call on regularly. Right, like, each of them seems to have a different presence and personality. You know, I laugh a lot with Wakisha, you know, and I didn’t meet her in her body. Right, I met her through this work.”

Yes, the spirits of the dead even have names, like Wakisha, with whom Abdullah exchanges some laughs.

Cullors, in response, explained how she has been empowered by these spirits and how the mantra to “say his (or, her) name” was more than a slogan. It was an appeal to the spirits of the deceased to rise up and work through her and others.

As summed up by Cullors, “The fight to save your life is a spiritual fight.”

Of course, she is entirely right. The battles we fight in our society are, ultimately, spiritual battles. But victory is found, not in calling on the spirits of the dead but in calling on the Spirit of the living God.

As we have been emphasizing for months now, one is from below; the other is from above. One brings death, the other brings life.

Let the reader be aware. Fully aware. Calling on the spirits of the dead is a practice you want to avoid at all costs – for your own soul’s sake.

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As we have told you, the forces behind groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter are demonic, there can be no question about that now, but it is only part of the larger picture we are seeing. The spirit of Antichrist, as he prepares to come on the scene, is sweeping around the globe, preparing a lost, Jesus-rejecting world to receive the Devil, and receive him they will. As I watched the videos of the angry mobs executing the effigy of President Trump, I could not help but feel they have already accepted Antichrist. They are going to kill the president, or at the very least make a really good attempt. Pray for President Trump’s safety and salvation. 

by Geoffrey Grider August 28, 2020

Democratic Rioters staged outside the White House Thursday night placed an effigy of President Donald Trump under a mock guillotine and beheaded him as calls for his assassination were issued.

They are going to kill President Trump, all the signs are there, and last night at the RNC during Trump’s Republican National Convention speech they placed an effigy of the president in a guillotine and beheaded him. No, you will not see this story on any of the corrupt Liberal media outlets as they stand with the rioters who call for the president’s execution. Such is the climate in America in 2020. In the book of Revelation, Antichrist will execute all those who oppose him with exactly the same thing the rioters called for last night, beheading, and indeed we are watching the spirit of Antichrist rising rapidly across America.

“And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.” Revelation 20:4 (KJB)

As we have told you, the forces behind groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter are demonic, there can be no question about that now, but it is only part of the larger picture we are seeing. The spirit of Antichrist, as he prepares to come on the scene, is sweeping around the globe, preparing a lost, Jesus-rejecting world to receive the Devil, and receive him they will. As I watched the videos of the angry mobs executing the effigy of President Trump, I could not help but feel they have already accepted Antichrist. They are going to kill the president, or at the very least make a really good attempt. Pray for President Trump’s safety and salvation.

DC Protesters Put Trump Effigy Under Guillotine During White House RNC Speech

FROM THE TENNESSEE STAR: The demonstration occurred during Trump’s Republican National Convention speech, which was given on the White House South Lawn. Trump’s address concluded the four-night convention that featured a wide array of Republican leaders.

Later in the night, kneeling protesters posed with what appeared to be a different Trump effigy. They made the Trump effigy kneel with them. “Ticket – Fascist, Rapist, Criminal,” a piece of paper placed on the effigy said, according to Daily Caller reporter Shelby Talcott.

Other protesters appeared to harass and assault an elderly man at a different point in the protest. The man said he was going to view the fireworks display that was set to take place following Trump’s speech.

A massive protest organized by civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network (NAN) is expected to take place in Washington D.C. on Friday. The Trump protest is titled the “Commitment March: Get Your Knee Off Our Necks,” a reference to George Floyd who died in Minneapolis police custody after an officer kneeled on his neck, video shows.

“This inter-generational inclusive day of action will demonstrate our advocacy for comprehensive police accountability reform, the Census, and mobilizing voters for the November elections,” NAN’s description of the protest read.

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Turkish-Greek gas row boils up as each plan rival exercises in E. Mediterranean


Aug 25, 2020 @ 13:41 E. Mediterranean oilgasIsraelLibyaTurkey vs Greece

Old enemies Turkey and Greece have warned vessels to stay out of disputed parts of the eastern Mediterranean where both scheduled rival military exercises for Tuesday, Aug. 25. Germany has stepped in to defuse the row over gas and oil between the two NATO allies, before it explodes into open warfare, recalling the conflict that erupted in 1974 when Turkey invaded Cyprus.

