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75 Years Ago, Rabbi Predicted Russia as Biblical “Gog” and the Similarities Are Shocking

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz October 27, 2015 , 1:30 pm
“Son of man, set your face toward Gog of the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him and say, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD, “Behold, I am against you, O Gog, prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal.…” (Ezekiel 38:2-3)
The late Rabbi Haim Shvili, a Jewish mystic born in the early 1900s, made many predictions about the messianic era in his book, Heshbonot Hageula (Reckonings of Redemption), which he wrote in 1935. Some of the predictions in this obscure and largely unknown text were shockingly accurate, stating specific dates and names. His final terrifying vision, that of a Russian-led coalition as the prophesied Gog, is unfolding on the front pages of newspapers today. Of course, Rabbi Shvili did what the newspapers can’t: he predicted precisely how it would end.
Shvili wrote that the chronology of the Book of Daniel, along with predictions found in Ezekiel 38 and 39, Joel 4 and Zechariah 14, indicated that a great war would break out during the Sukkot holiday of the Jewish year 5751, which began on October 3, 1990. This was reported in the Jerusalem Post and the LA Times of that year, a few weeks before the holiday. Though a great war did not break out, massive and unprecedented Arab riots exploded on the Temple Mount on Sukkot of that year, resulting in 23 Arab deaths and more than 150 Arabs being injured. This incident had major implications for Israel and resulted in international condemnation.
While Shvili did not predict how long the war would continue, he wrote that this conflict marked the beginning of the messianic process. Shvili believed that after the war Jerusalem would reign supreme and the city would become a center of tourism, pilgrimage and Jewish religious learning – a prophecy that has fully come to fruition.
Based on chapters 38 and 39 of Ezekiel, Shvili predicted that the major world power involved in the war of Gog and Magog would be Russia. He specified that it would not be England, though at the time of his predictions, England was the more logical choice for Gog, being much more powerful and more active as a global power. England was also directly involved in the Middle East as part of its mandate. This prediction is even more shocking, since at the time when he wrote his predictions, and even later when they were published, Russia had been replaced by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).
Nonetheless, Shvili specified Russia as being the military leader of a coalition during the messianic wars by explaining the the verse in Ezekiel 38:2, which reads, “Son of man, set your face toward Gog of the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal”. Shvili interpreted the word “Rosh” through Kabbalistic techniques to mean Russia. He used the same techniques to interpret the words “Meshech” and “Tubal” to be the Balkan states, which are ruled by Russia.
Shvili emphasized that Gog is referred to as the “land of the North”, and Russia is the northernmost country in Europe. He pointed out that the return of the Jews from the north, as prophesied in Isaiah and Jeremiah, will be an enormous miracle. In fact, for a long period of time, the Soviet Union did not allow Jews to emigrate to Israel. In the late 1980s and 90s, around the time when Shvili predicted the messianic period would begin, in an entirely unexpected move, Mikhail Gorbachev opened the borders, allowing Jews to emigrate. More than 1.6 million Jews left, and almost one million came to Israel in what most thought an unlikely, perhaps even miraculous, occurrence.
The verses in Ezekiel explicitly state that Gog is a Nasi (prince) of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal, indicating a republic and not a kingdom. There are presently many countries with a military presence in Syria and Iraq, forming several coalitions. The US is certainly one “prince,” or leader, while Russia is clearly the opposing “prince”.
Shvili predicted that the Russian-led coalition would be opposed by its corresponding counterpart, made up of an army composed of soldiers from all 70 nations. There have already been confrontations with international implications, such as Turkey shooting down a Russian fighter jet, Britain authorizing its air force to shoot down aggressive Russian jets, and face-offs between Russian and Israeli jets. As alliances continue to form, it is becoming clear that the present conflict in Syria will bring many countries into the fray, just as Shvili described.
Shvili also noted that the War of Gog and Magog would begin in the Hebrew month of Tishrei, which this year began five weeks ago with the holiday of Rosh Hashana, and ended October 12. On September 30th of this year, the 29th of Tishrei, Russia began formal military intervention in Syria, which conforms perfectly with his predictions.
Based on the verses of Ezekiel (39:11), Shvili understood that Russia would come down into Israel via the Golan Heights with the intention of conquering Egypt, but would be vanquished near what is today the Israeli town of Almagor at the northern tip of the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret).
Many people, even those uninclined to Biblical prophecy, are realizing that we live in precarious and unusual times with strong parallels to the messianic process. Though this prospect might be frightening, by witnessing the predictions that have become reality and accepting them as part of a process that has been described, it is possible to take comfort in the end that has been assured. Shvili concludes that after the war of Gog and Magog, the prophecy of world peace, of “beating swords into plowshares” (Isaiah 2:4) will come into effect, centered around Jerusalem as the pinnacle of peace and holiness.

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Qatar And Saudi Arabia Are Now Sounding The Drumbeats Of War With Russia In Syria Calling For “The Destruction Of Damascus” (Isaiah 17)

By Walid Shoebat
Qatar, the major sponsor of jihadist in Syria is now actively considering a direct military intervention in Syria, according to its officials. Saudi Arabia clerics are also unanimously calling for a Saudi military intervention in Damascus. So is Washington, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar going to be the gentle dove in the face of Russia and Iran after seeing their failed attempt to support the various Sunni extremist groups fighting to destabilize the regime in Damascus? After all, how else will Isaiah 17, the destruction of Damascus be fulfilled? Russia’s main goal is to defend Damascus, yet here in the Bible we are told that “Damascus will become a heap of ruin”. What then can we make of these escalating events in light of Scripture?

As Russia enters its fourth week of anti-terror airstrikes, Qatar has indicated that it may launch a military campaign of its own. We see the Saudi foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir sounding the drumbeats of war had the following message for Tehran:
“We wish that Iran would change its policies and stop meddling in the affairs of other countries in the region, in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen. We will make sure that we confront Iran’s actions and shall use all our political, economic and military powers to defend our territory and people.”
Do the Syrian people belong to Saudi Arabia and Qatar? No. What al-Jubeir is saying is that all the Sunni world belongs to the mother spider: Arabia is the mother, the heart and the soul of the Muslim nations she rides.

