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Apr 24

Expert: Turkey’s president dreams of new Ottoman Empire

Joel Richardson sees NATO ally becoming ‘radical nationalist Islamist nation’

As Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, continues to consolidate power in the formerly secular nation, one of the foremost experts on Middle East geopolitics is sounding a desperate warning.

Erdogan is just getting started.

“I’ve been saying this for 12 years,” said Joel Richardson, New York Times bestselling author of “The Islamic Antichrist” and “Mideast Beast.” “I’ve said for years: ‘Watch Turkey. Watch Turkey. It’s going to become a radical nationalist Islamist nation.’”

Richardson made the comments on a recent episode of the “Shaun Tabatt Show” as the author discussed his newest book, “Mystery Babylon.” Though Richardson believes Saudi Arabia and its city of Mecca is the real “Mystery Babylon,” he says Turkey is turning out to be an end times actor in its own right, and the tensions between the Sunni Islamic powers of Turkey and Saudi Arabia will shape the Middle East in the coming years.

Richardson’s warning of an Islamist, anti-democratic Turkey is now widely accepted among geopolitical analysts, many of whom are deeply concerned the NATO nation, once spoken of as a potential member of the European Union, is being systematically transformed into an anti-Western power.

“The silence of the world’s great democracies as the Middle East’s one great democracy slips toward authoritarianism has been deafening for Turks,” wrote Elliot Ackerman in Foreign Policy. Steven Cook suggested in the same publication Erdogan’s recent election victory means the end of modern Turkey itself, as Erdogan derives more inspiration from the Ottoman Empire than the secular, democratic values of Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish Republic.

As Dexter Filkins noted in the New Yorker, Erdogan was once viewed as a reformer in the Islamic world whom “every leader in the West wanted … to succeed.” Now, however, he has essentially brought “Turkish democracy to an end.”

Richardson, who has closely followed Middle East politics in his effort to spread the Gospel in the region and who chronicled rising Turkish nationalism in his film “End Times Eyewitness,” sees a deeper pattern unfolding as Erdogan continues his rise: something embedded within the pages of Scripture. He argues Turkey and Iran are on a path to conflict, and it will be Turkey that will eventually lead a coalition of Islamic nations against Israel.

“I believe Turkey is going to lead this coming Antichrist coalition,” he said.

However, though Saudi Arabia and Turkey are currently working together to confront the Shiite power of Iran, Richardson argues conflict between the two powers is inevitable.

“Why would Turkey be in conflict with Saudi Arabia?” he asked rhetorically. “They’re actually uniting right now against Iran. Well, the reason is because historically Turkey, the heart of the Ottoman Empire, controlled the Middle East for 500 years. … And they have a long memory. They believe that the Saudis, they just made up this kingdom, they have no history of being kings, they just said ‘we’re kings,’ the Turks feel as if they’ve taken their property.

“In many ways, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are the competing Sunni alpha dogs of the region. Egypt is sort of the intellectual head of the Sunni world … but in terms of who would lead, it’s really down to those two.”

Richardson ventured specific geopolitical predictions on the “Shaun Tabatt Show” for believers to watch for.

“I believe that Turkey will eventually conquer Iran, and Iran will come under the sway of this emerging Turkish neo-Ottoman empire,” he said.

“The Turks want to revive the empire that ruled the Middle East for 500 years. And I believe that in the midst of that, the Saudis, who are in league with the United States, are going to be a tremendous roadblock to Turkey re-establishing the historical caliphate, the Islamic form of government. And it’s for that reason that I think eventually we’ll see Turkey, and all the nations that come under her sway, eventually turn on Saudi Arabia, and as the prophecy says, devour her and burn her body with fire.”

Though Turkey is in the headlines today, Richardson claims it is Saudi Arabia that is ultimately at the heart of the spiritual challenge facing Christians, as it contains the city of Mecca. In his newest book, Richardson identifies “Mystery Babylon” as Mecca, which he calls the “greatest city of paganism in human history.”

“‘Babylon the Great’ is primarily two things,” explained Richardson. “It is a religious entity, a corrupt, religiously corrupting influence and an economic influence. Religiously speaking, Mecca is the greatest city of idolatry ever known, 1.26 billion people bowing five times a day toward that idol, known as the Kaaba, with its black meteorite embedded into the corner, shrouded with a black shroud in the same way that Muslim women are covered. You can look at the various worship that goes around the Kaaba … and it is dripping with paganism. The whole practice of circumambulation, thoroughly Hindu and Buddhist practices, you don’t see that anywhere in the Bible.”

Richardson argues ominous symbolism identified with Islam can even be found in the Bible.

“The very symbol of the crescent moon, of course,” Richardson said. “You can go back into the Bible when Gideon killed Zebah and Zalmunna, these pagan Midianite kings. What were they wearing? They were wearing crescent moon symbols.”

Richardson further explained the famous passage in Isaiah 14, which refers to a “morning star,” often is interpreted to be Lucifer as the “crescent moon.”

“Satan himself is referred to biblically by the crescent moon,” said Richardson. “This is the very symbol that Muslims worship on top of mosques, etc.”

As an increasing number of intelligence reports confirm, Saudi Arabia is funding extremists and terrorist movements around the world.

“When you look at al-Qaida, you look at ISIS, Boko Haram, Abu Sayyaf, Al-Shabaab, any of these radical groups, the Taliban … they find their ideological genesis in Saudi Arabia,” said Richardson. “They find their financing from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the fountain, is the womb of all of this bloodshed we’re seeing all over the earth. Christians disappearing from the Middle East, being attacked in Europe. Where does it come from? It comes from Saudi Arabia.”

Ultimately, Richardson predicts Turkey will destroy Saudi Arabia. Yet the real threat to Christians, spiritually and physically, is not a particular state, but the religion of Islam itself.

“Islam is not simply just another false religion in a series,” Richardson said. “Islam is actually the mother of all false religions. It is the greatest numerically in terms of its impact. In human history, there has not been another false religion as large as Islam. But it is also in many ways that perfect Antichrist, the perfect counterfeit religion.”

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Apr 24

Christians Facing Uncertainty After Major Conservative Islamic Victory in Jakarta Elections

“The challenge now as we come out of this election … is just the challenge of, what political rights are Christians going to have moving forward? Was this simply a political election where one person put forward their ideas, another person put forward their ideas, and the voters went for the other guy?” Todd Nettleton of Voice of the Martyrs USA posed in an article for Mission Network News on Thursday.

“Or how much did it play into the fact that this was a Christian and that radical Muslims within Indonesia are saying, ‘We shouldn’t have a Christian in this leadership role. As a Muslim, you should vote for a Muslim, regardless of what their politics are.'”

As CNN reported, Ahok conceded his loss in a re-election bid on Wednesday, which is being seen as a victory for the country’s conservative Islamic population.

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Apr 07

Very ominous warning’ from Turkish strongman just ‘a preview’

Radical Muslims now ‘view Europe as an extension of their territory’

Published: 13 hours ago

Paul Bremmer

Turkish citizens living in Europe are heading to the polls this week to vote on a referendum calling for expanded powers for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Members of Turkish expatriate communities in Germany, France, Austria, Denmark and Switzerland are able to cast their ballots between March 27 and April 9 at Turkish consulates.

When Turkish ministers from the ruling Justice and Development Party infamously tried to campaign for the referendum in Germany and the Netherlands, officials in those countries barred them from doing so, citing security concerns.

The moves prompted Erdogan to fly into a rage and declare: “If Europe continues this way, no European in any part of the world can walk safely on the streets. Europe will be damaged by this.”

Germany might have been able to brush aside the threat if it weren’t home to a sizable Turkish population. Roughly 3.7 percent of the country’s 82 million residents are Turks, and 1.4 million of those Turks are eligible to vote in the referendum.

Philip Haney, a former Customs and Border Protection officer who co-authored “See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad,” said it’s an ominous sign for Europe that Turkish ministers felt the need to go into European countries to campaign for a Turkish referendum in front of Europe’s large Turkish population.