On August 13, President Recep  Erdoğan warned of a heavy price for anyone attacking the Turkish drilling vessel Oruç Reis, which is exploring for oil and gas in waters claimed by both Turkey and Greece. The research, with naval escort, was extended up until Aug. 27 after a collision between Greek and Turkish navy frigates. Greece, which says the survey is unlawful, responded by announcing naval exercises in the area. Athens also said the United Arab Emirates would dispatch F-16 fighters to Crete this week for “joint training.”

The epic normalization agreement the UAE signed last with israel clearly has multiple layers. Israel’s offshore oil and gas rigs are visible on the E. Mediterranean skyline. In January, Israel, Greece and Cyprus signed a $6.86 billion deal to build a major 700km subsea pipeline from Israel’s offshore Leviathan and Cypriot gas fields to eastern Crete and on to Italy.

This project and others may be overlapped and jeopardized by Turkey’s urgent drive for a stake in the E. Mediterranean energy bonanza. To prop up his claims, President Erdogan last year signed a bilateral agreement with the UN-recognized Libyan government of Tripoli for bringing parts of the E. Mediterranean under their bilateral control. More recently, Greece countered with a similar accord with Egypt.

Turkey claims it owns exploitation rights within an area it terms “continental shelf.” Athens replies that all its inhabited islands are surrounded by a 200-mile exclusive economic zone. This claim is respected by the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, to which Turkey is not a party.

Although Greece belongs to the EU as well as NATO, Berlin appears more sympathetic to Turkey’s claims, while the EU has not agreed on new sanctions on top of those previously imposed for Turkey’s illegal drilling off Cyprus. France has pledged support for the Greek side of the argument

The conflict is also tightly woven into the Libyan civil war as well. There, the UAE backs the Haftar campaign against the Tripoli government, which Turkey is fighting for. And in this context, the Emirates’ peace deal with Israel may be seen as a blow not just to Iran but also to Turkey’s expansionist aspirations and support for Israel’s enemy, the Palestinian Hamas terrorists.  

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Turkey’s Erdogan orders historic church be turned into mosque for Muslim prayers

By Anugrah Kumar, Christian Post Contributor 

| Sunday, August 23, 2020

About a month after converting Istanbul’s landmark Hagia Sophia into a Muslim house of prayer, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has now ordered another ancient Orthodox church to be turned into a mosque.

Erdogan, who is seeking to gain support among his conservative base amid economic and political uncertainty, has officially ordered that Istanbul’s medieval Church of the Holy Saviour in Chora — also known as the Kariye Museum — be handed over to Turkey’s religious authority for its conversion into a Muslim house of prayer, The Associated Press reported.

Originally built in the early 4th century by Constantine the Great, the Holy Saviour church was converted into the Kariye Mosque about 50 years after the 1453 conquest of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks. In 1945, the building was designated a museum by the Turkish government. The museum was opened for public display in 1958 after American art historians helped restore the original church’s mosaics.

The foreign ministry of Greece, where millions of Orthodox Christians live, condemned Erdogan’s decision for “once again brutally insulting the character” of another U.N. world heritage site.

“This is a provocation against all believers,” the Greek ministry said in a statement. “We urge Turkey to return to the 21st century, and the mutual respect, dialogue and understanding between civilizations.”

Turkey’s Opposition HDP party lawmaker Garo Paylan called the move “a shame for our country.”

“One of the symbols of our country’s deep, multicultural identity and multi-religious history has been sacrificed,” he tweeted, according to France 24.

Before opening the structure for Muslim prayers, the church’s walls will be covered up or plastered over to hide the  Christian art. And that would be “destruction,” Ottoman Empire historian Zeynep Turkyilmaz told the AFP. “It is impossible to hide the frescoes and mosaics because they decorate the entire building,” he said.