While western media analysts would tell you that the ouster of Assad would have removed a key Iranian ally and cut off Tehran from Hezbollah, truth is, Assad is one major obstacle to spreading the Caliphate agenda in the Levant. A Sunni control would also pave the way for deals like the Qatar-Turkey natural gas line. Saudi Arabia and Qatar also fear Iran getting close to the doorstep of the mother’s home: the Arabian Peninsula. Things are becoming more serious by the day.
Facts from the ground already reveal that powerful Saudi clerics are already calling for military Jihad and response to Russia’s move regardless that the kingdom is already bogged down in another war with Iran’s proxy, the Huthies in Yemen.
But does Saudi Arabia and Russia desire to be on a collision course? The answer that Saudi Arabia and NATO ally, Turkey, will attempt to influence the regional powers after giving Russia limited time for their intervention to cause a political settlement. Russia would want to secure Bashar or another who is pro-Russia, but this will force a proxy war. Fact is, who can argue that the proxy war is already happening; in the past the war was dubbed “Syria vs. rebels” and now it’s “Iran-Russia vs. Sunni rebels”.
This means that we are just one degree of separation from direct military showdown between NATO’s regional allies headed by Turkey and Riyadh and Qatar versus the Russia-Iran nexus.
But this time the U.S. and Saudi Arabia learnt some lessons from the past: the Russian Afghan war. The U.S. in order to defeat Russia in Afghanistan sent armament and Saudi Arabia through supplying Jihadi recruitment went to Afghanistan to fight Soviet forces after 1979. The Saudis and U.S. provided tremendous amounts of weapons and cash. While the effort succeeded, it backfired. Right after the Soviet Union was forced to pull out, the Saudi Wahhabist terrorists returned, and then turned their sights on the ruling family. That including Saudi citizens attacked U.S. soil on 9/11.
So the situation is much different now than Afghanistan where the Jihadists are but under one Jihadi umbrella. In Syria there are several groups and the U.S. already attempted this to only see that the weapons ended up falling into the wrong hands in both Syria and in Iraq.
But then we are talking about Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, these could care less what hands the weapons fall so long these weapons enter and destroy Damascus.
But no matter what Saudi Arabia and Qatar do to intervene, it is not without price; Iran will move in on the kill, that including the very terrorists whom Arabia recruited who also hate the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Prophecy is at times is written in nature. The entire threat stems from all the ancient eight kingdoms (Rev 17:11) coming together under the spiritual control of Arabia’s Islam.
The Saudi quest to spread Islam including its headquarters is the practice of matriphagy where spiders are cannibals and whoever mates with this harlot spider, the offspring will always come after the mother. The mothers provide their spiderlings with unfertilized “nurse” eggs to eat. The young eat the eggs and also, slowly, their mother. Over the course of weeks, she is eaten away until she falls immobile and is consumed entirely.
Some even see a spider in the Black Stone.
The root cause for all this mayhem are not only the drug addicts on Islam, but the drug-pusher: Arabia.
But folks want answers: Walid, how close are we to the war on Damascus in Isaiah 17?
We need to be really careful. Many rush, they read the first verse and conclude at the first showdown that Armageddon is at the doors: “See, Damascus will no longer be a city, but will become a heap of ruins.”
But further verses reveal “the remnant of Aram will be like the glory of the Israelites, declares the Lord Almighty.”
In other words, Israel must also suffer a similar fate. The text is precise: “In that day the glory of Jacob will fade…”
We must also notice this prophecy in Isaiah 17 happens right around the corner from Jesus’ return where Israel begins to repent: “In that day people will look to their Maker and turn their eyes to the Holy One of Israel.”
This is indeed a glimpse of Armageddon. Isaiah 17 concludes:
“Woe to the many nations that rage, they rage like the raging sea! Woe to the peoples who roar, they roar like the roaring of great waters! Although the peoples roar like the roar of surging waters, when he rebukes them they flee far away, driven before the wind like chaff on the hills, like tumbleweed before a gale. In the evening, sudden terror! Before the morning, they are gone! This is the portion of those who loot us, the lot of those who plunder us.”
This is the wiping off completely of all the invading armies against Israel. It happens at the dawning of the day “in the evening … before the morning” and then poof, “they are gone“.
Ever wonder why the battle of Jericho is in the “dawning of the day” after Six days by Joshua as well as Israel in the Six Day War in 1967?
It is crucial we do not isolate Isaiah 17 from Armageddon and also from Psalm 83 where God uses similar statements: “Make them like tumbleweed, my God, like chaff before the wind.” (Psalm 83:13) “so pursue them with your tempest and terrify them with your storm” (Psalm 83:15) just as in Isaiah 17 “the wind like chaff” “In the evening, sudden terror!“. The Muslims are “the peoples roar like the roar of surging waters” which one can easily witness in Mecca sounding as roaring rivers:
These are the same hordes of gushing migrants described as a flood in Revelation 12 that we see heading on their way to Germany and other European Union countries — is a stark illustration of just how large the crisis still is within Europe. These are the same hoards flocking to Syria and Iraq from all over the Muslim globe getting closer at Israel’s Adam’s Apple: Jerusalem.
Can the West clog this flow? No. In fact they assist it.
The Book of Revelation has already warned:
“The Dragon now takes to attacking the woman, who is given wings to escape the dragon who attacks her with a flood from its mouth, which in the end is swallowed by the earth. ” (Revelation 12)
Although there are multiple layers to this prophecy, Isaiah 17, including this flood in Revelation 12, is only “swallowed by the earth in the end” which is eventually fulfilled according to Ezekiel 28-32 where it gives us the literal names of every nation that already comprises the same peoples who are flooding Europe, Syria and Iraq for the future war. We encourage everyone to educate themselves further from a prophetic standpoint by clicking here.
Mecca exerts the only spiritual influence over a great mixture of multitudes of different ethnicity and languages. And like Mecca, Turkey wants the Muslim world united to “one language” (Arabic), “one purpose” and “one world nation” (Umma). Mecca sits in “the desert” “sitting on many waters” which are “peoples, multitudes, nations and languages” (Revelation 17) who come to Mecca and are untied through Islam.
Some might still ask: Walid, its Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the U.S., NATO, Turkey and other allied forces are all now involved in Syria. How can it get any clearer than this?
I can counter and ask: where is the Temple? Where is the Antichrist? Who are the ten nation confederacy? Where are Iran’s nukes? And what about the elections in Turkey next couple weeks, we do not have an Islamists certainty of victory in the seat of power?
You can still counter: indeed Walid, but if the Islamists win in Turkey and Erdogan takes his seat in Hagia Sophia, isn’t that also a Temple of God? The elections in Turkey are only a couple of weeks away and Iran can get its nukes in a year or two.
Now I become hot under the collar. After all, you make a great point.
The student finally defeats his teacher!
I also love Kentucky Fried Chicken and I even met Colonel Sanders pastor and spoke at his church and I also hold the Kentucky Colonel award. I am also officially a Kentucky Colonel. Its a fact. (Photo courtesy of my enemies)
Indeed. All I can say is things are moving fast. This is why there is no real ‘expert’ who has all the answers and is why I am recruiting everyone to become an ‘expert’.
Keep your oil lamps filled.
Saudi Arabia’s destruction is also crucial, not just Damascus. Arabia which prides itself as the center of Islam and morality has the largest in the world in percentage to population of Homosexuals. Islam is the source that exported homosexuality to the West. In fact, Christianity and the West is innocent from such aberration, “The Christian West generally frowned on and even criminalized sodomy. When some nineteenth-century European elites wanted to experiment sexually, they had to go to Muslim lands.”
Surveys have shown that 46% of Saudi Uni students admit to being gay and engaged in homosexuality. The numbers are far higher when a secretive country like Saudi Arabia manages to get admission from 46% of students. Captagon (fenethylline) is the main choice drug for both ISIS jihadists and Saudis should reveal to us who supplies it to ISIS and what ISIS is made up of.
If Qatar and Saudi Arabia are willing to go to war with Russia and Iran, they would have to do it through its offspring al-Qaeda to facilitating Assad’s ouster which will further paint Saudi Arabia is “bad” and give its enemy Iran more excuses to war against it.