“It tells me they view Europe as an extension of their territory, of their sovereignty, of their influence,” Haney told WND. “This is a preview of what we can expect in the time ahead: an inordinate amount of malevolent influence exerted by rulers of countries, in this case in the Middle East, interfering with the sovereign authority of countries in Europe directly, no pretense.”

Erdogan’s threats amount to nothing less than a breach of European sovereignty, in Haney’s view. He noted German and Dutch leaders had the right, as leaders of sovereign nations, to deny entry to the Turkish ministers if they believed their presence would threaten public security.

“Erdogan’s saying that non-Muslim countries don’t have sovereign rights,” Haney said. “He’s saying, ‘If you do something we don’t like, there might be war.’”

Unfortunately, because there are so many Turks living in Europe, European leaders have no choice but to take Turkey’s threats seriously, according to Haney.

“Look what happened when these countries said, ‘No, no campaigning for Turkish leaders in our country.’ What happened?” Haney asked rhetorically. “They had riots.

“These people are supposedly the equivalent of lawful permanent residents, green-card holders. They’re supposed to be pledging allegiance to the countries that they’re going to, not making a fifth column for Turkey, and that’s why they didn’t let the Turkish ministers in. And Erdogan is threatening, ‘Look, this is what we can do. We can have riots in your cities. One word from me and they will break out into the streets.’ A very ominous warning.”

Michael Maloof, a former senior security policy analyst in the office of the secretary of defense, agreed Europe must take Erdogan very seriously because of the large Turkish diaspora residing in Europe.

“What happened was that by preventing the Turkish leaders from coming in, it got the Turkish diaspora – those are the expatriates living in Europe – to rise up to defend Erdogan in effect,” Maloof told WND.

Maloof, author of “A Nation Forsaken,” believes Germany and the Netherlands should have allowed the Turkish ministers into their countries to campaign. He admitted there was a high prospect of rioting, and the European countries probably made their decision more out of security concerns than anti-Turkish animus, but he still believes the countries could help defuse tensions by allowing the ministers in.

“They should allow the speakers to come in to show that they are forthcoming, to show that democracy is still prevalent,” Maloof suggested. “The Netherlands and Germany basically showed the limitation on their democracy, and you’re dealing with diplomats from another country, and they’re supposed to be a member of NATO. I think the decision should have been to allow them to come in, just provide security, insist that there be security and peaceful gatherings, like we do here, and allow them to speak.

But the Dutch and the Germans basically panicked, in my opinion.”

Maloof said the fundamental problem is that Europe’s large Turkish communities, rather than assimilating into their host societies, remain isolated.

“Turks have never been integrated into the German society or the European society simply because Europeans are fundamentally xenophobic,” Maloof declared. “They believe in homogeneous countries. We saw that as a result of World War II. They’re highly prejudiced against outsiders, and as long as these ethnicities stay within their own enclaves, then the rest of Europe is happy until they start pouring out into the street. And that isolation is what has helped contribute to the rising problem that we’re seeing in Europe of Islamic radicalism.”

Maloof said the social problem has been years in the making, but Europeans have done nothing about it.

“It isn’t an economic issue,” he insisted. “It’s the isolation in the communities – that’s where professional people get radicalized and take off, and you have many Turks and other ethnicities in Europe that have done well economically. They haven’t necessarily assimilated, however, into the economy like we have here in the United States.”

In addition to threatening European safety, Erdogan also called Turks the “future of Europe” and called on his countrymen living on the continent to have many children as an act of revenge against the West.

“Go live in better neighborhoods,” the president implored. “Drive the best cars. Live in the best houses. Make not three, but five children. Because you are the future of Europe. That will be the best response to the injustices against you.”

Here Erdogan was threatening civilization jihad – the transformation of a non-Muslim society from within so it may eventually be subverted and brought under Islamic law, according to Haney. He pointed out civilization jihad is the ultimate goal of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America, as laid out in the group’s 1991 “Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Brotherhood in North America.”

Although various Muslim clerics have threatened jihad, either violent or civilizational, over the years, Haney does not recall an Islamic head of state openly threatening conflict with the West in his lifetime.

Perhaps Erdogan is trying to position himself as the leader of the worldwide Muslim community, Haney suggested. The Turkish president has already earned that blessing from Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the top cleric and spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. Speaking at a festival last April, Qaradawi referred to Erdogan as “Sultan,” saying Ottoman sultans were always the best defenders of Islam, and the world’s 1.7 billion Muslims should give Erdogan their allegiance.

Qaradawi declared: “Who can make war with Sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan? He became the Muslim world’s defender fighting in the name of Islam and the Quran and Shariah. He speaks standing firm in the faces of tyrants to tell them NO!”

Haney noted the Quran seems to condone the destruction of national borders, which is essentially what Erdogan has threatened to do. Sura 13, verse 41 and Sura 21, verse 44 both speak of Allah reducing the borders of non-Muslim nations.

“My point is that Erdogan’s backed by the international Muslim Brotherhood in what he’s doing, and it’s compliant with Shariah law,” Haney said. “Erdogan is basically pushing out his influence with the authorization of well-known, global-level Muslim Brotherhood leaders, and it all complies with the Quran.”

Haney thinks that just as the U.S. needs to pause and reevaluate whether its immigration policy is threatening public safety, Europe should step back and consider whether Turkey can be a trusted EU partner at this point.

“Erdogan doesn’t show any signs of going towards democracy; he’s showing signs of going toward a dictatorship, so just on that alone if they want to maintain the appearance of democratic forms of government, it should put them at pause,” he said.

Maloof, for his part, thinks Erdogan has doomed Turkey’s decades-long bid to join the European Union. He does not believe the Turkish president is gaining any stature in the eyes of the international community by threatening Europe.

“I think people are really fearful of him. They don’t know what he wants to do, plus he’s running against both the U.S. and Russian direction in Syria right now by going after the Kurds, and the Kurds are helping both the Russians and the U.S. in fighting ISIS in Syria,” Maloof said. “So I think he’s already isolated himself pretty much from the EU, but he stands an increasing chance of doing the same toward Russia and the U.S.”

Maloof said Erdogan’s desire to go after the Kurds could rip his country apart.

“It could lead to a civil war; I think it could lead to a civil war inside of Turkey the way he’s progressing right now,” Maloof predicted.

“I think that’s where it’s heading ultimately, because the Kurds are 20 percent of the population, plus he has the Alawite population inside of Turkey. That’s also a large minority inside of Turkey from Syria. So if they all gang up on him, he’s going to have some real issues. Plus, he’s not confident that he has the full support of the military, and the Gulen movement internally has also been able to penetrate a lot of the political and economic fabric of the country to the point that he really doesn’t know who to trust at this point.”

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Apr 02

NCPA: Rise of ISIS in Latin America a threat to US

March 30, 2017


Mohammed Ali Jinnah Memorial Mosque, St. Joseph, Trinidad and Tobago, Source: Wiki Commons

According to the National Center for Policy Analysis the growth of Islamic extremism in Latin America is a major security threat to the US

(WASHINGTON, DC) Growing Islamic extremism in Latin America constitutes a “major security threat” to the United States, according to an analysis published this month by the National Center for Policy Analysis.

“The threat from Islamic extremists in Latin America remains an overlooked aspect of U.S. national security strategy,” NCPA senior fellow David Grantham argued.

Grantham noted that “Saudi Arabia has invested millions to construct mosques and cultural centers in South America and Central America that expand the reach of its rigid version of Islam, known as Wahhabism.”

“The international spread of Saudi dogma, which the State Department’s first special representative to Muslim communities worldwide, Farah Pandith, called ‘insidious,’ has laid the foundation for likeminded radicals to thrive in other areas of Latin America,” he explained.

Later in the brief, Grantham noted that the “threats to U.S. security in the Greater Caribbean region are even more alarming in Trinidad and Tobago. The small island nation off the coast of Venezuela, once the target of an overthrow by Islamic militants, has also become a breeding ground for ISIS — 70 of the 100 Latin Americans known to have joined ISIS originated from the small country.”

The ease of mobility Islamic extremists have in Latin America is also cause for concern.