Last month, Erdogan declared the Hagia Sophia site a mosque open to Muslim worship. “Turkish people have no less right to Hagia Sophia than those who built it first 1,500 years ago,” Erdogan said in a televised speech at the time.

Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia, built in A.D. 537 as a Greek Orthodox church, was the seat of Eastern Christianity for 900 years before the city was seized in the 15th century by Sultan Mehmed II, the Conqueror, who converted it into an Ottoman mosque. In 1934, modern Turkey’s founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, banned worship in Hagia Sophia and designated it as a museum.

“We are disappointed by the decision by the Government of Turkey to change the status of the Hagia Sophia,” State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus said in a statement at the time, according to Reuters. “We understand the Turkish Government remains committed to maintaining access to the Hagia Sophia for all visitors, and look forward to hearing its plans for continued stewardship of the Hagia Sophia to ensure it remains accessible without impediment for all.”

U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman James Risch, R-Idaho, and ranking member Bob Menendez, D-N.J., called the move a “deep affront to Christians around the world who look to Hagia Sophia as a shining light and deeply revered holy site.”

“We strongly denounce President Erdogan’s decision to convert Hagia Sophia from a museum into a mosque,” they said in a joint statement at the time. “At points in its history, Hagia Sophia served as a place of worship for Muslims and Christians, and for decades has been an extraordinary and welcoming center to people of all faiths.”

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Prescient 2018 Warning Envisioned 2020 America: As We Enter One Of The Most Tumultuous Times In US History, Americans Better Brace For Impact With Perilous Times Ahead

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die 

Back in 2018 at the end of the True Legends Conference, Steve Quayle warned the live audience in Branson, Missouri and the livestream viewers that the way America and the world were heading, the word “normal” would never be used nor apply again. And while at the time, not everybody understood Steve’s warning, just look now at what has come to pass since then and where America is now – could you have imagined the ‘new reality’ of ‘locked down’‘masked’ and ‘burning’ America in 2020 back in 2018? 

With 2020 now unfolding at lightning-fast speed as we rush towards the most important election of our lifetimes, Steve Quayle and some of the top names in independent news will once again be holding a critical livestreaming broadcast on October 16th and 17th called “Final Warning: Brace For Impact”, just weeks before the election as one of the most tumultuous times in American history unfolds. 

As Steve warns us, if the upcoming election alone were not enough to unravel our country, the greatest pandemic in modern history is also now underway, leading to massive financial chaos nationwide along with a loss of freedom, civil unrest, famine and now the very real chance of war either here within the US or an external war against China and/or Russia that we pray will be avoided. 

With extreme poverty rising in America and around the world and a generation seeing its future slip away according to the Associated Press as reported in this new story, the utter chaos and violence we’re now seeing in cities such as ChicagoBaltimoreWashington DCPortlandSeattle and elsewhere around America are warnings to the suburbs/countryside as antifa/blm take their protests/riots to outlying areas (while receiving several well-deserved ‘beatdowns’ for violently venturing into Trump territory.) 

So with Democrats pushing America into being ripped apart at the seams while the globalists usher in financial Armageddon which Chris Martenson recently warned was lead towards the ‘endgame’, the very real chance that Democrats will attempt to steal the 2020 election using mail-in ballots and counterfeit drivers licenses, especially knowing the 4-year long temper tantrum they’ve thrown since President Trump won back in 2016, are all more warning signs of perilous times ahead.

According to this new story over at the Epoch Times, on Sunday, US Attorney General William Barr defined Antifa as a revolutionary group intent on establishing socialism or communism in the United States. While Democrat politicians continue to push the antifa/blm as ‘peaceful protest groups’ lie, Barr went on with Mark Levin on Fox News as heard in the 1st & 2nd videos at the bottom of this story and dropped a truth bomb that will surely have Democrats crying foul. 

Barr delivered a scathing critique of Antifa in an interview with Mark Levin on Fox News, noting that the group’s organization and tactics make it a difficult phenomenon to deal with. 

“They are a revolutionary group that is interested in some form of socialism, communism. They are essentially bolsheviks. Their tactics are fascistic,” Barr said. 

Antifa publicly identifies with communist and socialist ideology. 