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The Rise of Gog of Magog

By Britt Gillette
More than 2,600 years ago, the prophet Ezekiel warned of a future time when a vast coalition of nations will attack Israel. The Bible tells us the leader of this coalition is a man named Gog from the land of Magog. He’s also known as the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal (Ezekiel 38:2). When Israel is living in peace, Gog will come with a mighty army and cover the land like a cloud (Ezekiel 38:14-16).
But his plans to conquer and pillage will come to nothing. Why? Because God promises to turn these enemy invaders against each other (Ezekiel 38:21). God says the invading armies will have their weapons knocked from their hands, and they will die in open fields where they’ll become food for vultures and wild animals (Ezekiel 39:3).
In fact, the Bible says Gog’s invasion of Israel will trigger an earthquake so strong every living creature on the face of the earth will tremble in God’s presence (Ezekiel 38:19-20), and He will send a torrential rain of fire, hailstones, and burning sulfur on the invading armies (Ezekiel 38:22). The end result? Total destruction of the Gog of Magog alliance. So many dead bodies will litter the landscape, it will take seven months to bury the dead – even with the help of every citizen in Israel (Ezekiel 39:12).
And believe it or not, this entire chain of events is triggered when a man named Gog sets out to plunder the nation of Israel. But who is this man – this Gog of Magog? And who are his allies?
The Nations in This Military Alliance
Ezekiel identifies the nations in the Gog of Magog alliance as “Magog, Rosh, Meschech, Tubal, Persia, Cush, Put, Gomer, and Beth-togarmah” (Ezekiel 38:1-6). I don’t blame you at all if these names don’t make any sense to you.
But keep this in mind – Ezekiel named the nations of this alliance as they were known in his day, and each one represents a clearly identifiable nation currently in existence. In fact, long before Russia became a world power, biblical scholars identified Rosh as the nation of Russia and Gog as its ruler.
The identity of Gog as the ruler of Russia is confirmed when Ezekiel notes his geographic location. Ezekiel says Gog will bring his armies from “the extreme north” (Ezekiel 38:15; Ezekiel 39:2). While this might seem like a vague statement, it’s not. This statement, like most in the Old Testament, is made in reference to the nation of Israel. And it’s saying Gog will reside to the extreme north of Israel.
Draw a straight line north of Israel on any map of the Middle East, and guess what nation you’ll find? That’s right – Russia. So Gog is clearly the ruler of Russia. But Gog isn’t alone. He has plenty of co-conspirators. Who are they? Below is the list of nations cited by Ezekiel. The Old Testament name is listed first, followed by its modern day equivalent:
Rosh = Russia
Magog = Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan
Persia = Iran
Cush = Sudan
Put = Libya
Meshech, Tubal, Gomer, and Beth-togarmah = Turkey
The Timing of This Invasion
So when will this invasion occur? The Bible says this alliance will form and come against Israel “in the latter days” (Ezekiel 38:8). So what does that mean? Well, the key word in Hebrew is “acharith” which generally translates as the “after-part, latter part, last, close, or end.” In other words, this alliance will form in the last days just prior to the return of Jesus Christ.
Ezekiel uses this same word “acharith” again, when God says He will bring the alliance against the land of Israel “in the last days” (Ezekiel 38:16). And, at the beginning of verse 8, he reveals this will happen “a long time from now” or “in the distant future.” In other words, this is not a prophecy fulfilled in Ezekiel’s day.
But that’s not all we know. Ezekiel provides us with additional clues. In fact, in the same passage cited above, God reveals precisely when this invasion will occur. In verse 12, Gog says to himself, “I will attack the once abandoned cities that are now populated with the Jews who returned from exile among the nations” (Ezekiel 38:12). Did you catch that? Gog will attack the land when it’s filled with the exiles who return from among the nations. The target of Gog’s invasion is modern day Israel.
God Himself confirms this when He says the invasion will occur “after Israel’s people have been gathered from among many nations” (Ezekiel 38:8). He says it will happen “when I bring my people home from among the enemy nations” (Ezekiel 39:27). This return home from among many nations has happened only once in all of human history. And our generation is witness to that event – the 1948 gathering of the Jewish people and the restoration of Israel in the land ordained by God.
A Rising Alliance
According to Ezekiel, the target of this invasion is modern day Israel. For more than 2,500 years, the alliance of nations Ezekiel wrote about has not existed. In fact, in the history of the world, such an alliance of nations has never existed. But you know what? Today we see it coming together right in front of us. Don’t believe me? Just check your history books.
Up until March 21, 1935, the world knew the nation of Iran as Persia – the same Persia referenced in the Gog of Magog alliance. In the 2,600 years since Ezekiel recorded his prophecies, the nations of Russia and Persia have never been part of an alliance of any sort. Economic and military cooperation between them had never taken place – at least not until around 1989.
But today? Iran and Russia are strong allies. For example, in 1995 the Russian Ministry for Atomic Energy signed an agreement with Iran to finish the Bushehr nuclear power plant. Construction on the plant had come to an immediate halt after the 1979 Islamic revolution. But today, thanks to Russia, work is once again in progress.
The two nations continue to strengthen their economic and military ties, and Russia is one of the few world powers that consistently defends the existence of Iran’s nuclear program. And as I write this article, Russian and Iranian ground troops are on the border of Israel, coordinating their military efforts in Syria.
Does any of this surprise you? Again, it shouldn’t. Because God revealed it more than 2,600 years ago.
Why This Matters
So why does this matter? Because Ezekiel said this invasion will occur in the last days, “when God brings his people home from among the nations.” The Old Testament prophets directly linked the restoration of Israel and the regathering of the Jewish people with the imminent coming of the Messiah. And Ezekiel links the Gog of Magog invasion with the restoration of Israel. This means the invasion will take place sometime shortly before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. In other words, the Gog of Magog invasion and the Second Coming are inextricably linked.
Never before in the history of the world has an alliance existed among the specific nations cited by Ezekiel. But today, we can clearly see the common interests shared by the nations he mentioned. Furthermore, this invasion requires a Russian-Iranian military alliance that didn’t exist until recent times. In fact, Russian-Iranian cooperation of any sort had been for the most part non-existent until 1989.
Today, Russia and Iran boast strong diplomatic, geopolitical, economic, and military ties. And as you read this, they’re conducting joint military operations in a nation that borders Israel. For the first time in the 2,600 years since Ezekiel recorded his prophecy, we see signs of the Gog of Magog alliance coming together.
So what should you take from all of this? The Gog of Magog alliance is coming together in our day and time, and Jesus is coming soon!