Perhaps the greatest Islamic extremist threat in Latin America, though, is the Islamic Republic of Iran, which Grantham said could potentially strike the US from Latin America as a retaliatory act.

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Mar 27

Erdogan Has Just Declared He Intends To Have Muslims Invade Christian Europe In The Future And That Turkey Will Build Nuclear Bombs To Soon Attack The Christian West To Subjugate The Church

By Shoebat Foundation on March 19, 2017 in Featured, Highlight, Media

We hear of Turkey’s Mufti calling for Turkey to go nuclear. Erdogan is also sounding some alarm warning Europe regarding its Muslim headscarf ban that the day of Europe’s reckoning with Turkey will soon come to pass. Erdogan is reacting to the ban of headscarfs and to Israel banning mosques from blasting the call to prayer in Jerusalem.

As a response to all this, Hayrettin Karaman, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s main Fatwa giver said that Turkey should acquire weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) including “nuclear arms” to stand up against the West. Karaman was not giving his instruction to build just few nuclear bombs but to match the West’s ability:

“Let’s invent [these WMDs], balance [the West] out, but let’s not use weapons of mass destruction unless it is necessary; the way to not resort [to WMDs] is to possess weapons that are equal to or more powerful than the ones the enemy has.”

Also, president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has called on Turkish citizens living in Europe to have five children – two more than his usual calls to Turks in the homeland – in a bid to multiply their presence in the continent so that they will be the “future of Europe.”

“I am calling out to my citizens, my brothers and sisters in Europe,” Erdoğan said at a rally in the Central Anatolian province of Eskişehir on March 17. “Have not just three but five children.”

Erdogan hints that Muslims will soon occupy Europe:

“The place in which you are living and working is now your homeland and new motherland. Stake a claim to it. Open more businesses, enroll your children in better schools, make your family live in better neighborhoods, drive the best cars, live in the most beautiful houses”

“That’s because you [the Muslim Turks] are the future of Europe. It will be the best answer to the vulgarism, antagonism, and injustice made against you.”

This is the flood of Islam from the Red Dragon coming after Christendom (Revelation 12).

The West is “an enemy” Karaman declared and Turkey wants to face Europe with enough armament for a future war and Karaman says that Turkey needs to move fast:

“We need to consider producing these [WMDs] rather than purchasing them, without losing any time and with no regard to the words [of caution] and hindrance from the West”.

Christians need to focus, the rhetoric coming out of Turkey is not secular. In the online post Karaman accused “Christian” countries in the West of egotism and racism – stating the bad attitude towards Turkey has been “accelerated”.

Who is being blamed are the Christians.

President Erdogan is in the midst of a deep fallout with European nations including Germany and the Netherlands after both countries banned rallies and kicked out his ministers who had sworn to campaign for his referendum.

All this is catapulting Turkey’s move into increasing its military capabilities wanting to unite with the Muslim world for a showdown, not just against Israel, but Europe as well. From Chad and Sudan (biblical Cush) to Tunisia (biblical Phut) we see Turkey’s alliances in military exercises:

Turkey is also purging all dissent from government. Karaman said recently that the “no” voters in an April 16 referendum that will switch Turkey to an executive presidency are opponents of Islam.

These are no small issues. It was after all, Karaman, who called upon Erdogan to build nuclear bombs this week, he also was the one who stated that Erdogan will rule as Caliph.

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Feb 28

The Muslim Antichrist Is Rising Up

Major Muslim Leaders Are Declaring The Coming Of A Divine Leader Who Will Lead An Islamic Empire, The Islamic Antichrist Will Declare Himself To Be God And War Against Christendom

By Shoebat Foundation on February 26, 2017 in Featured, General, Highlight

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special)

As the date of the Turkish constitutional referendum to make Erdoğan supreme ruler approaches, each day continues to come with surprises. This time its a prophecy predicted by MP Şevki Yılmaz, a columnist for Erdoğan’s pro-government mouthpiece Yeni Akit TV. It caused quite a stir amongst secularists watching Yilmaz switch from a politician/columnist to false prophet uttering some strange aberrations.

“Whatever the ‘no’ camp does, the ‘yes’ camp will emerge victorious in the referendum on April 16 next month” he predicted Turkey’s switch to an executive presidency claiming that his prediction stems from a prophecy by Muhammad himself. Yilmaz continued:

“… all oppressed people on earth needs Turkey … Turkey has become ‘the house of Allah’ while Turks will become [the war-like ] Ababeel”.

It was a message of mystery to the secular media, but a clear message to the Muslim Sufi world. These can comprehend that Turkey will become the temple of Allah who will be Erdoğan, while the Turks will transfer to becoming these warrior “Ababeel” birds defending Erdoğan’s temple.

Yılmaz kicked off his utterances weeping and lamenting the loss of Abdulhamid II, the last Caliph of Islam prophesying that the outcome of the referendum on April 16 next month will fulfill a hadith:

“The Hadith by prophet Muhammad is about to be fulfilled with victory on April 16”.

A portion of the clip was translated by Turkish Minute:

The “head” according to Yilmaz, is to be revived and the wound healed. While the above video is but a small clip, was able to review the whole interview where Yilmaz was weeping in front of the camera saying: “Those who want to take Turkey back [to secularism], neither their vassals, nor their lives can save them.” “Turkey will become Beit-u-Allah. On April 16, vote ‘YES’ to the referendum means to be an Ababeel bird in Beit-u-Allah” said Yilmaz.

Allow me to explain all this. Beit-u-Allah is none other than the Kaaba, the House of Allah himself. But this is located in Saudi Arabia. Yilmaz is now saying that it will be symbolically or even literally re-stationed in Turkey. “Türkiye gitti mi Beytullah gider” he said in Turkish, which literally means: “Yes, Beit-u-Allah goes to Turkey”.

This goes back to what we said years ago: that the Kaaba will be transferred from Mecca to the leader of the Islamic world. Instead of Muslims bowing towards Mecca, they will bow towards their Mahdi. This is in accordance to the Sufi Islamic religion. Unlike the Wahhabi school of Islam, with all of its mechanical religion, the Sufis don’t mind being extremely charismatic, they don’t mind openly worshipping human beings. In the Sufi tradition there is the belief that one can reach a state of godhood, in which the Sufi mystic can declare, “I am god,” and his followers bow down to him as a human incarnation of the Kaaba.

Jalal al-Din Rumi, by far the most prestigious sufi in Islam’s entire history, explained this concept as such:

Remember the famous utterance of al-Hallaj, “I am God.” People think that to say “I am God” is a claim of great pretense and spiritual arrogance. It is actually a claim of extreme humility. “I am God” means “I do not exist.” He is all, everything is He, existence is God’s alone. I am without existence, pure non-existence. I am nothing.” “I am God” is not a claim of great pretension, it is a claim of extreme humility. There is more humility in this than any supposed claim to greatness, but people do not understand the inner meaning. When a man acknowledges his servitude to God, he is aware of his being a servant. He may see himself as a devoted servant of God, but he still sees himself and his own actions as apart from the one reality of God. He is not drowned in the Ocean of Divine Unity. Drowned is he in whom there is not separate motion or mobility. Drowned is he whose movement is the movement of the water. And so it is with the enlightenment ones, those who declares, “I am God.” Anyone who says “I am the servant of God” asserts the reality of two existences, one for himself and the other for God. But he who says “I am God” — and has realized the deepest levels of unity within his being — has seen through the illusion of his existence. He knows from the experience of unity that his own separate existence is nothing but an illusion. Knowing that, he casts its former selfhood upon the winds of oblivion. (Rumi, Hearts bear witness one to another, in The Complete Discourses of Jalal al-Din Rumi, discourse 11, p. 75, ed. Louis Rogers)

Rumi recounts a story in which a sufi sheikh named Mawlana Baha’ al-Haqq wa’l-Din, becomes the light of God and “the soul of the Kiblah” (the Ka’ba’s Black Stone in Mecca) to which Muslim pray. Rumi relates:

The Shaikh had lost all ego-consciousness and had long since passed away from the sense of personal identity. Having been consumed in the Light of God, his self no longer remained. This is the meaning of the prophetic saying, “Die before you die.” The Shaikh had become the Light of God. And whoever turns his back on the Light of God to face the wall of the prayer niche has assuredly turned his back on Mecca, since God’s Light is the soul of the Kiblah [the Ka’bah] (Rumi, Service done for God is proof of divine favor, in The Complete Discourses of Jalal al-Din Rumi, discourse 3, p. 17, ed. Louis Rogers)

As we wrote back in 2014 in regards to this statement by Rumi:

This is quite telling; what its saying is that the sheikh became the Kiblah, or the person to whom Muslims would pray toward. Therefore, an Antichrist Muslim leader in Turkey, who is a practicing sufi, can declare that he is the light of God, and Muslims from all over the world will pray towards him; he will become the new Kiblah [direction of prayer as in the Kaaba], with the multitudes of Muslims praying to his direction.