But Sunday marked the first time that the nation’s top law enforcement officer explicitly outlined the group’s nature. 

Barr made the comments in response to a question about Antifa’s apparent focus on removing the administration of President Donald Trump. He noted that the extremist group has been engaged with this goal since the first day of the Trump administration. 

“They were trying to impeach him from day one. They have done everything they can. They have shredded the norms of our system to do what they can to drive him from office or to debilitate his administration, and I think that’s because of the desire for power,” Barr said. 

“The left wants power because that is essentially their state of grace in their secular religion. They want to run people’s lives so they can design utopia for all of us. That’s what turns them on—it’s the lust for power. 

“They weren’t expecting Trump’s victory and it outrages them,” he added. 

Trump has said that the United States will declare Antifa a terrorist group, but the administration has not taken the formal step of doing so. 

Barr had previously said that “the violence instigated and carried out by Antifa and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly.” 

Antifa and other extremists groups hijacked peaceful protests in the wake of the police custody death of black American George Floyd. The extremists provoked violence, vandalism, and looting. Despite the apparently coordinated activity, the Department of Justice has been mum about whether the many arrests made since the riots began are focused on Antifa as an enterprise.

And while Democrat mayors, governors and national politicians would surely be screaming ‘terrorism’ if President Trump supporters were taking over large parts of US cities, proven by how Democrats and the Obama administration reacted to so-called ‘right wing’ protests at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge as well as Bundy Ranch, 2020 Democrats remain silent with ‘their base’ being the ones who are rioting, although in doing so they’re ripping America apart and herding us towards Civil War. 

And as Mike Adams warns in this new story over at Natural News, those leftist-backed terrorists are now receiving large caches of weapons in what’s looking more and more to be in preparation for coordinated multi-city “TET offensive” against America. Adams will be one of the speakers at the upcoming “Final Warning: Brace For Impact” livestreaming event in October along with Gerald Celente, Greg Hunter and others and as Adams warns us within his story, all of this leftist insanity we’re now witnessing across America has been designed to sow as much chaos in the US as possible ahead of the November election. From this story.: 

We’ve just learned that Antifa terrorist groups in Austin, Texas and Portland, Oregon have received a large cache of weapons that are being handed to them in preparation for a coordinated, multi-city uprising. Dubbed the “TET Offensive” by Dave Hodges (The Commonsense Show), this planned multi-city attack looks likely to take place before the coming election, as anti-American forces now realize Joe Biden cannot win. So their new goal is to unleash so much chaos across America that elections must be suspended, allowing the Marxist media to roll out its “Trump is a dictator” narrative. 

This new delivery of weapons to Antifa forces on or around August 9th has been confirmed by reliable sources. It is consistent with previous announcements by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) describing government seizures of full-auto weapons parts and illegal suppressors that were intercepted during shipment from communist China to several U.S. cities, including Detroit MI, Louisville KY, and Melbourne FL. 

Adams then references the above mentioned interview with William Barr and how Democrats are allowing Antifa and BLM to be the public face of their ‘resistance’ to President Trump and his America-first policies though as both Adams and Barr point out, this ‘resistance’ is by no means ‘peaceful’.  

AG Barr warns “urban guerrilla warfare” is now active across America 

Why so many battlefield weapons? Because Antifa and BLM aren’t “peaceful protesters;” they’re radical revolutionary groups that plan to carry out mass killings to achieve their political goals of overthrowing the United States of America. Matt Bracken at writes that Antifa and BLM are simply cover names for the real organization behind all this: The “Revolutionary Communist Party of the USA,” which has long planned a guerrilla warfare urban uprising in an attempt to overthrow the United States of America. 

In fact, US Attorney General William Barr is now describing these radical left-wing terrorist forces as a new form of “urban guerrilla warfare.” Via Fox News: 

“They are a revolutionary group that is interested in some form of socialism, communism. They’re essentially Bolsheviks. Their tactics are fascistic… The way the guerrilla…hides out among the people as a fish in the ocean…what they do is they are essentially shielding themselves or shrouding themselves in First Amendment activity.” 

What Barr isn’t yet talking about publicly is how Antifa and BLM have standing orders to launch a massive, multi-city assault on police and innocent civilians in order to terrorize Americans and spark a shooting response from pro-America forces.