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Three Chinese Warships To Dock In Florida Next Month After China Called Obama’s South China Seas Bluff – Is This A Prelude To Invasion?

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

Despite the fact that the US and China are seemingly bumping heads on many different fronts including the financial world, the internet and in the world of war, China will be sending 3 warships to the US that will be docking in Florida at the Mayport Naval Station from November 3rd to November 7th according to this story from Zero Hedge and the 1st video below from Spiro.

The ‘battlefields’ now in play include China seeking to make the yuan a permanent replacement for the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, to the internet, where China continues its’ endless attacks upon the US, to a potential WW3, where China recently responded to plans by the US to send warships into the South China Seas by saying: “What On Earth Makes Them Think We Will Tolerate This”.

With the recent announcement that China’s ally Russia has been disturbing the US with their ships near our underwater cables, we have to ask how close we are to a potential WW3 and why would we allow warships from our potential WW3 adversaries into our harbors? Is this a setup for an invasion? We also need to remember that only a little over a month ago, China released a very disturbing video that showed China attacking the US as shared in the 2nd video below.

According to the US Naval Intelligence, the three ships that will be docking in Florida are a Type 052C Luyang II-class guided-missile destroyer Jinan (152), the Type 054A Jiangkai II-class guided-missile frigate Yiyang (548) and the Type 903 Fuchi-class fleet oiler Qiandao Hu (886).

While we’re told that sailors from both the US and Chinese will interact during their time here, participating in sporting events and interacting during ship tours, the visit isn’t sitting well with some politicians in the US, especially after Barack Obama seemingly had his bluff called by China after threatening to send ships to the South China Seas by not following up upon his threat. From Zero Hedge.:

The most interesting news is that according to the US Naval Institute, despite much posturing, the Obama administration has not yet dispatched ship toward China, and instead has been merely weighing for weeks whether or not it will send a freedom of navigation mission within 12 nautical miles — the internationally recognized maritime border — of features in the Spratly and Paracel China has reclaimed from the sea.
It would appear that Obama was once again all talk and once China threatened to call the U.S. bluff and warned it would use force, the US desire for confrontation promptly evaporated.

Why is the US allowing China warships to dock in Florida? Is this a setup for a massive attack upon America or another false flag? The mere fact that Russian warships have been spotted near our underwater cables is understandably disturbing. We learned from the NY Times story on this development that if those cables are cut, that would likely completely cut off the US from the rest of the world on the communications front. Think no more internet , no more phones, no communications between our military at home and our military overseas. Have Russia and China put the US into ‘checkmate’ as argued in this story from Sputnik News? While we do not have all of the answers to those questions, these latest developments are clearly bothersome. From the NY Times story.:

Russian submarines and spy ships are aggressively operating near the vital undersea cables that carry almost all global Internet communications, raising concerns among some American military and intelligence officials that the Russians might be planning to attack those lines in times of tension or conflict.
The issue goes beyond old worries during the Cold War that the Russians would tap into the cables — a task American intelligence agencies also mastered decades ago. The alarm today is deeper: The ultimate Russian hack on the United States could involve severing the fiber-optic cables at some of their hardest-to-access locations to halt the instant communications on which the West’s governments, economies and citizens have grown dependent.