Mind you, Yilmaz is no quack, which is why this was so shocking to many. He was the son of the former Karamürsel Mufti Ali Efendi. In 1982, the European National Vision Organization appointed him as the Austrian Regional Director and he served as Deputy Chairperson of the European National Vision Organization and served in The Welfare Party when it became the second party in Turkey.

Anyone can see the shocking response by secular Turks by clicking here when Yilmaz was participating in the National Resurrection Program on Akit TV this Wednesday to only proclaim “Yes, Beit-u-Allah goes to Turkey” and “On the 16th of April, it means to be an Ababeel Bird in Beit-u-Allah“?

Turkey becoming “Beit-u-Allah,” (the House of Allah) while these flying “Ababeel” creatures protecting and defending Erdoğan needs an interpreter which only the seasoned Muslim Sufi understands what this prophecy packs. This would mean that Erdoğan has become Allah himself and Turkey will become his temple (house) at some point in time after April 16th.

The Ababeel stems from when the birds of Ababeel defended the Kaaba from when the Christian king Abraha came with complete war equipment, armour, and the elephants to knock down the Kaaba (Beit-u-Allah or the House of Allah) in Mecca before Islam. The Christian Abraha was convinced that he will easily be able to destroy the Kaaba, but what happens next, according to Muslim legend in the Quran, was that Allah’s help arrived according to the Koran in Sura Al-Fil (The Elephant) where Allah sent “Birds of Ababeel to throw stones of Sejjil” on the elephants and the army, which led to their defeat and destruction.

In other words, the coup against Erdoğan’s efforts last year’s July 15th, only had Erdoğan flying around Istanbul like the Ababeel bird in victory and now all of Turkey must say “yes” to Erdoğan’s referendum so they too can join together to become the Ababeel flying birds, the protectors of Erdoğan who is Allah himself, and Turkey then becomes Erdoğan’s temple.

The Hadith, Yılmaz was referring to, was expressed by Erdoğan in a speech from May 30th last year, saying in classical Arabic “Latuftahhanna al-Qustantiniyyeh” (Constantinople will be conquered). Listen at 00:33:

Erdoğan cited revelations from the Quran and the Hadith in classical Arabic in which the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad predicted “Constantinople will be conquered, the best prince is its prince and the best army is that army”.

The prophecy is when Muslims in end-times fight the west and then they “will conquer Constantinople” after which Rome will also be conquered by Turkey’s “prince” (the Caliph) just as Daniel predicted Antichrist will be called “prince”.

According to history Constantinople has already been conquered by the Ottomans, but the prophecy in Islam has a dual-fulfillment, which according to Erdoğan, needs to be re-conquered from the westernized secularists. To Erdoğan, there is an apocalyptic re-fulfillment of when Muhammad II the Conqueror, conquered Constantinople, which Erdoğan now becomes this revived conqueror who took it from western secularism.

On his Facebook, Yılmaz even displays the symbol of this Muslim invasion, in an image of a ship. The hull of the ship is the shape of a Muslim sword pointed Westwards (left) towards Europe, where the sword spells out Bismillah (In the Name of Allah), the mark of Islam to be enforced on all of Europe. This is the mark “Bismillah” we have been speaking about for two decades.

The two sails (also in the shape of swords) stems from the Turkish Tughra which represent the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, the two are to be ruled and protected by the Ottomans, which the Tughra Analysis and Form explains the emblem represents a ship “going westward to invade and conquer the west.”

So according to Yilmaz, Erdoğan’s referendum is to catapult Erdoğan as a Caliph who becomes Allah himself, and Turkey which sits on the two seas, then becomes Erdoğan’s temple, his throne, ruling the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

Even God addresses the Antichrist as such:

“ … In the pride of your heart you say, “I am a god; I sit on the throne of a god in the heart of the seas [Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea] But you are a mere mortal and not a god, though you think you are as wise as a god. Are you wiser than Daniel? … (Ezekiel 28:1-3)

Erdoğan says that the conquerer of Constantinople will become “the best prince” and the Caliph in Islam is “the prince of the faithful”. explains these prophecies here and how Antichrist is called “prince”.

Now that Turkey is finished with the July 15th coup and it is turning fully Islamist, it becomes obvious that “allegiance” will be required from all Turkish citizens were one has to conform with Islamist uniformity. This will also include the dreaded Mark of the Beast as you will see that Turkey’s society is being set up for some shocking realities where the Bismillah (in the name of Allah) and the Crescent are mandated to becoming permanent symbols for Erdogan’s Islamists movement.

As a matter of fact, we have etched this prior to its happening. Over a decade ago, in 2005 in my book Why I Left Jihad (page 319-326) and for the first time in history, I laid out my discovery to what flavors will encompass this Mark of The Beast. I even repeated it in my other book God’s War on Terror in 2010. In these books I suggested that the Arabic Bismillah as well as the red dragon’s Crescent symbol will be some of the flavors that compose the mark which gives allegiance to Antichrist.

So many laughed off my proposal sighting that because I used the wrong codex that this makes my theory null-and-void. This while no one denied that the Greek Stigma and Xi does exactly read in Arabic the word Bismillah while the Chi (X) is the symbol of Islam’s two crossed swords.

On the right: Bismillah with two swords On the left: the letters translated to 666.

Now that Bismillah (Arabic for In the name of Allah) has become the symbol of July 15th Islamist takeover in Turkey and is seen in their symbolism even a ship in a sword-shaped written Bismillah, this theory becomes more plausible. Here watch and read the words in this chant in Turkey marking this historic transformation:

The story of Ababeel and such symbolism has another meaning: the defeat of Christianity. In the legend, Ababeel threw Sejjil, the fiery missiles from Allah which these Ababeel, the heavenly birds, delivered them and Abraha Al-Ashram‘s elephants, the tanks of the day were destroyed by Allah’s Sejjil. Abraha was a zealous Christian ruler of Yemen, which was subject to the Kingdom of Aksum of Ethiopia, marched upon the Kaaba with a large army, which included war elephants, intending to demolish the Kaaba. However, the Muslim legend by the Arabs has the story that the lead elephant was Muslim, known as Mahmud, is said to have stopped at the boundary around Mecca, and refused to enter.

While such detail is legend, it has been theorized by historians that an epidemic such as by smallpox could have caused such a failed invasion of Mecca. The war was launched as a campaign to destroy Makkah in Arabia and end the pilgrim to the Kaaba and divert Arab worshippers instead towards Christian Yemen at the time, which had a large church built by Abraha.

And today, Turkey becoming the House of Allah (Erdoğan is Allah) and that all the attempts to divert Turkey towards the West (Christianity) will fail according to this false prophet.

This forced replacement of holy places from Mecca to Turkey is similar to what Iran wants to do proclaiming Karbala over Mecca. Sejjil is the name of Iran’s baby pet missile. Iran’s naming their missile, Sejjil, is to succeed where Abraha failed to destroy the Kaaba. Iran also sends a prophetic message to Arabia that your Kaaba will be no more and that they will fulfill where Abraha failed.

But Yılmaz says that Turkey will become the house of the temple of Allah, that Erdoğan is now Allah. If the Kaaba is destroyed then this would not matter.