With any President Trump win in November sure to usher in madness, chaos and mayhem like we’ve never seen before from Democrats who are already melting down in US streets while any obvious and blatant election steal by the Democrats in November could also bring major civil unrest, the November election is already looking like one that will live in infamy so Steve Quayle’s warning that we be fully prepared for the days ahead should be wisely heeded as America enters unknown territory.  

As SQ had warned in a recent email, “the globalists and new world order adherents have begun their de-population agenda; Bill Gates has announces that without proof of vaccine you won’t be able to travel, buy or sell, hold a or or get medical attention. This of course echoes the Book of Revelation and the anti-Christ’s rule and reign over the planet Earth”

And with totalitarianism in the name of fighting covid-19 being rolled out across America and the world and all of this happening at a time when the democrats/globalists are attempting to complete their takedown of America, being prepared for the coming times will likely make the difference between life and death

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On the very same day, October 18th, 2019, when Bill Gates was running Event 201, a global coronavirus pandemic outbreak exercise that handed out COVID-19 plush toys to the attendees, China held the Military World Games Opening Ceremony…in Wuhan. Now what are the chances of those two events happening on exactly the same day? Pretty slim, I know, but it gets worse.  Another amazing coincidence is Bill Gates, self-proclaimed ‘virology expert’, boldly predicting that the next global situation would not be with missiles but with microbes. Blink your eyes and “presto!”, here’s a global pandemic from China with the very same virus that Bill Gates and Event 201 planned for. Astonishing. 

by Geoffrey Grider August 5, 2020

Another amazing coincidence is Bill Gates, self-proclaimed ‘virology expert’, boldly predicting that the next global situation would not be with missiles but with microbes. Blink your eyes and “presto!”, here’s a global pandemic from China with the very same virus that Bill Gates and Event 201 planned for. Astonishing.

Life is filled with unpredictable twists and turns, and sometimes the most amazing coincidences can take place. What an amazing coincidence it was that Andrew Breitbart died of a ‘heart attack’ mere hours before he said he was going to release damaging video evidence on Barack Obama and his links to the Communist Party. What an amazing coincidence it was that Jeffrey Epstein ‘committed suicide’ mere hours are telling his lawyer he was ready to open up his black book and talk with the feds. Yes sire, life is chock full of amazing coincidences, isn’t it?

“The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us.” Ecclesiastes 1:9,10 (KJB)

Here’s another amazing coincidence for you to consider. On the very same day, October 18th, 2019, when Bill Gates was running Event 201, a global coronavirus pandemic outbreak exercise that handed out COVID-19 plush toys to the attendees, China held the Military World Games Opening Ceremony…in Wuhan. Now what are the chances of those two events happening on exactly the same day? Pretty slim, I know, but it gets worse.


Another amazing coincidence is Bill Gates, self-proclaimed ‘virology expert’, boldly predicting that the next global situation would not be with missiles but with microbes. Blink your eyes and “presto!”, here’s a global pandemic from China with the very same virus that Bill Gates and Event 201 planned for. Astonishing.

From here it takes so many twists and turns it becomes all but impossible to sort out, but just as God showed Daniel the interpretation of the king’s dream, He showed us the intricacies of all these end times shenanigans from the global elites. He showed us how Bill Gates, calling for a digital Immunity Passport to go with the global vaccine, had already created ID2020 to implant microchips into every human on earth. He showed us how Anthony Fauci, who changes his mind more than Johnny Carson changed suits, had already been in league with Gates for over a decade in the master plan to vaccinate and microchip the world. Who was the one who called for the lockdown? Fauci. Who was the one that called for mandatory masks? Fauci.





— SPIRO (@O_RIPS) AUGUST 5, 2020

Now, if you would like to think that all these events, all happening on the same day, are all just an incredible series of random coincidences, go ahead and think that. But here we are, 4 months into the ‘15-day window to flatten the curve‘ and people are being arrested for trying to reopen their businesses. Churches are being shut while rioting in the streets encouraged. You are not allowed to hold a funeral for your loved ones, but George Floyd got 5 public funerals with packed audiences. John Lewis got a very public funeral with no social distancing required, while you were not allowed to hold the hand of your mother as she lay dying in the hospital.