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Russia’s Prophetic Destiny May Be Unfolding With Antichrist Rising Out of Syria

3:00PM EDT 10/20/2015 Steve Magill/Christian Newswire
Russia’s recent reactivation of the “friendship and cooperation treaty” with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has prophecy students considering whether this move will prove to be significant toward ushering in the Antichrist.

Steve Magill, author of the new book Revelation and the Age of Antichrist, says “Russia’s revived treaty with Syria is important because the Antichrist will appear out of Syria. Scripture also records Russia as the feet of the Antichrist ordained to mobilize his empire.”

Magill notes that in Daniel 7 an empire with the national symbol of a bear will be on the world stage concurrently with three other empires, also known by their animal symbol. These empires are identified as a lion with eagle wings (Great Britain and the United States); a bear (Russia); and a leopard (Islam). Never in the history of the world have four empires with these animal symbols appeared on the world stage at the same time.

Revelation 13:2 describes the role each of these empires have in establishing the Antichrist’s empire. Great Britain and the United States are recorded as the Antichrist’s mouth/voice to set the agenda and lead the world toward establishing the new global world order. Russia, the bear, is recorded as the feet of the Antichrist to realign and support the Middle-East landscape. Islam, the leopard, is recorded as the body of the Antichrist’s empire to which America, Great Britain, and Russia will be attached to make the earth’s final empire, the Antichrist empire.

When Antichrist’s empire is formed, it will be the fourth, brutal beast of Daniel 7, the composite beast of Revelation 13:2, and the new world order realigning all nations into ten economic/political regions, known as the ten toes of Daniel 2:42, 7:24-25, and the ten horns of Revelation 13:1.

Russia’s Syrian aggression is one more confirmation that the last days are ending and earth’s last seven years and the age of Antichrist are at the door. It appears the feet of the Antichrist’s empire is getting ready to attach itself to Islam, the body of the Antichrist.

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Op-Ed: Islam Plans to Destroy Israel by 2022

Published: Thursday, October 15, 2015 9:45 AM
Giulio Meotti
In front of the United Nations General Assembly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not only stare for forty seconds into the eyes of the world’s representatives, charging them of having kept silent in the face of Iran’s promise to destroy Israel. Netanyahu also pulled out a book in Farsi. The author is the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and he writes that “within 25 years there will be no more Israel”.
There is a date recurring obsessively in the proclamations of the leaders of the Arab-Islamic world: 2022. It is the year that they have reserved for the end of Israel. “By 2022, possibly earlier, Israel will be destroyed” has just said Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi of Iran’s Supreme Council for the Revolution, the right arm of Khamenei.
A year ago, Hamas Interior Minister Fathi Hamad said that the Palestinian Arabs will liberate all of Palestine “within eight years”. So – in 2022. Last May, in an interview on Lebanese channel Nbn TV, the imam of the mosque of Al Quds in Sidon, Maher Hamoud, said that “according to calculations based on the Koran the end of Israel will be in 2022”. Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the founder of Hamas, shared the same vision.
Another Iranian book, published earlier this year and based on the occult sciences, interpretation of the Koran and mathematical calculations, says Israel will be destroyed in 2022.
Recently, the Islamic State published a book stating that “the beginning of the end of Israel will be in 2022”, two years after the fall of Rome, the symbol of Christianity. “In 2022 the fourty years of peace and security of Israel will be over”. The key text of this Islamic hallucination is entitled “The collapse of the Israeli empire in 2022” and is written by a Palestinian Arab scholar, Bassam Nihad Jarrar. The book, published in Arabic in 1990, was translated into English and widely distributed in Malaysia. Since then, it is a bestseller in the Arab-Islamic world.
A date, that of 2022, which has almost become a legend. A Syrian journalist interviewed by the television of the Palestinian Authority said he was aware of a report that the CIA had informed then US president Bill Clinton that Israel would not exist after 2022.
The problem is that the Arab-Islamic world, from the Iranian nuclear weapons threat to the Palestinian Arabs’ stabbings and stonings, is working hard to make these fantasies true.
If you approach Israel as a sea shell, you hear the sound of loneliness. The Jewish State’s survival Seems precarious. But everything points to the contrary. Israel’s population today is nine times higher than that of 1948, the year of the creation of the state and the war for independence. Israeli Jews love life and hate death more than any other population in the world.
For 2022, the Islamic world is plotting to turn Israel into a nation of empty houses. But, for now, the houses of Israel are full of joy and children. As they should be.

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Do Putin’s Actions in Syria Fulfill the Prophecy of Ezekiel Regarding Gog and Magog?