This Sejjil rock thrown by the Ababeel birds, became a symbol of Arabia’s pride, Karballah wants to become Iran’s pride and now Erdoğan wants Turkey to become Islam’s pride.

Yılmaz’s words are easily interpreted “All oppressed geography needs Turkey. Turkey will be the home now, it is being tried.”

The Mahdi responds to all the needy of all clay nations (oppressed geography) and weak Muslim nations which soon will be under the “Ummah’s Mother” as Yilmaz calls it. Ummah is global Islam and Turkey will be the mother of all Muslims where Erdoğan will be Caliph.

“Underlining that a saying of the Prophet Muhammad points out that the “yes” votes will win in the referendum,” Yılmaz noted that “good news was promised that Allah decided to nominate Turkey to be the mother of humankind”.

“… there is a hadith, there is good news promised that tells how [yes votes] will emerge with a victory in the April 16 [referendum]… This is destiny. Allah has decided to nominate Turkey to be the mother of humankind. No one can stop it,” he said.

Turkey will hold a referendum on a constitutional amendment package on April 16 to switch from a parliamentary system of governance to an executive presidency that will enormously expand the powers of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. This is not some secular decision. Hayrettin Karaman, Erdoğan’s main Fatwa giver declared what we were saying all along they will do; that Erdogan will soon become the Caliph for all Muslims where he wrote:

“During the debate on the presidential system, here is what everyone must do so while taking into account the direction of the world’s national interest and the future of the country and not focus on the party or a particular person. What this [presidential system] looks like is the Islamic caliphate system in terms of its mechanism. In this system the people choose the leader,  the Prince, and then all will pledge the Bay’ah [allegiance] and then the chosen  president appoints the high government bureaucracy and he cannot interfere in the judiciary where the Committee will audit legislation independent of the president. ” Hayrettin Karaman

Everyone in Turkey will then give allegiance to Erdogan. Several members of ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), pro-Erdoğan columnists and people in government circles have loudly voiced that Erdoğan will be the caliph of the Muslim world after Turkey implements the executive presidency

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Feb 17

Trump Renounces US Commitment to Two States

By Tazpit Press Service February 16, 2017 , 8:30 am

“And I will plant them upon their land and they shall no more be plucked up out of their land which I have given them saith Hashem thy God.” Amos 9:15 (The Israel Bible™)

President Donald Trump has announced that US Middle East policy is no longer wedded to the two-state solution.

Speaking at a joint press conference at the White House, at the conclusion of his meeting with PM Netanyahu, the American President said he doesn’t care whether a peace agreement is based on a one state or two state solution, as long as it works. “I’m looking at two states and one state. I am very happy with the one that both parties like. I thought for a while the two state might be easier to do, but honestly if Bibi and the Palestinians, if Israel and the Palestinians are happy, then I am happy with the one they like the best,” Trump said.

He also said that both parties understood that any peace agreement entails compromise from both sides.

Regarding settlements, the US President said he had asked Netanyahu to “go easy” for a while.

He also criticized the UN over the way it treated Israel, saying it was unfair.

He reiterated his commitment to work towards achieving a peace agreement. “Our administration is committed to working with Israel and our common allies in the region towards greater security and stability.  That includes working toward a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.  The United States will encourage a peace and, really, a great peace deal.  We’ll be working on it very, very diligently.  But ultimately it is the parties themselves who must directly negotiate such an agreement.  We’ll be beside them; we’ll be working with them, but it’s up to them.”

The Israeli Prime Minister opened his remarks by thanking President and Melania Trump for “the truly warm hospitality you have shown me, my wife Sara and our entire delegation.”

After emphasizing the strong bonds of common values that are the foundations of the “remarkably strong” alliance between Israel and the US, he said those values were under attack from radical Islam.

“Our alliance is based on a deep bond of common values and common interest, and increasingly, those values and interests are under attack by one malevolent force: radical Islamic terror. Mr. President, you’ve shown great clarity and courage in confronting this challenge head on,” Netanyahu said.

“You call for confronting Iran’s terrorist regime, preventing Iran from realizing this terrible deal into a nuclear arsenal, and you have said that the United States is committed to preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapons. You call for the defeat of ISIS. Under your leadership, I believe we can reverse the rising tide of radical Islam, and in this great task, as in so many others, Israel stands with you, and I stand with you.

“Mr. President, in rolling back militant Islam, we can seize an historic opportunity, because for the first time in my lifetime and for the first time in the life of my country, Arab countries in the region do not see Israel as an enemy, but increasingly – as an ally.”

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Jan 27

The Ottoman Empire Is Rising Up, It Will Impale Christians Alive, And Major Tyranny Is Going To Spread Throughout The World

By Shoebat Foundation on January 24, 2017 in Featured, General

“Allah is greater than all tyrants” “Long live Erdogan” “Long live Turkey” “O Allah, Bismillah (in the name of Allah)” and “Allahu Akbar”.

This was the chants this trained ‘police force’ where repeating in this video:

But this chant was not in Turkey, where it belongs, it was in Jarablus Syria.

This is not a police force, but Turkish military puppet set up in Syria by Erdogan.

You might think “big deal” and comment “Bashar Al-Assad should dismantle it. Its time for Syria to take control”.

Stupid people have stupid opinions. And what will  Bashar al-Assad do? If he uses force to stop this intrusion, it gives the green light for Erdogan who is looking for any reason to enter by force. And if he does nothing? Syria will be taken over piece by piece as you see.

Either way, Isaiah 17’s prophecy “the destruction of Damascus” must be regarding a neo-Ottoman takeover of Syria. And from Syria, the gateway, Erdogan can enter the rest of the Middle East. This will take some time. Isaiah 17, many ignore, is in a setting where Christ is on earth.

The West answers this Islamization by turning to populism as the solution where ethnic pride will finally throw out the Muslim immigrant along with the Erdogan style Muslim expansionism.

But the devil is ahead of the game.

When Pope Francis warned on Saturday against populism, saying it could lead to the election of “saviours” like Adolf Hitler, people started to laugh at his remarks. They do not see the Pope as giving viable solutions to the problem of Muslim immigration.

The stupid thinks its a cage fight between Pope Francis and Trump where he picks Trump over the Pope.

Its not. The devil is holding both East and West in checkmate. He has both in a clutch, a neck choke where the only solution is to tap three times to surrender.

Few understood the Pope. “Of course, crises provoke fears and worries,” he said, but added that for him “the example of populism in the European sense of the word is Germany in 1933”. The pope added: “Germany … was looking for a leader, someone who would give her back her identity and there was a little man named Adolf Hitler who said ‘I can do it’.”

He wasn’t speaking about Trump. He was speaking about Europe and how its reacting to the Muslim immigration.

Tyranny works incrementally until all is consumed, and Syria is being Turkified incrementally by Islamists, who unlike the West, have lots and lots of patience which is repeated throughout the Quran.

What you see is the Turkification process of Syria. Actually it is the re-Turkification of what was lost after the fall of the Ottomans.

To understand this, one must learn some history. Without knowledge of history, we will continue to hear and read stupid comments and reactions.

Turkification was the transformation of entities, or cultures in historical Turkic states into the Ottoman Empire. It was a dual process (Turkification plus Islamization). Turkification generated the type of war mongers, which was ideal to be used by Nazi Germany, which it incorporated into its war machine. The Nazi war machine included Anatolian, Balkan, Caucasian and Middle Eastern Albanians, Arabs, Slavs and Iranic peoples (Iran is partially Turkified).

But it doesn’t stop in Syria. The re-Tukification process today is extending to Central Asia’s Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. This is the biblical region of MeshechTubalGomer and Beth Togarmah, “in the far reaches of the north” as Isaiah 14:13 speaks of the regions of Antichrist.

The process extends from Kazakhstan to Cuba where Turkey are building thousands of mosques in between. All these Turkified peoples were happy to join the Nazis.

But this process doesn’t happen overnight. It incrementally fills the blimp with Islamist hydrogen, until the proper time comes to spark a massive explosion.