But I’m sure this is all just crazy coincidence. One more thing, when you hear that knock on your door, and you open it to see medical and military personnel from the Pentagon with a COVID-19 injection and digital ID labelled with your name, that won’t be a coincidence. That’s the plan.

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ANALYSIS: Turkey has become a rogue state‏

Turkey is sowing conflict in Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Qatar, planning to renew the Ottoman Empire which Erdogan intends to head.

By now it has become clear that Turkey is on the way to becoming a rogue state under the rule of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

After invading Syria twice to thwart the Kurdish independence dream and bombing northern Iraq including Mount Sinjar, which is home to what is left of the Yazidi minority in Iraq – under the pretext that the Turks were fighting “terrorists” of the PKK, the Kurdish Workers Party – Turkey is now on a crash course with Egypt.

In addition, Erdogan keeps repeating that he will ‘liberate’ the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and has just converted Turkey’s largest church into a mosque while broadening intervention in Libya, a country that has seen civil war since 2011.

“Turkey is an irredentist, bellicose country right now. While before the political Islam takeover the national motto was “Peace at home, peace abroad,” today it is the exact opposite: ‘War at home, war abroad,’” says Cengiz Aktar, professor of Turkish and Modern Asian Studies at The University of Athens.

Aktar claims that the inauguration of the Church of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul as a mosque on July 24 was done deliberately as thumb in the nose to Christians, who have become a persecuted minority in Turkey and elsewhere in the Muslim world.

July 24, marks the day that the so-called Lausanne Treaty, which officially put an end to the Ottoman Empire, was signed, creating modern Turkey that used to be a secular state until Erdogan’s AKP party took over the country eighteen years ago.

My mentor, the late Professor Barry Rubin z”l a Middle East expert, predicted back in 2009 that Turkey would become an Islamist country under Erdogan and that the hot-headed leader would stir-up a lot of trouble in the Middle East. Rubin used to call what Erdogan was doing with Turkey a “stealth revolution.”

Now, 11 years later, Erdogan increasingly seems to be trying to export this ‘stealth’ revolution which has turned into an aggressive drive for domination in The Middle East and the Muslim world.

According to Associated Press (AP) Erdogan blackmailed the UN-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA) led by Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj who has connections to Islamist organizations.

In exchange for weapons, drones and the deployment of disgruntled Syrian Sunni Islamists to Libya, Turkey would get energy rights off the Libyan coast.

The deployment of Syrian mercenaries was a blatant violation of UN sanctions, as was the delivery of weapons and attack- drones which is forbidden under UN resolutions that dealt with the Libyan war.

AP says that Turkey has already sent close to 4.000 Syrians to Libya where they fight along-side al-Sarraij’s forces and now are besieging the coastal city of Sirte, situated in the vicinity of Libya’s oil fields.

“They (the Turks) took advantage of our weakness at the time,” unnamed Libyan officials told AP.

The Turkish intervention has escalated the Libyan civil war and turned it into an international conflict in which Russia has deployed its own mercenaries and delivers drones and other weapons to the Libyan army which is led by General Khalifa Haftar.

Egypt has never showed much interest in what is happening in neighboring Libya, but that has now changed as well. Last month, the Egyptian parliament rubber-stamped a plan presented by President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi that would bring the Egyptian army into the Libyan fray.

El-Sisi called any attempt to take over Sirte the crossing of a “red line” and warned he would send in the Egyptian army to foil Erdogan’s and el-Sarraj’s plan to attack Sirte.

Egypt would “defend Egyptian national security in the strategic western direction against the actions of armed criminal militias and foreign terrorists,” the Egyptian House of Representatives said in a referral to the ‘Turkish’ troops and Erdogan’s plan to obtain control over Libya’s oil fields near Sirte.

“Egypt will spare no efforts to support the sister Libya … to overcome the current critical crisis,” President el-Sisi said in a statement after the vote by the House of Representatives.