By Rivkah Lambert Adler October 14, 2015 , 1:30 pm
“And you will ascend upon My people Israel like a cloud to cover the earth; at the end of days it will be, and I shall bring you upon My land in order that the nations recognize Me when I am sanctified through you before their eyes, O Gog.” (Ezekiel 37:16)
With Russia’s military involvement in Syria growing by the hour, the conventional belief among many Christians is that Russia is Magog from the End of Days War of Gog and Magog is causing Bible believers to pay especially close attention to what’s going on at Israel’s northern border.
The Bible tells us that Gog is the leader of the land of Magog. However, it does not tell us clearly what the land of Magog will be called at the End of Days. The idea that the land of Magog is situated to Israel’s north can be traced to Ezekiel 37:2:
“And I will unbridle and entice you and lead you up from the utmost parts of the north and bring you upon the mountains of Israel.”
Russia is, of course, the northern most country in Eurasia and Syria sits at Israel’s northern border.
In addition to the 150,000 Russian troops Russia’s president Vladimir Putin is sending to Syria, in recent days, Putin has put together a growing coalition of countries, including Syria, Iran, Iraq and, most recently China, to fight against ISIS in Syria and neutralize their meteoric rise to power.
This coalition appears to be the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38:15:
“And you will come from your place, from the utmost north, you and many peoples with you, all of them riding horses; a great assembly and a mighty army.”
While some applaud the coalition fighting against ISIS in Syria, others see a darker cloud gathering on Israel’s northern border. It has been suggested that Russia’s interest in assisting Syria is connected to the recent major oil find in the Golan Heights. The multi-national coalition that is currently fighting ISIS can rapidly turn against Israel over oil.
America’s popular conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh warns that the oil find will inflame the region. “The oil discovery in Israel, it is said to be that it could be huge. Depending on how deep it is, the layers, it could be a gigantic find…So, if all that’s true, and we won’t know for a while, there’s no question it’s a game-changer. But it’s just gonna focus enemies on Israel even more. That’s the last thing anybody wants in that region is for Israel to become even more empowered. So the claim will be it isn’t Israel’s, it’s Syria’s or whatever, you watch. They’re just not gonna sit by and let this happen.”
Sputnik News, an international news agency wholly owned and operated by the Russian government, is already claiming that the oil belongs to Syria. “The oil deposit lies in the Golan Heights, which is internationally recognized as Syrian territory but has been occupied by Israel since the 1967 war between Israel and Arab states.”
End Times author and rabbinic scholar Rabbi Pinchas Winston asserts that there is reason to believe we are, indeed, seeing the war of Gog and Magog, despite claims otherwise.
He told Breaking Israel News, “There is a prophecy about Moshiach (Messiah) coming from the north. There is also a tradition that Magog may have migrated to some place around what is today modern day Moscow. From a secular point of view, the Syrian conflict and war against ISIS is just the latest and deadliest of a long history of conflict. From a Biblical point of view, it is an eyebrow raiser as so many End-of-Days elements start to come together just north of the Jewish State.”

A teaching from the 18th century Rabbinic sage known as the Vilna Gaon further strengthens the pivotal role of Russia at the End of Days. “When you hear that the Russians have captured the city of Crimea, you should know that the times of the Messiah have started, that his steps are being heard. And when you hear that the Russians have reached the city of Constantinople (today’s Istanbul), you should put on your Shabbat clothes and don’t take them off, because it means that the Messiah is about to come any minute.”

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U.S. to raise Iranian missile test at U.N. Security Council

A missile test announced by Iran over the weekend was an apparent violation of a U.N. Security Council resolution and Washington will raise it at the United Nations, the U.S. State Department said on Tuesday.
Iran said it tested a new precision-guided ballistic missile on Sunday, signaling an apparent advance in Iranian attempts to improve the accuracy of its missile arsenal.
“We’ll obviously raise this at the UNSC as we have done in previous launches,” State Department spokesman Mark Toner told reporters, noting the test appeared to be a violation of U.N. Security resolution 1929.
He and White House spokesman Josh Earnest both said the issue was separate from a deal Iran struck in July with six world powers, which seeks to curb Tehran’s atomic program in return for having sanctions against it eased.
Ballistic missile tests by Iran are banned under Security Council resolution 1929, which dates from 2010 and remains valid until the July 14 nuclear deal goes into effect.
Once the deal takes effect, Iran will still be “called upon” not to undertake any ballistic missiles work designed to deliver nuclear weapons for a period of up to eight years, according to a Security Council resolution adopted in July.
The resolution says that when the deal is in effect countries will be allowed to transfer missile technology and heavy weapons to Iran on a case-by-case basis with council approval.
However, at the time the resolution was drafted, a U.S. official called this provision meaningless and said the United States would veto any suggested transfer of missile technology to Iran.
Speaking on Tuesday, White House spokesman Earnest made clear countries could more to stop the flow of ballistic missile technology to Iran.
“That is work that requires international cooperation,” he said, adding that Washington was ready to work with Gulf allies to counter Iran’s ballistic missile program.
Iran state television showed on Sunday what it said was a successful launch of the new Iranian missile, named Emad, which appears to be Tehran’s first precision-guided weapon with the range to strike its regional enemy Israel.
A total of 220 of Iran’s 290 lawmakers praised the missile test on Wednesday, announcing their full support of measures that “strengthen Iran’s defense capabilities.”
Britain’s U.N. Ambassador Matthew Rycroft told reporters in New York that “the existing (sanctions) architecture remains in place” for the time being, adding that the council’s sanctions committee should look into the incident.

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Is Barack Obama Actually TRYING To Start World War III?