People who read daily headlines trying to understand today’s world simply do not get what is happening. In reality what we see growing globally is not just Turkification, but Nazification/Paganization/Luthernization (in Europe) by several populist movements. Populism stems from Japan to India all the way to Europe. It is Hinduization (In India) by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and it is Buddization in Japan with Shinzo Abe’s government.

The quick commenter doesn’t realize that the devil is way ahead of the ball game.

History is simply repeating. Turkification occurred during the Seljuk Empire. It involved intermarriages, religious conversion, linguistic shift, and interethnic relationships. Its the Ottoman melting pot which is parallel to the ancient hellenization, which the multiple layers of Daniel 2 speaks of, on the nature of the two materials (Iron and Clay). While the Bible says it is being “partly weak and partly strong” verse 43 adds another layer:

“And in that you saw the iron mixed with common clay, they will combine with one another in the seed of men; but they will not adhere to one another, even as iron does not combine with pottery.”

“Mixed” and “combine” are actually the same words translated differently from the Aramaic “la Muta’arreb” which also literally means, “does not Arabize” as indicated by Ibin Ezra. This is where Islam attempts to generate a melting pot where Arabic becomes the common language through Islam. The majority ignore that a couple of words in scripture means volumes of history.

Hellenization is the historical spread of ancient Greek culture from the Mediterranean basin as far east as modern-day Pakistan. The buck ended when it came to God’s people at the time when among the Jews there was a sharp polarization between Hellenizers ‘mixing the faith with paganism’ and anti-Hellenizers ‘religious Jews’. This especially manifested during the rebellion of the Maccabees against Seleucid rule under Antiochus Epiphanies when Judas Maccabee led an army of Jewish dissidents to victory over the Seleucid dynasty was directed against Hellenizing Jews. This was a civil war amongst God’s people which will repeat in Europe.

This will be the case as we advance into the post-Christian global era, hearing that the solution to Islamization is “westernization” and “secularization” instead of “Christianization”.

With Christians asleep, the devil is ahead of the ballgame. Where else in the world do you have an every day occurrence where more than 2 million people cross between Europe and Asia across Istanbul’s Bosphorus waterway?

Istanbul is a transcontinental city—the literal bridge between Europe and Asia that represents a metaphorical bridge between East and West. During ancient Greece there was no distinction between Europe and Asia. All it was is this side of Greece or the other side of Greece, the very “Greece” which Christ in Zechariah 9 will come to combat.

What we see today is the outcome of a post-Christian era where this “East-West” boundary began to diminish. When Christianity was strong in Europe, it spread to Scandinavia and the Baltics and where the Ottoman Empire gradually lost its European possessions in the Balkans.

As modern post-Christian westernization became a global phenomenon, Turkey along with Russia being rejected by the west began to drift from the idea where Turkey is clinging to the newly independent states of the Caucasus and Central Asia, which split from Russia. These have linguistic and cultural links to Turkey. This became the new foreign policy priority for Ankara.

Today, under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey is “drifting to the East”. But Turkey’s position between Europe and Asia will also continue to gain momentum regardless if the West claims that Turkey is not “European”. Turkey considers itself “European” “Middle Eastern” and “Caucasian” since during  the Ottoman Empire its capital was on the European part of Turkey and the Sultans gave themselves the title of Caesar Al-Rum (Caesar of Rome).

Today the argument is that mass migration from the Muslim world is fast-tracking the Islamization of Germany. There is a host of social disruptions, jihadist attacks and a migrant rape epidemic coupled with public health crisis and rising crime with a rush by German citizens to purchase weapons and even abandon Germany altogether.

Many European states are going the populist route to solve the problem.

But the Pope warns: “Hitler did not steal power” adding “he was elected by his people and then he destroyed his people.”

The Germans at that time also wanted to protect themselves with “walls and barbed wire so that others cannot take away their identity”, he said. “The case of Germany is classic,” he said, adding that Hitler gave them a “deformed identity and we know what it produced”.

So was the pope wrong? And who will win this ‘migration war’, Turkey or Germany? Keep in mind, only 10% of the migrants from the chaotic Iraq and Syria reached Europe with ten million more to come.

And to top it all, Turkey sent 970 imams to lead 900 mosques in Germany that are controlled by the Turkish Diyanet to prevent migrants from integrating. Germany’s Muslim population surpassed six million in 2016. Germany and France has the highest Muslim population in Western Europe.

We have a perception of misery rising in Germany as well as in France as result of this crisis.

So whats next? The outcome of things is usually foreseen by a “narrow” and not by a “wide gate” who are less educated on history. Pope Francis was speaking on a different level of understanding than the average Joe who simply thinks that if a rattlesnake bit his hide that someone can easily pull the fangs without repercussion.

You will continue to read all the reports on how “Erdogan will arrest more people,” “wants women to have at least three kids,” “the growing pressure on secular institutions,” “prohibition of alcohol,” “hijabization,” “women wearing shorts beaten on a public buses” …

And then you will continue to read about “women raped in Germany by Muslims,” “more bombings,” “people feeling like pins in a bowling alley lane as another truck runs over more people”  …

The stupid ‘wide gate’ comments under such stories with the typical “secular Turks need to rise and drain the Muslim swamp” or “Germans need to stand up and defend their women like real men” or that “drain the Muslim immigrant swamp in Germany” or “Trump will save us”.

The answers are always offering some magical figures to step up and do something.

Can Trump solve these problems? Lets see.

The wide gate does not consider that Turkey is one of Germany’s 20 most important trading partners where 6,500 German companies, more than any other country in the world, operate in Turkey. Ticking off Erdogan by draining Germany’s “Muslim swamp” will not be so easy. Turkey cannot wait till Germans start killing Muslim Turks and Syrians on the streets. This will be an instant support for Erdogan worship by Muslims from Pakistan all the way to the C.I.S. which will instantly catapult Erdogan to become not just Caliph, but Mahdi.

As for “secular Turks need rise and drain the Muslim swamp”, its too late. The devil is way ahead of the dumb post-Christian secularist and the kumbaya singing American Christian in a discotech church setup. Turkish MPs have just approved a constitutional reform package that would place remarkable executive powers in President Erdogan’s hands. The referendum is expected to take place in early April. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will become the sole executive head of state, with authority to choose his own cabinet ministers, enact laws, call elections, or declare states of emergency. His term in office would last five years, renewable once.

Under Erdogan, Turkey’s people too are experiencing all sorts of pain, where we can find essays on how life and freedom is diminishing under Erdogan’s presidency. And by next year, we will begin to see the first populist governments change the old hat in Europe with more future splits from the E.U praised by the dumb populous electing neo-fascists which the Pope warned about.

How is Trump going to solve all this?

The naive thinks that when a tyranny applies more torment, that this will cause revolution against the tyrant.

It actually works the opposite. People forget, during Ottoman control, people were khazouked (impaled) for four centuries and during the Nazi regime, people were shot on the streets and gassed by the millions. Neither Nazi Germany or the Ottoman Empire were brought down by revolt. This, expect to repeat and dwarf anything you have seen in the Holocaust of Jews and Polish Christians.

Reality is the opposite. Revolts are usually the method of tyrannies taking over somewhat a descent government, as we have seen in the French, Bolshevik and Arab Spring revolutions. The only way to remove such tyrannies are world wars.

Pain is not an enough driving force for change.

Brainwashing is the most powerful and effective instrument where idealism can make people do all sorts of things, including allowing someone to have sex with your young daughters or wife. Tyrannical governments can even brainwash kids in schools to turn in their own parents to the authority, kill one’s sister, brother, daughter, father or mother …Half of Turkey is brainwashed already.

The Pope wasn’t speaking about Trump. When it came to Trump, he was simply warning of Trump’s populist speech, which empowers a strand in Europe that the Pope sees as dangerous. He is correct. He speaks from history which always repeats.

It will take time for the masses to stop laughing. Eventually his remarks will come true and the crying miserable masses will be in too much pain to laugh at themselves.

It is not Trump’s intent that I worry about. Bush had good intentions when he invaded Iraq. When we said it was a bad idea, they laughed. Reagan had good intentions to combat communism in Afghanistan when his action created the Taliban. He also had good intention when he insisted “Gorbachev tare down that wall”.