Last week, tensions between Egypt and Turkey reached boiling-point when Cairo made clear that any Turkish attempt to conduct a seismic survey in the waters of the eastern Mediterranean Sea would be regarded as “a violation and an attack on Egypt’s sovereign rights”.

In other words, the two countries could reach a point of no return after which war could become an option.

The same issue of offshore hydrocarbon exploration rights in the Mediterranean Sea has sharply increased tensions between Turkey and Greece, with Cyprus as well as Israel on the other side.

On the other end of the Middle East, Turkey is working to expand its influence over Qatar and in Somalia where the Turks built a military base. Erdogan is also meddling in the Yemenite war by offering a safe haven to Islamists who fought on the side of the exiled President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi.

The Economist recently published an article about Turkey’s hegemonic drive in the Middle East and claimed that Erdogan doesn’t appear to have a clear vision for the region.

This is far from the truth. The Turkish dictator may not be the region’s best strategic mind, but his plans for the Middle East and the larger Muslim world are crystal clear.

Erdogan has made many statements about the Lausanne treaty in which he made clear he views the agreement as a piece of paper that has no relevance today.

The same counts for the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement that de-facto ended the Ottoman Empire. The Turkish strongman has made many statements in which he recalled the Ottoman age as an example of his vision for Turkey’s future.

As for the Muslim world, Erdogan is trying to become the leader of the Ummah, the entire Islamic nation, and that’s why he dared to convert the Haga Sophia church into a mosque. That is also why he is vowing to launch a holy war on Israel under the pretext that the al-Aqsa mosque must be ‘liberated

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A video posted to Twitter on Saturday shows rioters holding Black Lives Matter signs tossing Bibles into a fire. Bystanders stood and watched as the flames licked away at the pages of the books. “Left-wing activists bring a stack of Bibles to burn in front of the federal courthouse in Portland,” wrote the Twitter user, Ian Cheong, who posted the video. Later in the Twitter thread, Cheong pointed out that the violent and chaotic nature of these protestors is not correlated with “protesting against police brutality.” Other Twitter users acknowledged that burning Bibles confirms what many have thought all along about the riots.

by Geoffrey Grider August 1, 2020

While ANTIFA rioters previously attacked federal buildings, businesses, and even officers, this weekend, they found a new target: Bibles. What does burning bibles have to do with protesting police brutality? Absolutely nothing. What does ANTIFA have in common with the Nazis from Hitler’s Germany? Just about everything. They wear hoods like the KKK to hide their faces, they wear black clothing to show their malicious intent, and they are the living incarnation of Nazi fascism for the 21st century.

“And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works. And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.” Revelation 20:11-15 (KJB)

This weekend, ANTIFA fascists threw stacks of bibles into a roaring fire and cheered as the word of God burned. Ironically, the living word contained in those bibles, that they thought were destroyed, were not consumed in the fire, and in fact will judge them at the Great White Throne judgement.


As They Turn To Burning Bibles, ANTIFA Portland Rioters Show Their True Colors Of Fascism


FROM THE FEDERALIST: While rioters previously attacked federal buildings, businesses, and even officers, this weekend, they found a new target: Bibles. A video posted to Twitter on Saturday shows rioters holding Black Lives Matter signs tossing Bibles into a fire. Bystanders stood and watched as the flames licked away at the pages of the books.


Later in the Twitter thread, Cheong pointed out that the violent and chaotic nature of these protestors is not correlated with “protesting against police brutality.”

“I don’t know what burning the Bible has to do with protesting against police brutality. Do not be under the illusion that these protests and riots are anything but an attempt to dismantle all of Western Civilization and upend centuries of tradition and freedom of religion,” he continued.

Donald Trump Jr. also commented on the video criticizing it as an escalation of Antifa.


Other Twitter users acknowledged that burning Bibles confirms what many have thought all along about the riots.

“There is a purpose to this. The protesters are signaling they will dismantle and replace our whole entire narrative,” tweeted another user.

The Portland riots have been raging since George Floyd’s death in early May, even before “the ramped-up federal presence.” While many have claimed that these riots are “largely peaceful,” “gunfire, arson, stabbings, and other violence followed rioters” well through Saturday morning. 

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