This is essentially the equivalent of poking the Russians directly in the eyes
Why has Barack Obama airdropped 50 tons of ammunition into areas that “moderate rebels” in Syria supposedly control?
This is essentially the equivalent of poking the Russians directly in the eyes. Much of this ammunition will end up in the hands of those that the Russians are attempting to bomb into oblivion, and so to Russia it appears that we are attempting to make their job much harder. And of course the truth is that there aren’t really any “moderate rebels” in Syria at all. Nearly all of the groups that are fighting are made up primarily of radical jihadists and/or hired mercenaries. Personally, I don’t see anyone over there that you could call “the good guys”. At the end of the day, the U.S. supports just about anyone that wants to get rid of the Assad regime, and the Russians are working very hard to keep Assad in power. Just like the civil war in Ukraine, the conflict in Syria is in great danger of being transformed into a proxy war between the United States and Russia, and many fear that these conflicts could eventually be setting the stage for World War III.
The ferocity of Russian airstrikes in Syria has surprised observers all over the planet, and over the past couple of days these airstrikes have been extended to include some new areas…
Russian Air Forces have extended the range of their airstrikes on Islamic State positions in Syria to four provinces, focusing primarily on demolishing fortified installations and eliminating supply bases and the terrorists’ infrastructure.
Over the last 24 hours Russian aircraft have attacked terrorist positions in the Hama, Idlib, Latakia and Raqqa provinces of Syria. In total, 64 sorties targeted 63 Islamic State installations, among them 53 fortified zones, 7 arms depots, 4 training camps and a command post.
When I read reports like this, I am deeply troubled. The Obama administration claims that it has been bombing ISIS positions in Syria for over a year. So why in the world do these targets still exist?
Was the U.S. military incapable of finding these installations?
That doesn’t seem likely.
So why weren’t they destroyed long ago?
Did the Obama administration not want them destroyed for some reason?
What seems abundantly clear is that the Russians are doing what the Obama administration was either unwilling or unable to do. There is now mass panic among ISIS fighters, and thousands of them are fleeing the country…
An estimated 3,000 Islamic State fighters as well as militants from other extremist groups have fled Syria for Jordan fearing a renewed offensive by the Syrian army in addition to Russian airstrikes, a military official has told RIA news agency.
“At least 3,000 militants from Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), al-Nusra and Jaish al-Yarmouk have fled to Jordan. They are afraid of the Syrian army having stepped up activities on all fronts and of Russian airstrikes,” the RIA source said.
The mainstream media in the United States is not talking much about this, are they?
But the U.S. media is reporting on this latest airdrop of ammunition to rebel groups in Syria. For example, the following comes from CNN…
U.S. military cargo planes gave 50 tons of ammunition to rebel groups overnight in northern Syria, using an air drop of 112 pallets as the first step in the Obama Administration’s urgent effort to find new ways to support those groups.
Details of the air mission over Syria were confirmed by a U.S. official not authorized to speak publicly because the details have not yet been formally announced.
C-17s, accompanied by fighter escort aircraft, dropped small arms ammunition and other items like hand grenades in Hasakah province in northern Syria to a coalition of rebels groups vetted by the US, known as the Syrian Arab Coalition.
If you were the Russians, how would you feel about this?
I know how I would feel.
And just as Joe Biden has previously admitted, the “moderate middle” in Syria simply does not exist. The following is an extended excerpt from a piece that was originally written by investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmed…
The first Russian airstrikes hit the rebel-held town of Talbisah north of Homs City, home to al-Qaeda’s official Syrian arm, Jabhat al-Nusra, and the pro-al-Qaeda Ahrar al-Sham, among other local rebel groups. Both al-Nusra and the Islamic State have claimed responsibility for vehicle-borne IEDs (VBIEDs) in Homs City, which is 12 kilometers south of Talbisah.
The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reports that as part of “US and Turkish efforts to establish an ISIS ‘free zone’ in the northern Aleppo countryside,” al-Nusra “withdrew from the border and reportedly reinforced positions in this rebel-held pocket north of Homs city”.
In other words, the US and Turkey are actively sponsoring “moderate” Syrian rebels in the form of al-Qaeda, which Washington DC-based risk analysis firm Valen Globals forecasts will be “a bigger threat to global security” than IS in coming years.
Last October, Vice President Joe Biden conceded that there is “no moderate middle” among the Syrian opposition. Turkey and the Gulf powers armed and funded “anyone who would fight against Assad,” including “al-Nusra,” “al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI),” and the “extremist elements of jihadis who were coming from other parts of the world”.
In other words, the CIA-backed rebels targeted by Russia are not moderates. They represent the same melting pot of al-Qaeda affiliated networks that spawned the Islamic State in the first place.
It has been well documented that many of these so-called “moderate rebel groups” in Syria have fought alongside ISIS and have sold weapons to them. So this false dichotomy that Barack Obama keeps trying to sell us on is just a giant fraud. The following comes from a recent Infowars report…
In September, 2014 a commander with the FSA admitted cooperating with ISIS and the al-Nusra Front.
“We are collaborating with the Islamic State and the Nusra Front by attacking the Syrian Army’s gatherings in … Qalamoun,”Bassel Idriss said. “Let’s face it: The Nusra Front is the biggest power present right now in Qalamoun and we as FSA would collaborate on any mission they launch as long as it coincides with our values.”
In July of 2014 a report in Stars and Stripes documented how the 1,000 strong Dawud Brigade, which had previously fought alongside the FSA against al-Assad, had defected in its entirety to join ISIS.
The same month factions within the FSA — including Ahl Al Athar and Ibin al-Qa’im — pledged services to the Islamic State.
Members of the Islamic State claim to cooperate with the FSA and buy weapons provided by the U.S.
“We are buying weapons from the FSA. We bought 200 anti-aircraft missiles and Koncourse anti tank weapons,” ISIS memberAbu Atheer told al-Jazeera. “We have good relations with our brothers in the FSA. For us, the infidels are those who cooperate with the West to fight Islam.”
U.S. anti-tank weapons are playing a critical role in the Syrian conflict. As reported by the Washington Post, U.S.-made anti-tank missiles are being used by the rebels to destroy lots of Russian-made tanks that are being used by the Syrian army…
So successful have they been in driving rebel gains in northwestern Syria that rebels call the missile the “Assad Tamer,” a play on the word Assad, which means lion. And in recent days they have been used with great success to slow the Russian-backed offensive aimed at recapturing ground from the rebels.
Since Wednesday, when Syrian troops launched their first offensive backed by the might of Russia’s military, dozens of videos have been posted on YouTube showing rebels firing the U.S.-made missiles at Russian-made tanks and armored vehicles belonging to the Syrian army. Appearing as twirling balls of light, they zigzag across the Syrian countryside until they find and blast their target in a ball of flame.
Like I said earlier, this is looking more and more like a proxy war between the United States and Russia.
Could that be what Obama actually wants?
Obama is poking China in the eyes lately too. CNN is reporting that U.S. warships may soon be sailing into territorial waters around the Spratly Islands. These are islands that the Chinese government claims ownership over, but the U.S. government disputes that claim, and Obama seems determined to flex his muscles in the area…
The United States (US) may soon deploy war ships near China’s artificial islands in the South China Sea.
It wants to send a message that it does not recognize China’s territorial claims over the area.
This is according to a Financial Times report quoting a senior U.S. official who said its ships will sail within 12-nautical-mile zones that China claims as its territory around the Spratly Islands within the next two weeks.
If Obama sends warships into that area, there is a very real chance that they could get shot at. According to Newsweek, the Chinese are saying that they will not permit U.S. ships to violate those territorial waters under any circumstances…
“We will never allow any country to violate China’s territorial waters and airspace in the Spratly Islands, in the name of protecting freedom of navigation and overflight,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said in response to a question about possible U.S. patrols. “We urge the related parties not to take any provocative actions, and genuinely take a responsible stance on regional peace and stability.”
Such exchanges appear to be moving China and the U.S. toward a much feared, yet long expected, military confrontation. Just as unsettling, both sides seem confident they can prevail.
Over the past couple of years our relations with China have really gone downhill very rapidly, and if the trading relationship between the two largest economies on the planet breaks down, that would have massive implications for the entire global economy.
In addition to everything above, the civil war in Ukraine continues to rage on. The United States funded, equipped, trained and organized the forces that violently overthrew the democratically-elected government in Ukraine, and then once those thugs (which actually included some neo-Nazis) took power, the Obama administration immediately recognized them as the legitimate government of Ukraine.
The Russians were absolutely infuriated by this, and they have been providing soldiers, equipment and supplies to the rebel groups that are fighting back against this new government. Of course the Russians deny that they are doing this, but it is exceedingly obvious that they are.
The rebel groups that the Russians have been backing have been doing very well and have been steadily taking ground, and this is not how the power brokers in D.C. envisioned things playing out in Ukraine. So in a desperate attempt to shift the momentum of the conflict, a bill is going through Congress that would provide “lethal military aid” to the government in Kiev. Initially the bill would have provided 200 million dollars in lethal aid, but now it has been upped to 300 million dollars. There are some that believe that the final figure will be significantly higher.
Once this bill gets passed, it will be an extremely important event. For the Russians, it will mean crossing a red line that never should have been crossed. You see, the truth is that Ukraine is Russia’s most important neighbor. Just imagine how we would feel if the Russians helped overthrow Canada’s government and then start feeding weapons to the new pro-Russian government that they helped install. That is exactly how the Russians view our meddling in Ukraine.
Earlier this year, I wrote an article in which I discussed an opinion poll that showed that 81 percent of all Russians now view the United States negatively, and only 13 percent of Russians have a positive view of this nation. Not even during the height of the Cold War were the numbers that bad.
The stage is being set for World War III, but most Americans are completely and totally oblivious to all of this because they are so wrapped up in their own little worlds.
Most Americans still seem to assume that the Russians and the Chinese are our “friends” and that any type of conflict between major global powers is impossible.
Well, the truth is that conflict has already begun in Ukraine and Syria, and tensions are rising with each passing day.
It won’t happen next week or next month, but we are on the road to World War III.
So what will the end result be?