It will only take time, another world war, when the West realizes that tearing down that wall was the biggest historic mistake and the beginning of a grand catastrophe. In the end, people will realize that they can’t rule. They should never rule. Ruling is a duty for the wise few.

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Jan 18

Major Muslim Leaders Declare That Within SEVEN YEARS The Muslim Caliphate Will Be Established And Erdogan Will Be Caliph Of The Muslim World

By Shoebat Foundation on January 16, 2017 in Featured, Highlight

Its time we put this puzzle together, especially when all these major Muslim figures are discussing that the Caliphate is to emerge in seven years from now. It could even be quicker as we see reported this morning that Erdogan’s new caliphate presidential system will be taken to a referendum in early April, just two months from now.

“Allah will complete the divine light” says Suat Ünal, a board member of the Justice and Development Party (AKP), on Saturday, couple days ago.

Ünal was not messing around. He was referring to Erdoğan’s appointment as “Caliph” who is Allah’s “divine light” which he posted a photo with “Allah” hovering over Erdogan who is depicted as a cherub.

He even spilled the beans and leaked the date: “2023”, which is earlier than what has been declared by others “2024”.

So why 2023-2024? Westerners do not know the Hadith. Muslim theological sources explain this calculation:

“The Islamic Caliphate fell at the hands of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in 1924 and in the Hadith, prophet Muhammad states “Allah will, on the new years of every one hundred years, will send to the Umma (Muslim World) one who will re-arise to renew its religion” (Abu Daud, 4/178)

One can also find this Hadith in the most reputable of Muslim sources including even the Muslim Brotherhood itself.

The Muslim Brotherhood who have been working very closely with Erdogan are proud to claim the initiation of the century struggle when Egyptian Hassan Al-Banna began this revival right after the fall of the Ottomans.

So 2023-2024 is a century after the fall of the Ottoman Caliphate, when the West wounded its head.

So it must be after 100 years. They are bound by it.

After that, some analysts even give 3.5 years until the Mahdi appears:

Caliphate fell, 1924 + 100 = 2024 or close to it, to 2027, which will be the time Mahdi appears.

سقوط الخلافة 1924 + 100 = 2024 او قريب منه الى 2027 هو زمن ظهور المهدي

And the Turkish leadership are not shy about all this. Ünal shared all this in a message he posted on social media stating:

“Erdoğan will be Caliph after he gets his new presidential status. Even the rooms at Aksaray [Presidential Palace] are ready. The Islamic Union will be established … 2023. Allah will complete the divine light.”

But there is a crackdown now. This is to remain a ‘hush-hush’ issue. Ünal was forced to resign on Saturday for simply repeating what has been already circulating from couple years ago, when pro-Erdoğan columnist Abdurahman Dilipak at a conference in Toronto in 2015 said:

The caliphate has arrived at the Turkish Parliament. The government has been doing what is needed. If Tayyip Erdoğan switches to a presidential system, he will probably appoint counselors to Muslim territories, to the territories faithful to the caliph. He will also create representative offices of the Islamic Union in Beştepe [the Presidential Palace in Ankara]”

“Islamic Union” “Divine Light”? These are some serious declarations which we will analyze shortly.

Then you had Fatih Nurullah Efendi, the leader of the Uşşaki sect who said in a speech broadcast by Nurani TV in October 2016 that the Republic of Turkey, which was established in 1920, has ended and that the second Ottoman Empire has become a reality:

“The leader of the second Ottoman Empire is Tayyip Bey [President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan]. He is our first sultan”

“Ottoman Empire”? They laughed us off when we first predicted this decades ago.

This guy, Efendi, also claimed that the new state that has been rising after a 100-year hiatus (referring to the Republic of Turkey) will be a continuation of the state established in Medina (Saudi Arabia) by the Prophet Muhammad, except he wants it to be 2020, three years from now.

This was also leaked by Mustafa Ataş on March 28, 2016 and AKP Aydın provincial chairman İsmail Hakkı Eser was quoted as saying that he and party sympathizers love Erdoğan so much they think of him “like a second prophet” and Deputy Health Minister Agah Kafkas once said: “When we lay the foundation of a [facility], we also provide the date of its opening. This is the sunnah (Muhammad’s mandate)— Muslim practices based on the life and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad — of Tayyip Erdoğan.”

Erdoğan is “like a prophet”?

Not a single government official or supporter have publicly objected to the statements.

And then you have AKP Bursa deputy Hüseyin Şahin who said that “touching Erdoğan is a form of prayer,” while AKP Düzce deputy Fevai Arslan said that “Erdoğan has all the attributes of God himself”.

Who is this Erdoğan that touching him is “divine”? And how do we analyze all these references for a westerner who simply wants to understand what is happening from a biblical prophetic perspective?

“The Islamic Union” that Abdurahman Dilipak spoke of seems like “the league” which Ezekiel spoke about.

Erdoğan himself even confirms. Last year said at the closing ceremony of the Turkish-Arab Higher Education Congress in Istanbul on April 28, that he was saddened by people using the words “Turk” and “Arab” and “Arab League” and prefers they use “Muslim League” or “Muslim Union”. He in fact told the Arab league to their face:

“Will there be a Turkish League in response to this the Arab league? Why should there be such a league? You say the OIC on one hand, and the Arab League on the other hand. What kind of a ‘league’ is this? Why do we call one “the Organization of Islamic Cooperation” (OIC) but call the other the “Arab League”? Arabs don’t have supremacy over non-Arabs, nor do non-Arabs have supremacy over Arabs. Supremacy only [comes] through surrendering to Allah.

This is the “core issue” said Erdoğan.

Was Ezekiel 30:5 messing around when Ezekiel spoke of this “league” giving the exact nations involved:

Cush, and Libya, and Lydia [Turkey], and all the mingled people, and Kub, and the men of the land that is in league, shall fall with them by the sword.

The lay person including even western scholars read “mingled people” and they do not understand what all this entails. The Hebrew plainly says:

כּוּשׁ וּפוּט וְלוּד וְכָל-הָעֶרֶב וְכוּב, וּבְנֵי אֶרֶץ הַבְּרִית

Transliteration: Kush wa-Phut wa-Lud wa-kul ha-Arab wa-Kub wa-Bani eretz ha-beret

A typical westerner reads the verse and go like this: okay Walid, “Kush” is Sudan and Somalia, I got it, “Phut” is Libya, “Lud” is Turkey and “ha-Arab” are some “mingled people” and Kub … well no one knows who “Kub” is.

So they skip and only get half the truth. “Ha-Arab” mingled people is literally “The -Arabs”. This “Ha-Arab” “the Arab” And “Kub” is a place near Mecca (see map below) and “Bani eretz ha-beret” is literally, “the whole land coming in league“.

وادي قوب, الباحة, منطقة الباحة, السعودية Wadi Kub around hundred miles south of Mecca

The construct from an eastern perspective really starts from the end. What the verse is saying is this;

listen up, it will be all these mingled people from all over the land. They will come in a league; Arabs, Meccan, the dark Sudanese and Somalians, the Turkic peoples (Uzbeks, Gergez, Tadjiks, Bosnians, Albanians …), all the North Africans (Tunisians, Algerians, Libyans, Moroccans and Mauritanians).

But there is more to these statements than just forming the “league” which Ezekiel prophesied about. This Suat Ünal says that “Allah will complete the divine light”.

“Divine Light”? This is some serious description for a political figure like Erdogan.

In Islam, especially Sufi Islam, this “divine light,” stems from when Muhammad gained the title of “luminous” and “moon light” after the Battle of Tabuk when Muhammad appeared emerging from the Wada’ valley. His appearance sparked the first Muslim hymn Tala’a Al-Badru A’layna (“Here arose the moon upon us”) and is when the Muslim date system (Hijrah) began.

We wrote about this last year regarding Revelation 12’s “the Woman” and now they are already disclosing it.

In the Ottoman imagery, it depicts Muhammad’s titles stemming directly from Allah who is also described as this light:

“the Light of the heavens and the earth… The Parable of His Light is as if there were a Niche and within it a Lamp: the Lamp enclosed in Glass: the glass as it were a brilliant star…luminous…Light upon Light!” (Q 24:35).