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Russian analyst proposes detonating nukes over Yellowstone, fault lines, causing massive volcanic explosion, tsunami and radioactive rain over US

Tuesday, October 06, 2015 by: J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) In the 20th century, the world experienced a pair of “hot” world wars — and one gigantic Cold War. In the second decade of the 21st century, it looks as if Cold War II may be underway.

Tensions and animosity between the West and Russia have reached levels not seen since the 1980s, as evidenced by a failed diplomatic “reset” with Moscow, Russia’s “annexation” of the Crimea in Ukraine and the Bear’s increased haranguing of Western nations.

But is Russia truly the same threat to the United States today as it was before the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991? In many ways, no — but in one way, most definitely.

Russia’s military is just now regaining some of its capability, thanks in large part to increased defense budgets driven by high oil prices in recent years (Russia is the third-leading producer of oil, behind the United States [1] and Saudi Arabia [2]). But it still lags in terms of conventional power projection.

“Complete destruction of the enemy”

Nuclear power projection, however, is a different matter. Russia still retains a potent nuclear force; at latest count, the Russian armed forces possesses 8,000 nuclear warheads, a little more than the 7,315 retained by the United States. Each country keeps about 1,800 warheads “on alert.”

And it is this massive nuclear arsenal that Russia relies on for self-preservation — even to the point of threatening to use it in an offensive first strike.

In recent weeks, one Russian geopolitical analyst opined that the best way to launch an attack against the U.S. is to detonate nuclear weapons in the skies over Yellowstone National Park, in order to trigger a supervolcano eruption, or along the San Andreas fault line along the coast of California.

As reported by The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH), that strategy was laid out in an article for the Russian trade paper VPK News by Konstantin Sivkov, president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems in Moscow, a think tank. He further opined that Russia should increase its conventional and nuclear capabilities and alter its strategies against the “West,” which he said was “moving… to the borders of Russia.”

Sivkov theorized that the North American Treaty Organization (NATO) — the world’s enduring military and political alliance of Western nations led by the U.S. — was building strength to confront Russia, perhaps over Moscow’s involvement in the war in Ukraine, and that the best way to do that was to attack any U.S. vulnerabilities, to ensure “complete destruction of the enemy.”

“Geologists believe that the Yellowstone supervolcano could explode at any moment. There are signs of growing activity there,” he said as reported by SMH. “Therefore it suffices to push the relatively small, for example the impact of the munition megaton class to initiate an eruption. The consequences will be catastrophic for the United States – a country just disappears.”

Russia is dying

Continuing, Sivkov noted:

Another vulnerable area of the United States from the geophysical point of view, is the San Andreas fault – 1300 kilometers between the Pacific and North American plates … a detonation of a nuclear weapon there can trigger catastrophic events like a coast-scale tsunami which can completely destroy the infrastructure of the United States.

By comparison, he said, Russian geography did not lend itself well to such attacks, since few Russians live on the east and west coasts of the gigantic country. He also said that, in the 2020-2025 time frame, Russia will have amassed the asymmetric weaponry to pull off such an attack.

For now, however, Moscow can only sit on the sidelines and wait.

“The weakened economic potential in Russia, the loss of the ‘spiritual core of what was the communist idea’, and the lack of large-scale community allies in Europe such as the Warsaw Pact, Russia simply cannot compete against the NATO and its allies,” he said, as reported by SMH.

Of course, this “strategy” does not take into account advances in NATO — and especially U.S. — capabilities between now and 2025. And it also assumes that Russia, whose population is shrinking, would be able to reverse declining economic and demographic trends.

Still, nations in decline can behave in dangerous ways.

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