The imagery spills right out of Scripture regarding Lucifer, the morning star and the star (referred to as “he” a living being) that fell from heaven in Apocalypse 9 as poisoning the waters (nations).

This “divine light” is prophetically “The moon,” which Christ as well as John spoke about and the woman (the Ark) of Revelation 11-12 comes to stomp under her feet.

This is the rising of the kingdom of the moon in contrast to “the sun” (the west).

Muhammad took such titles and was depicted as the badr (full moon) and “the sun” when the Ansar (residents of Madinah) sang greeting Muhammad upon his arrival at Madinah to welcome him. The Sufi Muslims of Turkey already sing it for the elevated elated Erdogan which westerners rarely see or watch:

Erdogan, in the video above is sucking up the “hymn of hymns” all dedicated to him as they sang:

“The full moon (badr) rose over us from the valley of Wada. We ought to be thankful. You are the sun. You are the full moon. You are light upon light. You are the lamp of the star. You are my spring O messenger”.

And now Erdogan has become this “divine light”.

Muhammad gained such glorified titles as Al-Siraj Al-Muneer, literally “the Luminous Lamp” which transfers to Erdogan and the last Caliph as in Quran 33:45-46, where Muhammad became the “illuminating lamp”:

“O Prophet, indeed We have sent you as a witness and a bringer of good tidings and a warner. And one who invites to Allah, by His permission, and an illuminating lamp.”

This ‘light’ is on their emblems, Islam’s theology was etched in the main image of the Muslim Ottoman Empire.

All this is stolen from the transendant light emanating from behind the Woman of Revelation 12, Islam had the radiating sun with its transcendent “light upon light” emanating from behind the crescent image (who is Muhammad) and a star (who is also Muhammad) which within it is the glowing lamp (Tughra) which is also Muhammad inside the morning star (which is also Muhammad).

And now Erdogan himself has become this “divine light”.

This is some major declaration from an Islamic perspective.

It is for this reason, I believe, that Revelation 12 sends a message to what is about to erupt in few years from now, “the crescent” and even “the full moon” (Badr) is stopped by the woman of Genesis 3:15.

Apocalypse 12 never said “crescent” but “moon”. Yet both are descriptions of Muhammad and Mahdi. He is depicted as Badr (full moon) and crescent.

And this image in the Tughra is “Nūr Muhammad (“Light of Muhammad”) is a term central to later Sufi (Turkey) and Shī`ī (Iran) belief.

These are the main composites of the beast of Apocalypse 13 “the leopard” (Greece/Asia Minor) and “the bear” (Persia). The Ottoman emblem appeals to these specific two. These transformed the Sultan into a spiritual, luminous being even beyond Wahhabi theology to a godly status, especially since they call him “light upon light” a title that only belongs to Allah himself in the Quran.

It is for this reason that Erdogan is called “divine light” and that “touching Erdoğan is a form of prayer”.

This is some serious blasphemy according to the Wahhabist Saudis, which will further rip and shred the relationship between the two nations.

For one to rise to the pinnacle in Islam (as Erdogan is trying to do), the multitudes must proclaim him or someone who follows after him as  Mahdi.

This makes that person as if he was deity in Sufi Islam. This is why the Douay-Rheims Bible had the perfect description:

Who opposeth and is lifted up above all that is called God or that is worshipped, so that he sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself as if he were God. (2 Thess 2:4)

Islam’s last Caliph or Mahdi would never plainly say “I am God”. This is why there is this “if” in 2 Thessalonians 2 “as if he were God”.

This is a crucial clue. Whether Muhammad or Mahdi, these are “lifted up” “above all” “as if he were God” and is why the “woman” must bring it down.

The “Woman” simply reverses what was reversed.

God declares that it is the “woman” Who is “clothed with the sun” of Rev. 12:1 Who stomps the Muslim image.

Islam, this kingdom of “the moon” therefore receives defeat by stomping on Islam’s Al-Siraj Al-Muneer (the glowing lamp) is major; it is one of Allah’s 99 names which are also transferred to Muhammad (even the Mahdi) as the very reflection of Allah’s light:

“The moon reflects the sun. The Messenger [Muhammad] ﷺ is al-Siraj al-Munir – a lamp radiating light. He reflects the beauty and majesty of the One who sent him.” (Muslim Judicial Council, Saudi Arabia)

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Jan 17

Secular Minister in Hebron: Abraham, Our Father, Bought This Place

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz January 12, 2017 , 1:30 pm

“For Hashem loveth justice, and forsaketh not His saints; they are preserved for ever; but the seed of the wicked shall be cut off.” Psalms 37:28 (The Israel Bible™)

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked speaks outside the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron. (Courtesy Hebron Spokesperson)

A secular Israeli minister toured Hebron two days ago and gave a surprisingly Biblical response to the recent UN resolution outlawing the Jewish community living in the City of the Patriarchs: Abraham bought this land and it belongs to the Jews.

Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (Likud) visited Hebron on Tuesday to discuss several legal dilemmas facing the Jewish community. After visiting the Cave of the Patriarchs, Shaked addressed the representatives of the community, and in no uncertain terms stated the source of Jewish ownership of the city.

“Lately, much has been said regarding our rights to this land,” Shaked said, referring to the recent UN Security Council Resolution declaring the Jewish presence in Hebron to be illegal.

“Let us teach to those who do not know: Abraham our father, bought this place paying full price and a written deed, maybe the first of its kind in the world, and therefore it is obvious the Jewish community has every right to be here, including the right of ownership.”

Yishai Fleisher, international spokesman for the Jewish community in Hebron, told Breaking Israel News that Shaked’s statement took him by surprise.

“I almost didn’t catch what she was saying,” Fleisher said. “She said it so naturally, as if it was an obvious and a simple fact.”

Shaked self-identifies as non-religious, so her Biblical justification for Jewish Hebron was uncharacteristic. Fleisher believes this to be a sign that the political atmosphere in Israel is changing.

“I think the recent UN resolutions have forced the Israeli politicians to realize that there is no point in trying to soft-talk the issue of our right to the land. It is all out in the open,” Fleisher said.

Fleisher and the Jews of Hebron are optimistic, seeing the UN resolution as a move forward.

“The UN and the Palestinians have taken it so far that they look ridiculous,” Fleisher said. “They’ve discredited themselves. It is preposterous to come out with a resolution that there is no connection between the Jews and the land of Israel.

“The UN has declared our living here to be illegal,” he continued. “The building over the Machpela (the Cave of the Patriarchs) was built by Herod and conquered by Israel in 1967. But it is in the Waqf’s trust. Now that the UN has declared Jewish Hebron to be illegal, things are changing and they think they own it.”

Shaked addressed that issue, reassuring Hebron representatives that the Israeli government supported the Jewish community in Hebron.

“It is specifically at this time, when the UN condemns Israel’s right to build in Judea and Samaria, it is important to come here,” Shaked told the representatives. “To strengthen the Jewish community in Hebron and to proclaim that we will indeed hold the right to keep building in Judea and Samaria.”

Fleisher noted that one of the more disturbing problems facing the Jewish community is from radical left-wing non-governmental organizations (NGO).

“We are plagued by criminal activity disguised as humanitarian rights activity,” Fleisher said. One example he described was a group called Youth Against Settlements, an NGO recognized by the UN Human Rights Council and headed by Issa Amro, an Arab activist from Hebron who claims to advocate nonviolence. The Jewish residents of Hebron have witnessed something else entirely.

“He instigates violence between the Jews and Arabs, making sure the press is there to get it all on video,” said Fleisher. “Arabs have approached us, asking that we get him out of Hebron. But because he is recognized by the UN as a humanitarian activist, there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do. We asked the minister to help us with this.”

Fleisher explained that the left-wing NGOs are using Hebron as the focus for their anti-Israel narrative.

“They bring groups, including international diplomats, to Hebron and lie to them about the Jewish community,” he said. “These people are pushing for lawlessness. This is something the Justice Minister needs to address.”

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